Friday, January 13, 2012

Knowing and Defeating Socialism in America

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Socialism/Communism, the enemy of liberty, is taking hold of the United States, but few Americas are wise enough to realize what is happening right in front of their eye's, and so they continue to live and work as they always have not realizing the danger they are in. The left has gained control of much of our nation, and they have devious and evil plans for us all.

If we are going to defeat this enemy called socialism, we are going to have to first understand their tactics, and what they are doing to us so we can counter-act against them. The U.S. military does not go too war without first gaining intelligence data on the enemy they will be fighting. If they went in blind with no info, they would be wiped out in an instant!

The battle for control of the heart and soul of a nation is no different. We must know who our enemies are, and what they are up to, so we can fight them and win. At this point in time the socialist's control our media, our places of higher education, not to mention they are all through our own Government, working to overturn our way of life.

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Their goal is too enslave the masses, remove our Constitution & Bill of Rights, and destroy every vestige of liberty we have. Obama has already stated that he intends to purposely drive up the cost of energy, and they are working to drive up the cost of food as well. They have passed the bill by force to take control of health care so that they can decide who lives and dies.

Revolution is what they are all about, a bloodless one, at least to start with. They are putting the squeeze on the nation from up above, and from underneath, with the American people caught in-between. This sandwich is meant to put a great amount of pressure upon us, to keep us under their control. Obama and his regime is at the top, and the occupy radicals are at the bottom, with the rest of us sandwiched between them. Their hope is that the pressure they are exerting upon us will cause us to have great fear, and will cause us to give up, then the country will collapse when the good men are doing nothing to stop them.

Fear is a great motivator someone once said. As long as we as Americans remain separated into our own social groups, in our own circles, and sacred to them, they have control over us. As soon as we realize what they are doing to us, we unite as Americans, and stand together and protest, the power begins to shift in our direction. Do not be afraid of the left, that's what they want, fight them with everything you've got!

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The same can be said in the case of rising Sharia Law. It also wants to take control of this nation. It also will enslave us under an evil system of hatred, and murder, not much different than Socialism will, in fact the Islamic system is also a socialist system coupled with religion. No wonder the left gives preference to Muslims? Islam hates Christians, and Jews just the same as Socialists do. 

 We must be ever diligent, and vigilant against this great impending evil that seeks to devour us alive. The Socialist elite think they have you and I by the balls, and can control us. The time has come to turn the tables and take back this nation, and reestablish our founding principles. America's founding principles were based off of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the whole idea of personal liberty is derived from the Scriptures themselves.

It is a proven fact that Patriotism drives people away from the left. So be as patriotic as you can be, and remind people around you about the high cost of the freedom they enjoy so much. It's time we stop taking our liberty for granted as if it grew on trees in the back yard or something. We need to oppose those who abusing their liberty, and using it as a license to do evil. Liberty without moral and spiritual guidelines results in utter chaos, and confusion.

Those who think that liberty means anything goes no matter what are missing the whole point of what liberty is. Our liberty was originally derived from the Bible, this gave birth to our founding documents, and the freedom we enjoy. If we as a nation completely lose our foundation, which is founded in God Almighty, we will collapse into a heap of rubble, just like any building would not stand if the underpinnings were destroyed.

We must know our enemy, and their tactics. We must formulate a resistance movement they cannot fight against, one that causes them to crumble, and not our nation. We must come together as Americans, for a house divided against itself cannot stand!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Conservatives Cannot Win Without God

Over the last century in America we have seen our society slide away from it's founding principles due to the technological revolution that allowed various forms of media to invade the sanctity of our homes, and change our way of thinking and living. No longer do men and women have to venture outside the home to indulge themselves with adult entertainment, it is piped straight into our living rooms over TV, radio, videos, and print.

The sexual revolution of the sixties as it is referred too, opened up the door to immoral behavior being the norm. We witnessed a change in thought and behavior as societies moral values became compromised, watered down, and criticized by those who opposed living by those values. More teenage women became pregnant outside of wedlock. TV shows have become tools of political propaganda, used to brainwash our society into accepting deviant behavior as normal and healthy.

Even in among Christians the epidemic of immorality has invaded the churches, causing it to become spiritually weakened, and even apostate in some cases. Some Pastors in this country won't even stand up and preach what they ought to out of fear of losing their jobs, or they are false to begin with.

Politics is a dirty business, and many a politician has fallen captive to his/her lust of money, sex, and power. Washington D.C. today is a cesspool of unrighteousness!  Many men and women work in our Government are corrupted by the power that is so prevalent there, it is no surprise this nation is such a huge mess today.

The Republican Party has long since stood upon traditional values founded upon our founding documents that state that this nation is under the authority of our Creator God. The moral planks of the GOP have taken quite a beating as those who do not share the values of the party have come in to it, and tried to remove the from the party. Republican's have have stood faithful to the right to life plank, as well as preserving liberty, and justice for all.

Conservatism has become a dirty word in society, viewed as being old fashioned, and stuck in the last century somewhere. Liberals are attacking full force even from within the party to destroy our long held values. We are doing everything we can to stop them, but it seems like an endless battle that we are fighting. It's not enough that socialists have total control of the Democratic Party, they must now invade and destroy the Republican Party also (enter ron paul).

Conservatism is not just a set of fiscal ideologies, it is also social ideologies based upon our Christian heritage. The bulk of Conservatives have long held full respect for God, Country, Flag, and Honor. We have taught our children right from wrong, and instructed them in the way of Godly morality that tempers Liberty. It seems however that many who identify themselves as Conservatives no longer wish to embrace the faith that made this nation great, they have allowed themselves to stray from the faith of our founding fathers, and rather focus on their own wallets rather than that of the need for serious prayer and supplication before the Almighty God on behalf of this nations future.

Bring up the subject of prayer and the need for America to turn back to God, and watch half or more so-called Conservatives run for cover. Why is this? Have they lost faith in God altogether, or bought into the lie that faith is a private matter that should be kept to yourself? Have they no Fear of God? Or they just don't care anymore?

No political party, candidate, or movement is going to fix this nation! We MUST turn around towards our Creator God and throw ourselves on his mercy!

Conservative friends!   Our nation is on a path to self destruction because members of our society have chosen self destruction as a way of life. This is because the church in American dropped the ball long ago an isolated itself from society instead of engaging it as they should have. The Salt and Light of the Gospel of Christ was hence hidden from society as they became increasingly more wicked, and American began her descent into oblivion.

We now stand on the edge of our own destruction as a nation, with a President and Congress who have only aided it. They are but puppets under the control under the authority of God. We as a nation have been turned over to Satan to be sifted because of our own wickedness! Make NO mistake if you and I will not change now, we will pay later!

This election is critical mass! If Conservatives do not take back our Government this year 2012, we are finished! WE NEED GOD NOW!  Please my friend if you love this nation, and your liberty, seek God on your knees NOW! REPENT NOW! TURN BACK NOW! There is NO time for playing games, we cannot win without God!