Monday, July 23, 2012

If you Stand for the Red, White, and Blue - You Can't be Green

We here these terms all the time, sustainable development, renewable energy, and Global Warming! All these terms are code words for the global socialism movement that Obama is part of, and forcing down our throats! I will now state my case of why real Patriotic Americans cannot, and should not embrace the Green Movement. In fact, we should all be vehemently rejecting the whole green movement, and everything it stands for.

I will go as far as too boldly state that Green 'Environmentalist' Movement is Un-American!

Red, White, and Blue is the color of our national symbol, our flag, Old Glory! it stands of freedom, liberty, and true justice!

Green is the color of cowards! It stands for socialism, radical environmentalism, Tyranny, and injustice!

Any God Fearing American should be very suspicious any time they here any of these 'code words' the left uses to disguise their true agenda, nothing short of total social control. It's about power and money! It's about tyranny! It's all about U.N Agenda 21! If you do not know what these things are you better educate yourself quick because it is going to impact you in a big negative way very soon!

The minions of the global cabal are now conditioning us to accept the new 'Green Religion' that they have been working on for so long. They want to replace Christianity which America was founded upon, with this new global religion based upon radical environmentalism.

If Obama get's reelected, God Forbid! We won't have any basic rights left, he has all but destroyed the Constitution already by trampling over and over it, time and time again, and getting away with it. There is NO doubt that there is a dark Satanic power behind the whole 'Green Movement'.

My fellow Americans beware! Educate yourselves, and take action to stop this now!

If you love God, and Country then you must hate 'Green'!

If you are proud of America, and proud to be an American, You must hate 'Green'!

When I think of the term renewable, I think of something that can be reused. So how can energy be reused? It get's burned off and it's gone? I understand that harnessing the energy of the sun and creating electricity from it, using water to generate power, as well as wind power. But none of these of themselves, or combined can touch the role coal plays in powering our lives. These so called 'renewable' sources of power can only supplement the methods of creating power we already have.

What is truly sustainable? Everything get's used up, and sometimes we are able to recycle certain things and reuse them, but sooner or later they become unusable, and must meet the land fill. Do you get the picture that   they are out of deceive us? Then you are correct, liberals never tell the truth, and always disguise the true agenda they are pushing. They love to candy coat things, and/or use code words to disguise it.

Global Warming! science has proved that it is false, but it depends on who is looking at the evidence, kind of like with the whole Evolution thing. Liberals love to cling to what they can see with their own eyes. They lack the balls and the faith to believe in the unknown. Global Warming is a hot topic, and probably will be for a long time. Those who love Liberty and Freedom ought to take it with a huge grain of salt.

It's time to rise and fight the green charade! 

As for myself, I will stand with the One True God, and the Red, White and Blue! How about you?   

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