Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shame on New York! Shame on America! Shame on the Church!

Again, another liberal state has given a green light to same gender unions (marriages), as if the recognition of the homosexual lifestyle isn't enough already?  Liberals for a long time have harped about conservatives attempting to do what they call 'legislating morality' by passing laws to protect sacred things such as 'marriage'. Then they turn right around and twist around the law of the land, and legislate immoral behavior by making it legal for same gender persons to become married couples.

Expect people who engage in homosexual behavior to make their pilgrimage to New York State to "get married" in the legal sense. If they expect a Holy God to recognize their unholy union, they have another thing coming! 

Can anyone say the word 'JUDGMENT!' Cause that's what is coming my friend, and America deserves every bit of it we get, because we have allowed wickedness to spread like a wildfire, even through our churches!  Evil and Sin in parading in our streets dressed up as false equality, and something called 'social justice', which is simply a perversion of real justice. Then again, perversion is what the left is best at isn't it?

These day's are as the Scripture declared they would be. Like the day's of Noah before the flood when men were living in great wickedness, so it is today. Men stand and mock everything that is Holy and right, then attack too destroy every last vestige of it, leaving a trail of evil is their wake, they parade on as though their is NO God, and no Day of Judgment.

Men do NOT fear God for they do not recognize their sinful condition. God gave his Law the Ten Commandments to show mankind his sin so he/she can understand that they are in grave danger of hell fire, but the once great denominations have fallen prey to the world, and have adopted demonic doctrines of devils such as social justice, and homosexual clergy, etc.


The enemy Satan knows that if he could invade the churches, dumb down the Gospel Message, and replace it with a false gospel, he could gain control of this nation, and that is what he is doing right now. Wimpy pastors behind their pulpits are too afraid to preach what they ought too for fear of the church people will throw them out of their comfy jobs. Job security has taken the place of preaching righteousness and the Law of God in many on American's churches. For shame! What does the Scripture say about where judgment begins?

I hope that Pastors in New York State will take a stand against this, and that they voters will put pressure on the New York legislature to reverse this horrendous decision, and annul every same gender marriage license, but I'm not holding my breath. Those preachers should have raised a huge stink about this issue before it passed into law in that state. Silence from the majority of pulpits, and from voters is why things like same gender marriage makes it into law in the first place.

I sort of hope that God brings his hand of judgment down on the State of New York for allowing this evil to transpire, and I hope he does it in such a way that everyone in this nation will know that their is a God in Heaven, and they will acquire the Righteous Fear of the Lord!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feds to put blame for obesity on food producers

They are at it again! The Federal Government now wants to put the screws to America's food producers because we are all fat and lazy.  The Government claims they will save money on health care if we Americans are forced to stop eating all the high fat foods, and fast foods that we enjoy.

Exactly why is it the Governments business what I eat? Does Burger King come and shove cheeseburgers, and fries down my throat against my will? Heck NO! I make the conscious choice to go to BK and feed my own face, and it's NONE of the Governments business!

The Government plan is for more regulations on food producers. Just what we need more regulations to raise the cost of our food and drink, as if their isn't enough rules and regulations already? Look at auto industry and how the Government has continually created new regulations in the name of safety, and the environment.

Giving out free information of nutrition, and health to those who want it is one thing. To pass laws that infringe on my freedom is totally another. Once again the Government is overstepping it's bounds, so what's new about that? We've got an occupier in our White House, and liberal Democrats in our Congress that have made a life out of overstepping their bounds for political reasons.

I suppose these socialists in Washington see bread lines as a way of controlling what we eat also? I would not put it past them one bit seeing how they have forced a Government takeover of our health care upon us against our will!

America is spiraling towards it's own demise and most Americans still don't get it. If we don't stand up and speak up, and make our voices heard. We will wake up to find ourselves prisoners of the NWO! The full repeal of our Constitution is what the left seeks, and they will do anything to get it, even kill!

America works best when people are free to work the job of their choice. Attend the school of their choice, drive the vehicle they choose, and eat, and drink what they choose. It's called Freedom!  This is just another reason to make sure that Obama and the Democrats are ousted in 2012, and replaced by common sense conservatives who hopefully repeal Obamacare.