Friday, March 11, 2011

Should Public Service Employees Belong to Unions?

Police officers, Firefighters, Teachers, and other municipal employees are working everyday providing valuable service to our local communities, that is, until the state or local government won't give them what they want, like higher pay, and bigger benefits. Then they leave their jobs behind and swarm with hundreds of other union member to the steps of the state house, or city hall to picket, and make their demands known to lawmakers.

My question is this. If they are all picketing and parading around angrily, waving signs with nasty slogans written on them, and making a lot of noise, who is protecting and serving our local communities?

We have just seen how ugly these people can be when they don't get their way. Thousands of demonstrators marched upon the Wisconsin State House after the Republican Governor, and the Republicans serving in the State house in Madison decided to push through a bill that took away their right (privilege) to collective bargaining, something union members hold near and dear.

Democratic lawmakers fled the state in order to avoid voting on this bill, they were hiding in motels across the state line in Illinois, what a bunch of cowards! Why could they not stay where they belonged and just vote against the measure?

My question is this: Should those who serve in the local community as municipal or state employees, who receive their salary and benefits from local and state tax dollars be allowed to belong to a labor union in the first place? Seems that their is a definite conflict of interest here between the job they are supposed to be performing in the community, and the political agenda of the labor unions they are forced to belong too.

Seems that serving and protecting the local community should be their number one concern, and that the unions divide their loyalty to the local community, creating the conflict of interest I was talking about, agree? or not?

If your house is on fire you don't want to find out all the firemen are in the state capital marching? Or if your home or business is robbed you don't want to find out all the local cops are out of town protesting on behalf of their police union.  The job must come first, and the local community must be protected and served, not left wide open while they off doing the unions dirty work.

Teachers unions are by far the worst offenders of freedom that exist. Their political corrupt political agendas has all but destroyed education in this country, and they continue to embrace every immoral and unacceptable agenda that they can get their hands on. Teachers who live and work in non right to work states, such as Michigan, are forced to belong to Michigan Educational Association regardless of their personal beliefs.

Like all other unions the MEA sucks money out of their members paychecks in the form of dues, and converts that money by funding everything from the homosexual agenda, to socialist Democratic candidates. Whether it be the UAW, the Teamsters, or the teachers unions, they all are corrupt, and they all are funding the destruction of our free society. Plus these unions receive millions of tax payer dollars that they misuse as well.

I wholeheartedly support the destruction of public sector unions by passing a law, or making it illegal for municipal or state employees working for the local community from belonging to unions. I also support making Michigan, and other states Right to Work states where every worker is given the free choice to belong to a union, or not to belong to one. Of course the unions are against the 'right to work' idea because it would effect their numbers, and less money would be flowing through their corrupt hands.

I believe that what we have seen in Wisconsin is just the beginning of the fight to free the American worker from the strangle hold of big labor thugs, and free up and grow our economy.

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