Thursday, March 14, 2013


The economy is sinking slowly no thanks to the economic policies of Barack Obama, and the Democrats who support his agenda. More people are out of work now than ever before, American companies are cutting back on hours, and staff as they prepare for the largest tax increase of business in the history of this nation. The cost of food, and fuel are rising also, costing businesses, and everyday people extra money out of their wallets, while their paychecks are getting smaller by the week.

Whom is too blame? Obama and the Democrats!

Whom wrote the national health care law known as Obama-care? The Democrats did!

Whom forced it through Congress bypassing the rules in order to get it passed into law as fast as they could? Don't forget that 3/4 of the American people did not want this law passed, but they did it anyway! Who did it? The Democrats did it!

Whom passed an energy bill that cost thousands of American workers their jobs when coal mines, and coal fired power plants were forced to shut down? The Democrats!

What's the biggest problem in this country? The Democrats!

What group has done more damage to this nation if five years, than ever before? The Democrats!

What group has broken more laws, committing more voter fraud that any other group? The Democrats!

Whom has trampled our Constitution time and time again without giving it a thought? Obama and the Democrats!

You know they want Obama to break the law and maintain his position for a third term don't you? Or at least that is the rumor I keep hearing. Who is behind this? The Democrats!

What group allowed a man to assume the office of President without presenting a legal birth certificate, and created a fraudulent one for the public to see? The Democrats!

Lie, Cheat, Steal, Worshiping a false God named Obama, and oh ya, murder!

How many of Ten Commandments have the Democrats broken to get what they want? All of them!

Whom or What needs to be expelled from our Government forever? THE DEMOCRATS!

I purpose destroying the Democratic Party so that it never gets another chance to destroy this nation ever again! Socialism and Liberty DO NOT MIX! Our Free Market and Government takeovers do not intertwine, if you get my drift. An unhealthy economy and outrageously high taxes cannot, and do not produce wealth, jobs, and prosperity.

America's biggest problem is Obama, and the Democrats! Starting with the 2014 mid-term election, American voters must grow some stones and elect conservatives too state, and national offices all across this nation. I predict a landslide in 2016 for conservatives due to the fact that Obama and the Democrats will be so fully hated by the masses, they won't have a chance of winning ever again!

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