Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Really Mr. Cooper? Really?

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...
Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hospital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So another left wing media type has gotten up the steam to announce to the whole world that "Yes, I am gay!, not to mention that he continued his statement to include that he was also "loved, and proud". So OK, your gay, so what? I'm completely heterosexual, loved, and proud of that fact. So tell me Mr. Anderson Cooper, why is your sexual choices any better than mine?

Why is it that when someone in the media, Hollywood, or the music industry always have to make such a big deal out of their private sexual choices? Truthfully, they are no better than anyone else, but I know that they think they are, and that is why they elevate themselves above everyone else. The other 95% of us are gagging because we find that kind of deviant sexual behavior to be disgusting.

I will say it again, there is nothing special about Anderson Coopers sexuality that deserves announcing it to the whole world. I think he would have been better off to keep it to himself, rather than blab it across the media.

If homosexuals don't like don't like the negative attention, they should keep their big mouths shut, and just go on with their lives like everyone else. Of course, that won't happen because there is this whole agenda surrounding their lifestyle choices, that is demanding equality, and the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples, hence the war over marriage. A relatively small group of individuals making as much noise as possible about something that is better off kept quiet.

Homosexual activists now want to ban all marriages all together, so no one will be able to wed. Hold on now! So if you can't get what you are demanding, like a bunch of spoiled cry babies you want to make it illegal for anyone, even straight couples to get married. I guess this is what we should expect, extreme actions from extremists?

I wonder how many more media clowns will come out of the closet over the next few years? How many Hollywood leftists will get their own TV shows because they are homosexual? How is obtaining special treatment and favors being equal with everyone else? How is having exclusive employment, and workplace rules that favor you because you stick your wiener in a different hole than other people, fair and equal?

Like all socialist agendas, it isn't about equality, or normality, it's about gaining social control over everyone else, so you can bully them into accepting, or doing whatever you want them too. The homosexual agenda is about erasing the natural order to nature itself, and replacing it with a twisted version, which will never fly. You can't erase the natural order of nature, it's ingrained in natures code by it's creator, but in your defiance, and arrogance, you'll still try.

No matter how hard they try, or what laws they manage to twist around, marriage will always be between a man and a woman, and Mr. Cooper will ultimately have to admit that this is true, and he was way wrong. A close and personal examination would reveal to him that he like all the other self professed 'gay people', are really just heterosexual in nature, just like everyone else, they just choose too to behave in a homosexual way, and have a homosexual mindset.

I have a feeling that Mr. Cooper will be dodging arrows for awhile, as different people react to his announcement.  I am sure also that he will keep his cushy, high paying job at CNN, and will continue to screw up the news with his liberal slant, as all good communists do.

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