Thursday, June 21, 2012


There's a lot of talk about how white people in American ought to feel guilty for being so privileged, simply because they are white, straight, and male. Is this a correct assumption that white people are guilty of oppressing blacks, gay's, and women? Just who benefits from preaching this too the masses?

I would assert that if blacks are oppressed, that it is indeed the fault of white people, liberal white people. Democrats have used divisive politics to divide people for years, they have also created failed Big Government programs that are supposed to help those in poverty, but instead are tools that trap people in poverty.

White conservatives have nothing to do with trapping people in poverty, it is the liberal Democrats that benefit from keeping people poor, and dependent on Government so that they keep shooting themselves in the foot and voting Democratic in every election.

White liberals view Blacks, Hispanics, and gay's tools to be used and discarded after the job is done, and what job would that be? Liberals want total control over society, they want to insulate themselves in power so that they can run the nation into the ground for years to come.

When people are poor they need assistance to survive, liberals know this, and use it to their advantage. Truth is they could care less about these minority groups other than they need their votes to get re-elected. You would think that blacks would get sick of being used like this, but I guess most of them don't seem to mind as long as they get their freebies from the Government.

Liberals always raise people taxes, why they find ingenious ways to invent new taxes to suck the life blood from our nation. When taxes go up less money gets into the pockets of the people. This effects how much food, and energy they can buy, it effects their overall lifestyle. Liberals also love to take away the peoples freedom of choice, by instituting new Big Government programs, and passing regulations that impedes free enterprise, causing businesses to fail. Then they want to bail out your business using tax payer dollars, and now they have control over your business, and your life.

When taxes go up, people have less to live on. More people are out of work, and fewer jobs are created in the private sector to meet the demands of workers. More people are forced to seek Government assistance in order to pay the bills, liberals love this, it plays right into their hands every time.

If any group ought to feel guilty it is the white liberal Democrat! These people who sit in power over the rest of us, ride around in chauffeured limousines, and eat expensive meals at tax-payer cost. What a life these people must have? It must be rough being privileged huh Mr. white liberal Democrat? Many of us out here in the real world can't even find good jobs, and the rising cost of gas and food is putting a real strain on the little bit of money we do have, but you don't seem to be effected by our suffering, why not?

Liberals what all of us out here to feel guilty, to be be poor and needy so that they can feel powerful, and invincible. When Americans can do for themselves, and pay their own way, the Government is no longer needed, and liberals lose all their power to control us. Isn't it time people got off the Government dole and started doing for themselves?

The average white conservative American should not feel guilty about a thing, he/she has not done anything to keep minorities down, except stand up for righteousness when evil rears it's ugly head. My white friends DO NOT let the liberals trick you into falling for their divisive political trap! Stand your ground and speak the truth! Tell the masses that it is the white rich liberal Democrat that has been oppressing them!

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