Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Democrats, American Jobs, Gas Prices, and Election Time!

The Keystone Pipeline, have you heard of it? It is a oil pipeline that was supposed to have been built in the United States. Coming out of Canada, the pipeline would provide the people of the United States with not only much needed energy, but also many much needed jobs.

The Bill was taken up in Congress by Republican Senators, who tried to push the measure through and get it approved, only to be thwarted by the Democrats. The Obama Regime refused too issue the permit and move forward with this project, even though Obama spends a lot of time behind microphone's, and in front of the camera, spewing all kinds of rhetoric about how we need jobs in America, and how we need our own energy sources.

As usual, Obama and his partners in crime in Congress are just full of crap! Talking our both ends, or shall we saw out of both sides of their mouths. When will the America people realize that the liberals have no intention of creating jobs other than a for their union thug friends, and they intend on pushing energy prices through the roof on purpose! Their agenda? To force Americans to switch to worthless green energy sources that cannot meet the demands of the American society.

Here we go back to the horse and buggy day's! Heck NO!

We need good jobs for decent hard working Americans, so they can afford to feed their families, and pay their bills. Not just jobs for the union thugs who vote Degressive Democrat in every election, like a bunch of pre-programmed robots for tyranny, and injustice they line up behind their union bosses, and march in lock step to the polling places. Enough with the special favors for your Communist Comrades Obama!

Liberals call themselves Progressives, when they are more like Degressives!  The failing policies of Degressive Liberalism are killing this country, and that dear friends is exactly what they Degressive Democrats are trying to do, Kill the Country!

Mean while the price of fuel, and food, keep rising, while our paychecks get smaller thanks to the same culprits in Congress. Gas prices are already around $4 per gallon, and are expected to climb even higher as we get into spring and summer. Americans will have NO choice but to pay the high prices, or start walking, which plays right into the plans of the Degressive Agenda.

Now Obama is talking like he is all in favor on lowering the cost of energy, but is he telling the truth?  Well put it this way, it's election season, and this loser wants another term to finish destroying this nation. When will the American people wake up, and get angry enough to stand up to him, and vote him out of office? This may be our one chance to take back control of the country, and we ought to be taking full advantage of it!

Obama the Degressive MUST GO!

Even Obama admits that high gas prices will hurt his chances to get reelected. So I expect some type of last minute Hail-Mary move to bring prices down just in time for the election, and then when he it is over, and he is back in the White House (God Forbid!), they will skyrocket again. Remember, they have an agenda to collapse our economy, and cause another great depression, so that the Degressive Left can take full control and enslave every American Citizen under the new socialist utopia they have been dreaming of for many years.

This isn't a joke! This is happening now! Are you concerned or not? You should be very concerned, and very angry by now! If your not your either a Degressive, or just plain stupid!

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