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Are you Conservative, and like me you don't like Ron Paul, or his wacky ideas, then how about helping us stop him in Iowa. Paul has risen to second spot behind Romney, and could win the Iowa Caucus. I like many others have been accosted by his nasty supporters. These cult members of Paul's have belittled, and harassed many of us who support other candidates for President, and the time has come to shut them up!

A group of Conservative friends created a Face Book group called 'GAME PLAN IOWA' specifically to knock Ron Paul back down where he belongs, in the bottom tier with the other liberal running, Jon Huntsmen.

We have 100 hours or less to push Rick Santorum for the BLOCK and WIN in Iowa!

Why Rick and not some other candidate like Romney? Well we feel Romney is too liberal, and we just don't really trust him. Many of us were Herman Cain supporters and had to find another candidate when Cain quit the race. Rick is not perfect, no politician is, but he is Conservative, and share our Conservative values. At this point Santorum is not poised to beat Obama, which is our END GAME! First we must defeat Ron Paul and the Paul-Trolls!

Democrats are crossing over to vote for Ron Paul in the Caucuses, and the Primary to get him the Republican Nomination so that the weakest, and weirdest Republican candidate will have to square off with Obama, and win him four more years. After Paul gets the Republican nomination, then they will go back to their own side and vote for Obama, at least most of them will. There are YouTube videos teaching them how to do just this, and we cannot stand for them hi-jacking our elections, and ruining our nation any more than they already have.

Ron Paul's ideas on foreign policy would be a disaster for this country, and a Paul Presidency would be as bad as Obama's, he must be defeated now! HELP us beat Ron Paul! Join GAME PLAN IOWA NOW!
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