Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Degressives! Where's the Beef?

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By now you've witnessed the latest attack on freedom, and our pocketbooks via the meat we consume everyday. The latest lie of the left-wing attack dogs in the mainstream media is [LFTB] or Lean Finely Textured Beef, or as they call it,'Pink Slime'.  The All-Meat filler found in lots of the ground beef you and I consume regularly is 100% beef, so don't let the idiots fool you, it's not harmful at all.

Simply they recover lean beef that would otherwise go to waste, so why all the fuss? It comes from the fat portions that are separated from the rest of the meat, heated in a process to separate the beef from the fat, and then exposed to a puff of Ammonia Hydroxide to kill any harmful bacteria. Then the product is packaged and sent to the companies that produce the ground meat that restaurants use, as well as what we use at home.

What's the problem here?

The problem here is you and I are not paying enough yet for the food we eat, so the left-wing ninny's found a clever way to attack our meat, and cause the prices to rise at the store!  What's next? What will the lame-stream media find, some other obscure item that is in our food to attack, and drive up the prices on us some more.

It's just another lock step in Pharaoh Obama's agenda to control our lives, and set himself up as dictator. The media knows full well that this meat product they have called 'pink slime' is not slime at all, but is 100% beef that is safe for us to consume, but they need something to attack and lie about. Not to mention all the people who are loosing their jobs because the company that produces LFTB is closing it's plants down, which means more Americans will be out of work, and in need. Degressives will have a whole new batch of people they can herd onto the Government dole, which leads to more dependency on big Government, and less liberty for all of us.

What about the sheeple, I mean the consumers? Well they are stupid as ever to buy into what the media tells them, and as a result will cause us all to pay more, maybe lots more. I mean, look at what they have done to the price of fuel? It just went up to $4.15 per gallon! There is NO doubt that the Pharaoh Obama and his regime is behind this scam, and we need to stand up to them and demand our 'pink slime'!

I wish the media would just shut up, and get real jobs, and quit lying to us like they do. This is another reason to get rid of liberals and their degressive policies all together! I wish Clara was still alive, you know the old lady in the Wendy's commercials that made the phrase "Where's the Beef" famous?  We could send her around to the major networks and have her throw 'pink slime' at the stupid degressive's who choose to follow Obama, and waste airtime reporting absolute crap, instead of actually reporting about real news that news!

Learn about LFTB

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