Monday, March 05, 2012

Will Mitt Romney Manipulate the Outcome on Super Tuesday?

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I know that deciding who to vote for this election season is been difficult, also it has caused division among Republican voters as to which candidate to get behind, and which one has the best chance to beat Obama in the general election.

I want everyone to know what went down in Michigan right after the Primary vote ended. Six individuals that comprise the MIGOP credentials committee met in the middle of the night, allegedly with members of Mitt Romney's team, and voted 4-2 to change the rules of the primary vote, yes after it was done with.

Does this seem wrong to you? It should! Cause it is wrong! But Saul Anuzis and company could care less about what is right, they rather force their elitist candidate on the rest of us. The rich RINO's that sit on this committee favor the RINO candidate, Romney, one of their own kind.

It was reported first that both Romney and Santorum had won an equal amount of delegates due to the fact that  both candidates won seven of Michigan's Congressional Districts, giving each candidate 15 delegates each. Thanks to several MIGOP elitists, the six who took it themselves to change the rules to suit themselves, after the fact. Because of this Mitt Romney then received 16 and Rick Santorum 14. It seems that MIGOP officials could care less about fairness, the election process in Michigan must be all about them and their ?

Hey Mitt! There is nothing like cheating huh? Exactly the reason I personally voted for Rick Santorum instead of the RINO!  So if they can cheat in Michigan by changing the rules after the primary is over, what will stop them from cheating in your state too? You've got to ask yourself, can I in good conscious vote for a candidate that manipulates the outcome of primary votes, in order to garner more delegates for himself? You know I expect this type of monkey business from Democrats, but coming from Republicans it just makes me angry, and makes me want to write my own candidate when the big vote comes along!

Please think about supporting Rick Santorum for President!

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