Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How about a National Tebow Day?

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow sp...
University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow speaks about community service during the national championship team's visit to the White House and meeting with President Barack Obama. Screenshot of a White House video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am sick and tired of seeing a good and decent American ridiculed, and treated poorly by the communists on the left!  I think it's high time something is done to shut them up once and for all. How about a one day event where people all across this nation show their support for Tim Tebow by posing in the now famous position, otherwise known as tebowing.

A few million people all moving into a public place, gathering in groups, and tebowing in support of Tim, and also acknowledging God at the same time. Can't you imagine the look on the lefties face? They would be horrified! It would be really fun to watch them freak out!

The left hates Christianity, they hate Christians, they hate people who dare to pray or express their faith in a public way. The hatred of the left knows no limits, it is incessant, like the fires of Hell itself. Now some women named Ashley Madison is offering one million dollars to any women that can prove they slept with Tim Tebow, of all the low down and dirty tricks. My fellow Americans we cannot let this stand, the time has come to make a point that they cannot dismiss.

Denver could not wait to get rid of Tim Tebow, they traded him to a team in New York, and I can imagine that Tim is not too happy about the move. Honestly I am not into football at all, but I am a God fearing American who is sick of liberals and the games they play.

Who wants to have some fun protesting the left with me?  I will set this up as an event on Facebook. I will pick a date and time for this demonstration, make it a good one!
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Greedy People are Destroying our Nation

Your either someone who takes, or someone who makes. Your someone who is a drain on society because your lazy, or your someone who work's hard and innovates. You either make a negative impact on society, or a positive impact on society. So which one are you?

The media and the Socialist occupiers want us to think that those who are rich are the greedy ones that need to cough up their wealth, when in fact it is the lazy, loudmouth, leftists that are the greedy ones. Why does the left insist on calling black-white, and white-black. Liberals label right as being wrong, and wrong as being right. They paint certain ideals and behaviors as being moral, and certain moral Ideologies as being immoral, mostly because the truth is inconvenient for them, and goes against their agendas.

Isaiah 5:20 - " Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."

Hatred, envy, and jealously are tools in the liberals social toolbox, never mind God call's them sinful works of the flesh that lead to eternal destruction. In the eye's of the leftist, if it gets them what they want, which is more power and control over our lives, then it is OK with them. This idea that anything goes stems from another virtue of the left, moral relativity where your morality is whatever you decide it is at any given time, depending on the situation.

Those who have voted these type of people into office time and again are the ones most likely to be the victims of the backwards policies of the Democratic Party. The policies that keep many Americas poor, hungry, and trapped in an economic whirlpool of reliance upon the Federal Government for their sustenance, instead of being able to work a decent job, make a decent paycheck, and enjoy the sweet fruits of self-reliance.

You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but if you give him a fishing pole, and a net, he can fish for his own food everyday. The Socialist Democrats don't want anyone to be able to fish for their own food, in fact Liberals in they are able, will drain the lake and kill all the fish in the process in they can get away with it.

The political policies of the Democratic Party have failed, and keep on failing because they people who support them and keep voting them into office do not realize that they are electing their own demise by doing so. Liberals talk a good game, and put on a good show, but their actions and polices show us a different story. Liberal Democrats have long since succeeded in keeping millions of Americans stuck on Uncle Sam's Big Government Plantation! Slaves to the federal system of welfare checks, food stamps, and Government cheese.

These people have bought the lies the liberals have been telling them hook, line, and sinker. These people actually believe that they are owed something when they have not done a damn thing to earn it. They have NO self respect because they gave that up when they accepted all that so-called help from the government. So what are these people to do to correct decades of Government dependency? I have an idea I would like to share pertaining to this.

Quit electing the liberal buffoons that have kept you down, and under the control of the Government. They have done nothing at all to help you, only helped you stay poor, and in the hood. It wasn't the Democrats that freed the slaves, it was the Republicans that freed America's slaves, and it was Republicans who passed the civil rights act, and gave you the right to vote.

Liberals do not want you to be free, they do not want me to be free. They want to make all of our decisions for us because they think we are too stupid to decide for ourselves. I don't know about you, but I can decide for myself, I don't need some stuff shirt bureaucrat deciding things that directly affect my life. I have just enough self respect left to know to tell Big Government to 'Shove Off!'

Greedy people are people who get things 'for free', well it's free for them, not for the people that worked hard to pay for it. Obama's 'free health care' is a perfect example of what America does not need. We as Americans need to shed this 'entitlement mentality' that makes people think that they have something coming to them, when in fact they do not. These people are greedy, and greed is a form of Idolatry, so what does that make the Occupy Movement? A bunch of heathen idolaters!  What about those who believe that white people owe them reparations because of slavery? A bunch of greedy idolaters!

It's time to wake up and quit this game of 'gimme,gimme, gimme' and change the way we think. Certain people groups are their own worse enemy, shooting themselves in the foot, and they need to stop!
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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Obama is Playing the Vagina Card

Leave it to the liberals to choose an extremely hot topic as birth control to drive a wedge between the women of America. In order to garner more votes from women, liberals have resorted to playing to vagina card, that is appealing to women on an emotional level that is sure in their minds to boost him approval rating, and help him win the election.

Class warfare is the specialty of Socialist Democrats that they have been using for many years to gain the political edge over conservatives. Take an issue that is important to a certain voting block, lace it with propaganda, and lies, and you've got deadly combination.  What's more personal to woman than birth control? exactly my point! Liberals know exactly what they are doing, and they do it well, and conservatives need to find a way to destroy the Democrats weapon of choice, so that they can't use in effectively any longer.

Liberals brought out one of their own activists, Ms. Sandra Fluke, whom testified before Congress concerning herself and her liberal friends who can't afford their own birth control. So take a wild guess as to what they want? That's right! They want to the tax-payers to pay their birth control so they can screw around on the publics dime. In essence we would be paying them to have sex So what do you call a woman gets paid to have sex, a whore of course! Rush Limbaugh was right in the statement he made, and never should have apologized for it, and I won't either.

Liberals love free stuff courtesy of the tax-payers, via the Government. It may be free to them, but it would cost  the American tax payer a tremendous amount of money that could be going to feed hungry children, and provide clean drinking water, and such. I guess this means that Liberals are against feeding hungry children, and clean drinking water then? LOL!

Obama has been fighting with the Roman Catholic Church over the issue of forcing the Church to pay for female employees birth control, something that goes completely against Catholic teaching. Will the Roman Church stand it's ground against he beast Obama? Or will they cave in and lose their integrity, and standing as a religious force? Any gain Obama may obtain from women is sure to be offset by Catholic and Protestant voters.

 Most private insurance will now be required to cover certain forms of  birth control, but don't expect the Catholic Church to be passing out free rubbers anytime soon. This new requirement is sure to raise the cost of all of our health insurance, but wait! Pharaoh Obama is giving us free Government controlled health insurance. So whatever way to slice it, we get to pay through our noses so that immoral people can continue to be immoral, why we get taxed to death, YIPPEE! NOT!    

We all know that the left loves to pass out free condoms to public school students, and spend tax-payer money to promote homosexuality, and abortion. It's plain to see that the Government is run by a bunch of perverts who have nothing better to do than spread trash, and filth across the nation. It's high time to clean out Washington D.C., downsize government by cutting unnecessary programs that waste the tax-payers money, and kick all the socialist perverts out of our nations capital!

I am calling on the woman of American to reject Obama's mind-games. and tell Obama 'NO THANK YOU' I will purchase my own birth control! The last thing we need is another big Government program, or some kind of stupid tax to pay for stupid people to get laid. If liberals women like Sandra Fluke don't want to end of pregnant they should practice abstinence, the less liberals walking our streets the better. Funny, I never heard a word from a man regarding our birth control?

 If Obama is re-elected, and is able to set himself up as dictator, then you won't have to worry anymore about birth control, because forced sterilization is right around the corner. Plan on them following after China's one child rule, where every family is allowed one child, and after that if you end of pregnant, they will resort to infanticide. Ron Paul might even be made 'Family Planning Czar' after he gets done helping Obama get re-elected, along with his cronie cult supporters!

Women of America rise up and tell Obama and the Democrats to stop playing the vagina card! We Americans will pay for our own birth control at the pharmacy as we always have, and they can shove their big Government plans right up their..........??    
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