Saturday, December 31, 2011


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Are you Conservative, and like me you don't like Ron Paul, or his wacky ideas, then how about helping us stop him in Iowa. Paul has risen to second spot behind Romney, and could win the Iowa Caucus. I like many others have been accosted by his nasty supporters. These cult members of Paul's have belittled, and harassed many of us who support other candidates for President, and the time has come to shut them up!

A group of Conservative friends created a Face Book group called 'GAME PLAN IOWA' specifically to knock Ron Paul back down where he belongs, in the bottom tier with the other liberal running, Jon Huntsmen.

We have 100 hours or less to push Rick Santorum for the BLOCK and WIN in Iowa!

Why Rick and not some other candidate like Romney? Well we feel Romney is too liberal, and we just don't really trust him. Many of us were Herman Cain supporters and had to find another candidate when Cain quit the race. Rick is not perfect, no politician is, but he is Conservative, and share our Conservative values. At this point Santorum is not poised to beat Obama, which is our END GAME! First we must defeat Ron Paul and the Paul-Trolls!

Democrats are crossing over to vote for Ron Paul in the Caucuses, and the Primary to get him the Republican Nomination so that the weakest, and weirdest Republican candidate will have to square off with Obama, and win him four more years. After Paul gets the Republican nomination, then they will go back to their own side and vote for Obama, at least most of them will. There are YouTube videos teaching them how to do just this, and we cannot stand for them hi-jacking our elections, and ruining our nation any more than they already have.

Ron Paul's ideas on foreign policy would be a disaster for this country, and a Paul Presidency would be as bad as Obama's, he must be defeated now! HELP us beat Ron Paul! Join GAME PLAN IOWA NOW!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul - A Risky Choice

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Just what kind of stupid statement has Ron Paul made this time? Is he smoking crack? Imagine the horrible outcome of WWII if we had not intervened in the war to stop Hitler?

Millions of innocent people were marched into gas chambers, or shot and dumped in mass graves, or experimented on without anesthesia. Just what the crap is Ron Paul saying here? Does he support this type of barbarianism? Paul say's "It's none of our business" really? So we should just sit by while innocent people are herded to their deaths? Sorry but that does not encompass the spirit of America. 

We as a blessed free nation have the responsibility to take a stand against evil in this world, and when a sadistic dictator is out of control, and innocent people are being killed for no good reason other than someone else's hatred of them, we must intervene and put a stop to it. American is responsible before Almighty God to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. This is an outpouring of our nations Christian heritage, and must remain our mission, to stand for liberty!

Paul considers himself to be a devout Christian, yet his views that pertain to Israel and the Jews are clearly against everything the Bible teaches. For him to say that the nation of Israel should not exist at all, and for him to side with the Arab occupiers shows that Ron Paul has some serious issues with his own personal character.

Ron Paul claims to be against abortion, yet he would let millions of innocent people be murdered by a mad-man.  Just what kind of a President would Ron Paul be? According to his personal views not a good one, he would be a moderate version of Obama, and that is NOT the type of change we need in this country, nor the  type of President we need either.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Last Chance America

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It seems that with each passing year our freedoms become further eroded, while Government becomes larger, and more intrusive. Make no mistake that dark forces are at work in the shadows in our nations capital, and they have a hideous agenda, to end liberty as we know it. Politicians, political groups, and certain social activist groups are pushing for radical change in our society, and it seems they are winning the war.

Three years ago they managed to manipulate our elections, and elect a puppet President named Obama to lead the way to America's demise. His socialist leanings were very clear, and he has managed on more than one occasion too circumvent the law, in order to force this radical socialist agenda down our throats. Now he is asking for another four years to finish the work he started. This should send chills up and down the spine of every freedom loving American.

Mr. Obama is turned into a tyrant who recently announced that where he is unable to pass his agenda through Congress, he will regulate from the Oval Office. He has no intention of following our laws, or showing respect to our customs, and Christian Heritage. He will just ram whatever he chooses down our throats, so open wide!

The next Presidential election will be the one that decides the fate of this nation, we cannot take it lightly, we must choose wisely, or we will pay dearly for our laziness, and stupidity. Several people have lined up for a chance to be the one to unseat Obama, and replace his socialist regime. The problem is that not all of the candidates are what they seem. There is at least one that I believe poses as much or even more danger to America than Obama, and that candidate in Ron Paul.

Not every candidate who claims to be Conservative, and pro-Constitution is fit to be President. I sincerely believe that Ron Paul presents a great danger to our liberty, and the security of our nation. I believe this because of his broken record style of rhetoric Candidate Paul has made it clear that he would isolate the United States by not supporting even our nations allies. Paul would not even lend Israel a hand if they asked for it claiming "It's none of our business". This is a very dangerous, and wrong agenda that Dr. Paul has, and should cause voters to support some another candidate.

Candidate Paul also has some strange bed fellows with fringe groups like Code Pink, a socialist anti-war group, and Storm Front which is a white supremacist group. Again these ties should cause voters to look elsewhere. Ron Paul took money from Storm Front during the last Presidential campaign, and did not give the money back. Paul also wrote some questionable articles in his own newsletters that appear to be racist in content. He then denied knowledge of writing them, but the language used points directly at him as the author.

Ron Paul's supporters are going to the extreme to harass those who support other candidates by belittling them in online forums, and Face Book. They are arrogant, and out of control, it is cult like for sure, and it makes us wonder exactly what Ron Paul is really all about? A little investigation revealed that these are disenfranchised liberals Democrats who have jumped from supporting Obama, to supporting Ron Paul. Think about it for a moment. if these are the type of people that make up the bulk of Paul's supporters, shouldn't that throw up a red flag to Conservatives to steer clear of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul and Barrack Obama both lent their support to the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) crowd, who spent a good month or more camped out in a park in New York City, while they protested the wealthy, and marched around demanding the government pay off their college loans with tax-payer money of course. In certain cities they rioted, broke things that did not belong to them, and left a trial of destruction in their path. The OWS was funded by George Soro's, and was nothing short of a Communist uprising.

Another candidate that is risky in my opinion if Mitt Romney, although he would be much better than Obama, or Paul, he has has his fingers in Government run health care in the past, and many voters are shunning him because of it. Romney is a Mormon and that is another challenge as many voters are wary of anyone who is a member of that particular religious group. Herman Cain was the man that I believe could have beat Obama hands down, but he became the victim of nasty political games, and decided to suspend his campaign to the disappointment of those who had supported him even before he officially announced his candidacy.

Santorum, and Bachman are both die hard Conservatives. Santorum is Roman Catholic, Bachman an Evangelical Christian. Neither are doing well in the polls, but either of them would be able to handle the job of President if elected, but I would prefer to see them as VP first. There is a lot of negative press regarding Newt Gingrich, but a lot of it is pure bull crap! Newt previously served as speaker of the house which means  he was third in line from the President, and knows how things work. Newt is also very much pro-Constitution, Conservative in his beliefs, and would make a great President along the lines of Ronald Reagan.

America will not last another four years under the Obama/Soro's Regime. We must come together and pick the candidate that can unseat the tyrant Obama, once and for all, and send him back to Chicago where he came from.  Whoever we elect as the nominee MUST be able to wipe the floor with Obama in the coming debates, when whoever we Conservatives choose must face off with Obama before the nation, and the world. My friends be careful what you wish for, and choose a candidate cautiously, the nation is counting on you!

We MUST take this seriously, this in NOT just any election. This is election where we choose between life and death. This is your last chance America!

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Friday, December 16, 2011


How did this happen? Who put that thing up? Is this on public land? It must be Unconstitutional! Call the ACLU! Someone hurry and file a lawsuit! It's a Nativity Scene! Sound the Civil Defense Sirens! Call out the National Guard!

OH MY!  Where did it come from? Did it just evolve out of thin air? Or was there a big explosion in outer space, and it grew into a barn, a manger, and the baby Jesus, OH MY! Atheist's shriek with all the shrillness of Hell itself as if the Baby Jesus was some kind of deadly disease or something. One of these people recently had the audacity to refer to the Nativity as an insult. An insult too what? his intelligence? Don't make me laugh HAHAHAHA! TOO LATE!

Christmas is the favorite time of year for the Lawless few too climb out from under their rocks and protest against the traditional symbols of Christmas, and parade their willful ignorance for everyone too see.  They apply a definite anti-Christian bias, and show what hateful bigots they are.

What a shame that in a free nation where we are supposed to have freedom of religion, and free expression of ideas that a minority comprised of a few narrow minded neanderthals, have to spoil it for the rest of us by attacking the symbols of Christmas.

Take down that banner! Remove that Nativity scene! You can't sing that particular song!

Their ridiculous demands seem to drown out the sweetness of the season. So much for peace on earth and good will towards men? Atheists have the right not to have to believe in God, but they do NOT have the right to harass those who do believe, or attack their beliefs. They continue to attempt to use the worn out lie of Separation of Church and State to weed out Jesus from his own birthday celebration.

How would the Atheist like it if they were locked out of their own birthday party, while all the guests exchanged gifts and celebrated the day minus every thought of them?

It's called CHRISTMAS! that is CHRISTmas! Without Christ, there is NO CHRISTMAS!

It just becomes another holiday to act like a bunch of greedy, materialistic, overstuffed jerks!

Herman Cain said this "Stupid people are Ruining America", and that includes those from the ACLU, and the various secularist groups that are attacking Christmas cause their afraid of the true meaning of the day. It's time for Americans to stand up to the GRINCHES, and just tell them to SHUT UP!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

America's Salvation: It's NOT what you thought it was

Election season has heated up, and people are choosing sides. Nothing divides people more, next to the Gospel of course, than politics. With that said friends, we need to have a talk about the latest shake up that just occurred today.

Today, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign bid for the White House, leaving thousands of hurt and disappointed people. Supporters gathered in Atlanta Georgia early this afternoon to hear what Mr .Cain's decision was going to be regarding his campaign. Mr. Cain made another poignant speech, but told the crowd that he was suspending his campaign because of the turmoil it was causing his family. Why we understand that the accusations against him were damaging to his reputation, and probably trumped up by the Obama camp, or the Paul camp, or both. We are hurting tonight, for no other candidate encompassed the things that Herman Cain did.

Now we don't know where to go?  We are lost sheep trying to decide whether to continue to fight for Mr. Cain, or throw in the towel and support another candidate. It is tough to make this type of decision when you were so die hard behind a great man like Herman Cain. Mr. Cain's unique qualifications of taking businesses on the brink of bankruptcy, bringing them back to life, making them profitable again. Our hope was he would do that for the nation as well.

I have said it repeatedly in other writings, and I will say it again! 

NO political candidate, party, or movement is going to save America!

What we need to save our nation is the one who it too us in the first place, God, our Father and Creator. I am shocked at how many on the conservative side blow off the message that we need to turn back to God by getting on our faces before him all across nation. What keeps you from seeking God? Are you too busy in your fast pace life? Maybe you need to slow down so you can take care of some business with your maker?

I ask you, Why should God bless America when America has turned her back on him and embraced numerous idols, instead of him? When we allow blatant sin to parade in our streets, why shouldn't he just level this country all together? Maybe this is why he allowed Obama to win the last election, and maybe he is going to allow Obama to finish destroying this country? After all, we deserve it

This nations ONLY hope if Jesus Christ! He alone has the power and authority to make us, or break us! There is NO salvation in any other, that is what the Scripture say's, so why are you looking too mere men to save you from disaster. Look to God Almighty!

God has the power to turn this election around, and give us a decent Conservative President to replace the mad man that is in occupying the office now. Just how long will people ignore the obvious? Fall our your faces and repent! Turn back to God, and preach this message across the fruited plain till the whole nation is on their faces seeking God!

Then we shall see the Salvation of the Lord God come down, and his mercy poured out upon us instead of his judgment.