Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. America, Kiss Suburbia Goodbye!

Obama was raised to hate white people, and pre-programmed with the precepts of socialism/communism. He carefully plotted his agenda as he climbed the ladder of self-worship, building up his arrogant and prideful demeanor. Obama is NO Christian, and has proved that by his actions, DO NOT believe a word Obama say's!

Obama's next big thing may be to do away with the suburbs where mostly white middle class and high class families have made their nest's. One of the first steps would be too divert money away from the suburbs into the large cities, another wealth distribution scheme of the communist left. This must be part of the whole Agenda 21 plan the UN is pushing throughout America. The plan calls for forcing Americans out of their nice homes in the country, and in the suburbs. Forcing people to live in Government funded 'green' communal housing.

This would leave millions of Americans without adequate police and fire protection, their roads would deteriorate and no funds would be available to fix them.  The schools would be defunded by the Government and the money given to the crappy schools in the inner cities. I know that schools in the inner cities of this nation are seriously run-down, dangerous, and generally suck. The real reason that America's inner cities and schools are in such bad shape is because of liberal (Socialist) policies that destroy entire cities over time.

Detroit Michigan is the perfect example of what liberal/socialist policies and leadership do when they are allowed to flourish. Socialist love to create new government programs they claim are to help people, when in reality they only enslave them in poverty, and gradually destroy the infrastructure around them.  Government corruption on the local level in Detroit involved the labor unions, the mob, and the city leadership.

Together they engineered the poster child of all 'welfare states'! In Detroit today their are whole neighborhoods full of once nice homes and buildings, that are now falling apart, and are the perfect abode for drug dealers, and all sorts of mayhem.

If Obama and the Democrats get a chance this whole nation could end up looking like Detroit, is this what you want? That's what they want! American under Obama with the Communist Democrats in charge will destroy this nation, and turn it into a third world nation in a few short years. Face it!

If you love living in your nice home, driving a nice car, eating three square meals day. If you like having heat and air-conditioning in your home and/or workplace. If you like having the freedom to go and worship freely, and speak freely. If you like the Second Amendment that gives you the right to own weapons to protect yourself, and your property.

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Rocky2 said...

(Thanks, Protest...Great blog. Saw the following on the web.)

Obama Enslaves & Destroys Inner Cities

( I experienced all this while trapped in a large American city.)

The suburbs are booming, but not fast enough. Yessir, you ghetto folks
in inner cities have started a good thing, but there are still lots of acres
outside the cities without any houses on them. So you've gotta move into
"untouched" city blocks and do the following:
Throw trash everywhere. You'll insure that your friends who pick up trash
and distribute free rat poison packets will keep their jobs. And folks can
predict the weather by the direction the trash is blowing!
Walk down the street. Better yet, rhythm down it. And when I say street
I don't mean sidewalk. Save sidewalks for your friends on cycles. Besides,
it's hard to fit many cursing, screaming, drinking, pot-smoking kids on a
sidewalk, and it's also hard to spot keys and other things left in cars when
you're walking on a sidewalk!
When walking down a street, turn your head when you hear a car coming
and stare at the driver. For all you know, it might be one of your enemies
out to get you. On the other hand, it might be only your neighbor and all
that hateful staring might make him want to move out.
Be sure to beget lots of unloved, unsupervised, unwashed two-legged
"Obama welfare meal tickets" - either through wedlock or (preferably) out of
wedlock. And let them often ring doorbells, begging for money.
Turn quiet streets into noisy jungles. Have a blast - a
long blast with your car horn under your neighbor's window at
3:00 a.m. Let folks know who the real honkies are! Blow your horn when (1)
you see the police coming (2) you want to buy some dope (3) you want to sell
some dope (4) for any other reason. Play your stereo so loudly that folks can't
hear sirens going to the latest holdup or arson. Be noisy, man, noisy!
Be cruel to animals, especially "man's best friend." Tie your dog on a
short chain under a blazing sun with no water or food or love or license or
dog shots. Make him as mean as you are. Better yet, let your dog run loose.
Neighbors love to find freshly killed cats (after hearing their screams) and
other goodies on their lawns. Pit one dog against another in bloody "canine
cockfights" while friends lounge on car hoods and cheer and make bets! And
what madness is it where folks move out and abandon pets in the house,
leaving them nothing to eat but their own droppings? This happens often in the
ghetto, and almost no one will help the animals.
Keep a good supply of Saturday Night Specials - also Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Night Specials. Your criminal
presence will improve your neighbor's light bill; when he isn't watching you
at night (with his lights off), he will be able to read books at night by
the light of the police helicopter searchlights!
Here's more insanity: Uncle Sam spends millions of our tax money to
move you into our neighborhoods where we lose much when we sell our homes.
So you have your nerve when you glare and swear at us when we don't move
out quickly; but you're the reason we can't find good buyers! I really wonder
what you and Uncle Sam will do when lots of folks move to the wilderness and
live off the land and consequently don't have to pay taxes to support such
Finally, spread the rumor that all of your troubles are associated with
skin, even though you and I know that your problem isn't skin. It's sin!!!
What makes a ghetto? It's not the paint on a house (or lack of it) but all
of you two-legged pains in the neck!
For more information on Blockbuster Obama, Google "The Background Obama
Can't Cover Up."

(anyone is free to copy and air this paper)