Saturday, June 09, 2012

Green, Green, Go Away!

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United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe by now you have heard of Agenda 21? Do you understand the implications and how it will effect you? Let me shine some light up the butt of this evil plan to gain total control over every aspect of our private lives. Those of you who enjoy living in the country, do you like where you live, do you want to grow old there on your own piece of property? Then you need to educate your self about Agenda 21, because it will directly effect you and where you live.

I am sure you have heard the key terms they use many times (Sustainable Development, Green Jobs, Green energy, Green Economy, Social Justice/Injustice, etc.). This is how socialists disguise their evil plans so they can roll out their agendas right under the noses of the masses who are asses in their minds.

Some of us can see what they are up too as day by day they strip us of more of our personal liberty through new regulations, new laws, and new taxes. Take for instance Obamacare, where government takes charge of your health and well being. Do you really trust a bunch of bureaucratic fat cats, sitting in a smoke filled room, making your health care decisions for you? They will be deciding if you even get to see a doctor or not, and it will be political, and you know it!

If history repeats itself, and I believe it will because socialism always follows a set path, millions of Americans will be left of suffer and die due to the lack access to health care. There is NO excuse people, Obama-care has to go in it's entirety, and so does Obama!

Re-electing Barrack Obama for a second term would literally be suicide for personal liberty, and freedom of choice. He spent the last four years setting the stage, and his next four years would be spent implementing full blown socialism in America. If you want freedom, and personal liberty to make your own choices you can't vote for the Democrats, you will need to vote for Conservative Republicans.

Agenda 21 when implemented will force people from their homes in rural areas, into communal housing in urban areas. So the nice people who have enjoyed living the country life all these years could end up living in the a crappy place like Detroit, or some other urban area. All this in the name of 'GREEN'!

There is NO question that Agenda 21 will destroy our nations sovereignty, and destroy liberty as we have known it. Is this the way you want to live? If not you better wake the Hell up quickly cause this is happening in the name sustainable development, and green living.

I am calling on the American people to reject Agenda 21, fight against sustainable development, and idea of a green economy. Fight now why you still have freedom to do so without losing your life, because Obama has said that anyone who opposes them will die, that is the end result of socialism, mass genocide!

This is happening at all levels of Government today, Federal, State, and local governments are hard at work to implement the various parts of agenda 21. Find out who in your area is behind this, and if they are in an  elected position, campaign to remove them, and put someone in their place that will oppose this agenda.

Every American must be proactive and engaged is this fight to stop agenda 21!

Do you love liberty and freedom enough to put aside your differences and stand with other Americans who also oppose the U.N.'s plan to dominate the U.S.  Let me thank you in advance for your help in saving American sovereignty, and saving liberty, and justice for all.

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