Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Dateline Libya: Muslim terrorists attack the American consulate in Benghazi Libya.  Day's before they had managed to break a section of the security wall which could have easily allowed some of the entrance into the compound. Security at the compound was weak at best. Later we learned that Barack Obama had not acted to beef up security, or send in forces to defend the compound as he should have.

Obama admits it was/is his responsibility to make sure that the compound in Benghazi had adequate security.   Obama stated "It is always my responsibility", and for once he told the truth. In the day's that followed we witnessed He and Hillary Clinton playing the blame game, and blaming the attacks on a movie that is not even out in public yet. Come to find out that the movie had nothing to do with these attacks, and two weeks later they finally admit that what happened in Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack.

The American people were outraged by this attack on our embassy that left four Americans dead. The American people deserve real answers, but we want the truth, not more of Obama's Bullshit! It appears that Obama and his regime members purposely tried to mislead the American people by blaming the attacks on that stupid film about Mohammed. I watched the fourteen minute YouTube video before it was pulled offline, and my take was that it was comedic, but contained some truthful facts concerning Mohammed.

In my honest opinion, Obama and Regime purposefully watered down the security at that compound in preparation for these attacks. I believe that there is a possibility that Obama knew what was going to go  down beforehand, since Obama seems to lean towards the Muslim Brotherhood the way he does, it would not surprise me at all.

In fact we now know that they had a live feed of what was taking place in Benghazi, they literally watched the these terrorists murder those men in cold blood. It is reported now that Hillary and Vice President Biden begged Obama to send in a strike team, and Obama refused to do so, ask yourself why? It is as if this was all planned out in advance, and Obama is an accomplice in this tragic turn of events.

The terrorist's stormed the embassy safe house from what I understand. Took the American ambassador hostage, rape him, killed him, and then dragged his dead body through the streets like some kind of sick trophy of some kind. These men that carried out this attack were no less than savage beasts, hungry for American blood, and that blood now sits on the hands of Barrack Obama, and every member of his administration (regime).

Obama lied about not knowing what really happened until much later, and now emails have surfaced that prove that he was indeed lying! This should be enough of impeach him with, but because the Congress is still stacked on the side of Democrats, I don't foresee that happening. What I see happening is this whole sickening thing blowing up in Obama's face, and ensuring he is voted out of office in November.

Any real American who is aware of this situation, and can see that Obama lied about knowing that this attack happened, and regardless of party affiliation should vote Obama out of office!  This should outrage every American, and cause them to demand action be taken, and a full investigation of Obama and Clinton's involvement in

What we do know is that the White House was aware two hours after the attacks had happened, and they knew what group was responsible for the attacks. Obama's protectionism of Islamic terrorists is appalling, and un-american! His tough talk about doing something about this is nothing but a smoke screen to appease the citizens of this country. Nothing will happen except the expression of fake sympathy from the Obama camp for the horrible deaths of these four Americans.

Barrack Obama does NOT deserve another four years, in fact, he should be tried, and convicted of high treason, and shot in front of a firing squad for selling out our nation to the Muslim Brotherhood, and not acting to defend our nation when he should have. Obama's goose is cooked!

We the American people deserve much better than Obama's treachery!

Anyone who would support Obama's actions is as guilty as he is of the blood of these four American men.

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