Monday, November 07, 2011


He was virtually unknown by most average Americans. He came from humble beginnings, Herman Cain knows the values of hard work, and how to climb the corporate ladder. Having worked in many different settings, many which required much knowledge and skill, Mr. Cain always worked hard to obtain his goals.

He worked his way up the corporate ladder working for Pillsbury, making it to a VP position. He stepped down from that position to become an employee of Burger King, a Pillsbury Company. He started by flipping burgers, and taking out the trash, later to become a regional manager of the worst performing group of Burger King Restaurants in the country. He left BK to take over the failing God Fathers Pizza Company division that was on the verge of bankruptcy.  He later bought the company from Pillsbury, and brought it back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Herman Cain knows how to set steep goals for himself, and by God's Grace reach them. Herman Cain has a new goal, too be President of the United States, and he intends to obtain that goal with God's help. America is on the brink of imploding at the hands of the dark regime of Obama and Soros. They have purposely caused a economic crisis to occur in this country in order to collapse and destroy us once and for all. Herman Cain has the skills necessary to manage this crisis, and bring America back from the edge of collapse.

Mr. Cain was shown as being able to obtain the Republican nomination, and beat Obama in the general election. Cain went from being unknown, to being the frontrunner able to dethrone Pharaoh Obama!  Here comes a bunch of accusations involving sexual harassment, and so forth against Mr. Cain, imagine that? You had to have expected some type of hatchet job courtesy of the left, cause the left will say and do anything to keep or obtain political power for themselves, they do not care who they hurt in the process as long as they win in the end.

Four women have now come forth too accuse Herman Cain of sexually harassing them. No names or real evidence in given to substantiate their claims, but the media is sure enjoying them. Mr. Cain is of course denying that these things ever occurred, and that these women were just upset about being let go, or not getting a promotion, or a job.

It is my opinion that this whole thing is indeed nothing but a bunch of lies aimed at destroying Herman Cains candidacy for President, based on the data that suggests that Cain would give Obama a proper butt whooping, and make Obama get a real job. If these accusations are true, then prove them, or shut up! I believe that Mr. Cain did not do what he is accused of doing, and that there are some greedy, selfish people that are out to profit from ruining Cain's run for the White House.

If these accusations are true, give us the names of all of these women! Let's see them on TV so we can get a good look at them! I would bet they are all lying through their teeth in order to make a fast buck, and get attention for themselves, and I bet you their all Democrats also.

I believe in the end that Mr. Cain shall overcome! That he will still win the nomination for President! and with the help of the Almighty beat the living crap our of Barrak Obama in the general election.

America, say hello to your next President - Herman Cain! 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Greedy Hypocrite!

Micheal Moore, the socialist film maker recently addressed a group of 'occupiers' at Occupy PDX (Portland). The video shows Moore talking about how the 400 richest people in America ought to give up at least one million of their wealth, and the crowd cheered of course. Then a lone voice in the crowd shouted "What about your fifty million Michael", and of course Moore refuses to answer the question.

At the close of his speech to the crowd, Michael Moore begins to move through the crowd to leave. The 'lone voice' follows him, still asking about why he (Moore) does not cough up a million of the fifty million he has made by creating his films. Moore continues to make a bee-line for his ride out of there, the 'lone voice' continues "Hey make way for the 1%", and "Michael, are you flying back home in a private jet?"

Again Moore ignores the questions are continues to move away from the crowd, while others impede the individuals asking the questions, and the person with the video camera filming the arrogant fat man from Hollywood. The fifty million dollar man who does not practice what he preaches, but expects others to cough up a share of their wealth so that a bunch of Communists can decide how it should be used.

This is the typical hypocrisy of the far-left or Communists. They whine about how people have wealth, and don't share it, or shall we tell the truth here?  The wealthy are wealthy because they have worked hard and earned it, and the left-wing commies that are protesting the wealthy, are selfish, arrogant, and lazy people who have been brainwashed by the socialist elite.

There main weapons are lying, agitating, creating class warfare, and spreading misinformation (propaganda). These have swallowed George Soro's, and Barrak Obama's Kool-Aid, and they keep on drinking it in. They like being filled with hatred and envy against other Americans, it suits their political agenda, and moves them toward their ultimate goal, cultural dominance!

Michael Moore is a big fat greedy hypocrite, and so are most of his commie friends in Hollywood for that matter. Those involved in the film and entertainment industry are filthy rich, and they aren't about to part with any of what they have earned, unless it's too some liberal cause of some kind. Anything to make them appear as though the care, and are compassionate people, when they are actually greedy as Hell!

You won't see them coughing up a million of their money to a bunch of low-life criminal occupiers, and you won't see them standing up for America save America from the threat of communism either. A few of them will open their big fat mouths and trash a black man running for President however, showing just how arrogant, and out of touch they really are with real life. I guess when you spend every day pretending to be someone your not, and getting payed millions of dollars for it, you develop a mental problem of some kind that blocks your view of reality.

Michael Moore is NO different than most of the rich liberals in Hollywood. He is a big fat ungodly man whose values do not reflect the heart and soul of this country. Moore lives in a fantasy land where being a Communist is considered to be sheik, and the norm of life. Michael Moore needs a wake up call, and he needs to lead by example, not just expect others to give up what they have worked for all their lives cause he say's so!

Truly....Liberalism is a mental disorder!