Thursday, October 20, 2011


From under many rocks, and out from the shadows they came in droves to protest the wealthy, and make ridiculous demands. They sleep in tents, or on cold ground, covered by tarps. They defecate and urinate in the streets, on police cars, and where ever else they feel like it. They are the America's Communists! Brainwashed in colleges, and universities across our country by old hippies from the sixties, now turned into professors of higher learning.

They are selfish, and self-centered individuals who have been taught that America is bad, the Government is God, and that this nation owes them something. They have demanded that all their student loans by paid for the by the tax-payers, yet they claim to be mad about Obama's bailout of big business. These are double minded individuals, unstable in all their ways, and unprofitable too the good of society.

Liberals believe that those who have wealth ought to give it all up to those who are poor. The liberal (Socialist) believes in the redistribution of wealth. Stealing money from those to are productive in society, and giving it to those who do nothing worth while at all, or placing it in the coffers of fellow socialists. After all, money is power, and power is money to the liberal (socialist), and vilifying the wealthy has long since been a favorite sport of the left, because it causes division between different classes of Americans, and aids the liberals political agenda.

The sheeple of the Democratic Party, the ones occupying and protesting are viewed as toys to be played with so that the liberal power lords can accomplish their goal of socializing all of America. These people are mere fodder, and don't even know it! They've been programmed with a mentality that the rich are evil, and their corporations are evil as well, and they need to be taxed until they have no more wealth, so that the socialists will be the only ones with wealth, and everyone else a slave to their socialist system of Government.

The truth is that the wealthy are wealthy for a reason, because they have used their brains for something worthwhile, to produce something of substance, a good or a service that fulfills a need in society. These people supply a large portion of the jobs that allow others to make a living, and pay their bills. These people deserve every penny they have made minus taxes, and other contributions made at their discretion. They are too be applauded for their hard work and effort, not protested, and oppressed by wicked men in Government.

Herman Cain said it best "If you are not rich, and do not have a job, it's your own fault!"

Obama and the Democrats want to "Rise Taxes on the Rich". His minions on the street just love to here that type of rhetoric, misdirected as it is. Liberals love to divide people for political reasons, in this case it's just to cause a diversion so that people won't focus on Obama's latest scandal involving Solyndra, which received millions of tax-payer dollars, and then failed miserably. Obama and the Democrats lost millions of our tax dollars, and I think they ought to have to pay every dime back to the American people!

It's true that the rich ought to be compassionate enough to help those who are truly in need, but of their own choosing, not by Government coercion, or force. Americans are the most generous people on the face of the earth. We give our hard earned dollars all the time to help those in need. Every time there is a major disaster in this country, the American people lend their support out of the goodness of their hearts. Statistics show that liberals tend to be more stingy with their finances, and are less likely to give towards disaster relief, and conservatives and Christians tend to flock to aid those in need. All Hollywood's big mouth liberals do is talk a lot about nothing, and are very slow to part with their money to help others. It's all about core values!

Occupiers! GO HOME! Obama! SHUT UP! 

Leave those rich people alone, and produce something worthwhile in this society! Quit blaming everything and everyone else because your stuck in the hood, and you can't get out. It's not the white mans fault fool, It's your fault you are where your at in life. Quit listening to the lies that liberals tell, and make up your mind to do something positive, profitable, and productive!