Saturday, December 31, 2011


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Are you Conservative, and like me you don't like Ron Paul, or his wacky ideas, then how about helping us stop him in Iowa. Paul has risen to second spot behind Romney, and could win the Iowa Caucus. I like many others have been accosted by his nasty supporters. These cult members of Paul's have belittled, and harassed many of us who support other candidates for President, and the time has come to shut them up!

A group of Conservative friends created a Face Book group called 'GAME PLAN IOWA' specifically to knock Ron Paul back down where he belongs, in the bottom tier with the other liberal running, Jon Huntsmen.

We have 100 hours or less to push Rick Santorum for the BLOCK and WIN in Iowa!

Why Rick and not some other candidate like Romney? Well we feel Romney is too liberal, and we just don't really trust him. Many of us were Herman Cain supporters and had to find another candidate when Cain quit the race. Rick is not perfect, no politician is, but he is Conservative, and share our Conservative values. At this point Santorum is not poised to beat Obama, which is our END GAME! First we must defeat Ron Paul and the Paul-Trolls!

Democrats are crossing over to vote for Ron Paul in the Caucuses, and the Primary to get him the Republican Nomination so that the weakest, and weirdest Republican candidate will have to square off with Obama, and win him four more years. After Paul gets the Republican nomination, then they will go back to their own side and vote for Obama, at least most of them will. There are YouTube videos teaching them how to do just this, and we cannot stand for them hi-jacking our elections, and ruining our nation any more than they already have.

Ron Paul's ideas on foreign policy would be a disaster for this country, and a Paul Presidency would be as bad as Obama's, he must be defeated now! HELP us beat Ron Paul! Join GAME PLAN IOWA NOW!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul - A Risky Choice

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Just what kind of stupid statement has Ron Paul made this time? Is he smoking crack? Imagine the horrible outcome of WWII if we had not intervened in the war to stop Hitler?

Millions of innocent people were marched into gas chambers, or shot and dumped in mass graves, or experimented on without anesthesia. Just what the crap is Ron Paul saying here? Does he support this type of barbarianism? Paul say's "It's none of our business" really? So we should just sit by while innocent people are herded to their deaths? Sorry but that does not encompass the spirit of America. 

We as a blessed free nation have the responsibility to take a stand against evil in this world, and when a sadistic dictator is out of control, and innocent people are being killed for no good reason other than someone else's hatred of them, we must intervene and put a stop to it. American is responsible before Almighty God to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. This is an outpouring of our nations Christian heritage, and must remain our mission, to stand for liberty!

Paul considers himself to be a devout Christian, yet his views that pertain to Israel and the Jews are clearly against everything the Bible teaches. For him to say that the nation of Israel should not exist at all, and for him to side with the Arab occupiers shows that Ron Paul has some serious issues with his own personal character.

Ron Paul claims to be against abortion, yet he would let millions of innocent people be murdered by a mad-man.  Just what kind of a President would Ron Paul be? According to his personal views not a good one, he would be a moderate version of Obama, and that is NOT the type of change we need in this country, nor the  type of President we need either.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Last Chance America

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It seems that with each passing year our freedoms become further eroded, while Government becomes larger, and more intrusive. Make no mistake that dark forces are at work in the shadows in our nations capital, and they have a hideous agenda, to end liberty as we know it. Politicians, political groups, and certain social activist groups are pushing for radical change in our society, and it seems they are winning the war.

Three years ago they managed to manipulate our elections, and elect a puppet President named Obama to lead the way to America's demise. His socialist leanings were very clear, and he has managed on more than one occasion too circumvent the law, in order to force this radical socialist agenda down our throats. Now he is asking for another four years to finish the work he started. This should send chills up and down the spine of every freedom loving American.

Mr. Obama is turned into a tyrant who recently announced that where he is unable to pass his agenda through Congress, he will regulate from the Oval Office. He has no intention of following our laws, or showing respect to our customs, and Christian Heritage. He will just ram whatever he chooses down our throats, so open wide!

The next Presidential election will be the one that decides the fate of this nation, we cannot take it lightly, we must choose wisely, or we will pay dearly for our laziness, and stupidity. Several people have lined up for a chance to be the one to unseat Obama, and replace his socialist regime. The problem is that not all of the candidates are what they seem. There is at least one that I believe poses as much or even more danger to America than Obama, and that candidate in Ron Paul.

Not every candidate who claims to be Conservative, and pro-Constitution is fit to be President. I sincerely believe that Ron Paul presents a great danger to our liberty, and the security of our nation. I believe this because of his broken record style of rhetoric Candidate Paul has made it clear that he would isolate the United States by not supporting even our nations allies. Paul would not even lend Israel a hand if they asked for it claiming "It's none of our business". This is a very dangerous, and wrong agenda that Dr. Paul has, and should cause voters to support some another candidate.

Candidate Paul also has some strange bed fellows with fringe groups like Code Pink, a socialist anti-war group, and Storm Front which is a white supremacist group. Again these ties should cause voters to look elsewhere. Ron Paul took money from Storm Front during the last Presidential campaign, and did not give the money back. Paul also wrote some questionable articles in his own newsletters that appear to be racist in content. He then denied knowledge of writing them, but the language used points directly at him as the author.

Ron Paul's supporters are going to the extreme to harass those who support other candidates by belittling them in online forums, and Face Book. They are arrogant, and out of control, it is cult like for sure, and it makes us wonder exactly what Ron Paul is really all about? A little investigation revealed that these are disenfranchised liberals Democrats who have jumped from supporting Obama, to supporting Ron Paul. Think about it for a moment. if these are the type of people that make up the bulk of Paul's supporters, shouldn't that throw up a red flag to Conservatives to steer clear of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul and Barrack Obama both lent their support to the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) crowd, who spent a good month or more camped out in a park in New York City, while they protested the wealthy, and marched around demanding the government pay off their college loans with tax-payer money of course. In certain cities they rioted, broke things that did not belong to them, and left a trial of destruction in their path. The OWS was funded by George Soro's, and was nothing short of a Communist uprising.

Another candidate that is risky in my opinion if Mitt Romney, although he would be much better than Obama, or Paul, he has has his fingers in Government run health care in the past, and many voters are shunning him because of it. Romney is a Mormon and that is another challenge as many voters are wary of anyone who is a member of that particular religious group. Herman Cain was the man that I believe could have beat Obama hands down, but he became the victim of nasty political games, and decided to suspend his campaign to the disappointment of those who had supported him even before he officially announced his candidacy.

Santorum, and Bachman are both die hard Conservatives. Santorum is Roman Catholic, Bachman an Evangelical Christian. Neither are doing well in the polls, but either of them would be able to handle the job of President if elected, but I would prefer to see them as VP first. There is a lot of negative press regarding Newt Gingrich, but a lot of it is pure bull crap! Newt previously served as speaker of the house which means  he was third in line from the President, and knows how things work. Newt is also very much pro-Constitution, Conservative in his beliefs, and would make a great President along the lines of Ronald Reagan.

America will not last another four years under the Obama/Soro's Regime. We must come together and pick the candidate that can unseat the tyrant Obama, once and for all, and send him back to Chicago where he came from.  Whoever we elect as the nominee MUST be able to wipe the floor with Obama in the coming debates, when whoever we Conservatives choose must face off with Obama before the nation, and the world. My friends be careful what you wish for, and choose a candidate cautiously, the nation is counting on you!

We MUST take this seriously, this in NOT just any election. This is election where we choose between life and death. This is your last chance America!

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Friday, December 16, 2011


How did this happen? Who put that thing up? Is this on public land? It must be Unconstitutional! Call the ACLU! Someone hurry and file a lawsuit! It's a Nativity Scene! Sound the Civil Defense Sirens! Call out the National Guard!

OH MY!  Where did it come from? Did it just evolve out of thin air? Or was there a big explosion in outer space, and it grew into a barn, a manger, and the baby Jesus, OH MY! Atheist's shriek with all the shrillness of Hell itself as if the Baby Jesus was some kind of deadly disease or something. One of these people recently had the audacity to refer to the Nativity as an insult. An insult too what? his intelligence? Don't make me laugh HAHAHAHA! TOO LATE!

Christmas is the favorite time of year for the Lawless few too climb out from under their rocks and protest against the traditional symbols of Christmas, and parade their willful ignorance for everyone too see.  They apply a definite anti-Christian bias, and show what hateful bigots they are.

What a shame that in a free nation where we are supposed to have freedom of religion, and free expression of ideas that a minority comprised of a few narrow minded neanderthals, have to spoil it for the rest of us by attacking the symbols of Christmas.

Take down that banner! Remove that Nativity scene! You can't sing that particular song!

Their ridiculous demands seem to drown out the sweetness of the season. So much for peace on earth and good will towards men? Atheists have the right not to have to believe in God, but they do NOT have the right to harass those who do believe, or attack their beliefs. They continue to attempt to use the worn out lie of Separation of Church and State to weed out Jesus from his own birthday celebration.

How would the Atheist like it if they were locked out of their own birthday party, while all the guests exchanged gifts and celebrated the day minus every thought of them?

It's called CHRISTMAS! that is CHRISTmas! Without Christ, there is NO CHRISTMAS!

It just becomes another holiday to act like a bunch of greedy, materialistic, overstuffed jerks!

Herman Cain said this "Stupid people are Ruining America", and that includes those from the ACLU, and the various secularist groups that are attacking Christmas cause their afraid of the true meaning of the day. It's time for Americans to stand up to the GRINCHES, and just tell them to SHUT UP!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

America's Salvation: It's NOT what you thought it was

Election season has heated up, and people are choosing sides. Nothing divides people more, next to the Gospel of course, than politics. With that said friends, we need to have a talk about the latest shake up that just occurred today.

Today, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign bid for the White House, leaving thousands of hurt and disappointed people. Supporters gathered in Atlanta Georgia early this afternoon to hear what Mr .Cain's decision was going to be regarding his campaign. Mr. Cain made another poignant speech, but told the crowd that he was suspending his campaign because of the turmoil it was causing his family. Why we understand that the accusations against him were damaging to his reputation, and probably trumped up by the Obama camp, or the Paul camp, or both. We are hurting tonight, for no other candidate encompassed the things that Herman Cain did.

Now we don't know where to go?  We are lost sheep trying to decide whether to continue to fight for Mr. Cain, or throw in the towel and support another candidate. It is tough to make this type of decision when you were so die hard behind a great man like Herman Cain. Mr. Cain's unique qualifications of taking businesses on the brink of bankruptcy, bringing them back to life, making them profitable again. Our hope was he would do that for the nation as well.

I have said it repeatedly in other writings, and I will say it again! 

NO political candidate, party, or movement is going to save America!

What we need to save our nation is the one who it too us in the first place, God, our Father and Creator. I am shocked at how many on the conservative side blow off the message that we need to turn back to God by getting on our faces before him all across nation. What keeps you from seeking God? Are you too busy in your fast pace life? Maybe you need to slow down so you can take care of some business with your maker?

I ask you, Why should God bless America when America has turned her back on him and embraced numerous idols, instead of him? When we allow blatant sin to parade in our streets, why shouldn't he just level this country all together? Maybe this is why he allowed Obama to win the last election, and maybe he is going to allow Obama to finish destroying this country? After all, we deserve it

This nations ONLY hope if Jesus Christ! He alone has the power and authority to make us, or break us! There is NO salvation in any other, that is what the Scripture say's, so why are you looking too mere men to save you from disaster. Look to God Almighty!

God has the power to turn this election around, and give us a decent Conservative President to replace the mad man that is in occupying the office now. Just how long will people ignore the obvious? Fall our your faces and repent! Turn back to God, and preach this message across the fruited plain till the whole nation is on their faces seeking God!

Then we shall see the Salvation of the Lord God come down, and his mercy poured out upon us instead of his judgment.

Monday, November 07, 2011


He was virtually unknown by most average Americans. He came from humble beginnings, Herman Cain knows the values of hard work, and how to climb the corporate ladder. Having worked in many different settings, many which required much knowledge and skill, Mr. Cain always worked hard to obtain his goals.

He worked his way up the corporate ladder working for Pillsbury, making it to a VP position. He stepped down from that position to become an employee of Burger King, a Pillsbury Company. He started by flipping burgers, and taking out the trash, later to become a regional manager of the worst performing group of Burger King Restaurants in the country. He left BK to take over the failing God Fathers Pizza Company division that was on the verge of bankruptcy.  He later bought the company from Pillsbury, and brought it back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Herman Cain knows how to set steep goals for himself, and by God's Grace reach them. Herman Cain has a new goal, too be President of the United States, and he intends to obtain that goal with God's help. America is on the brink of imploding at the hands of the dark regime of Obama and Soros. They have purposely caused a economic crisis to occur in this country in order to collapse and destroy us once and for all. Herman Cain has the skills necessary to manage this crisis, and bring America back from the edge of collapse.

Mr. Cain was shown as being able to obtain the Republican nomination, and beat Obama in the general election. Cain went from being unknown, to being the frontrunner able to dethrone Pharaoh Obama!  Here comes a bunch of accusations involving sexual harassment, and so forth against Mr. Cain, imagine that? You had to have expected some type of hatchet job courtesy of the left, cause the left will say and do anything to keep or obtain political power for themselves, they do not care who they hurt in the process as long as they win in the end.

Four women have now come forth too accuse Herman Cain of sexually harassing them. No names or real evidence in given to substantiate their claims, but the media is sure enjoying them. Mr. Cain is of course denying that these things ever occurred, and that these women were just upset about being let go, or not getting a promotion, or a job.

It is my opinion that this whole thing is indeed nothing but a bunch of lies aimed at destroying Herman Cains candidacy for President, based on the data that suggests that Cain would give Obama a proper butt whooping, and make Obama get a real job. If these accusations are true, then prove them, or shut up! I believe that Mr. Cain did not do what he is accused of doing, and that there are some greedy, selfish people that are out to profit from ruining Cain's run for the White House.

If these accusations are true, give us the names of all of these women! Let's see them on TV so we can get a good look at them! I would bet they are all lying through their teeth in order to make a fast buck, and get attention for themselves, and I bet you their all Democrats also.

I believe in the end that Mr. Cain shall overcome! That he will still win the nomination for President! and with the help of the Almighty beat the living crap our of Barrak Obama in the general election.

America, say hello to your next President - Herman Cain! 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Greedy Hypocrite!

Micheal Moore, the socialist film maker recently addressed a group of 'occupiers' at Occupy PDX (Portland). The video shows Moore talking about how the 400 richest people in America ought to give up at least one million of their wealth, and the crowd cheered of course. Then a lone voice in the crowd shouted "What about your fifty million Michael", and of course Moore refuses to answer the question.

At the close of his speech to the crowd, Michael Moore begins to move through the crowd to leave. The 'lone voice' follows him, still asking about why he (Moore) does not cough up a million of the fifty million he has made by creating his films. Moore continues to make a bee-line for his ride out of there, the 'lone voice' continues "Hey make way for the 1%", and "Michael, are you flying back home in a private jet?"

Again Moore ignores the questions are continues to move away from the crowd, while others impede the individuals asking the questions, and the person with the video camera filming the arrogant fat man from Hollywood. The fifty million dollar man who does not practice what he preaches, but expects others to cough up a share of their wealth so that a bunch of Communists can decide how it should be used.

This is the typical hypocrisy of the far-left or Communists. They whine about how people have wealth, and don't share it, or shall we tell the truth here?  The wealthy are wealthy because they have worked hard and earned it, and the left-wing commies that are protesting the wealthy, are selfish, arrogant, and lazy people who have been brainwashed by the socialist elite.

There main weapons are lying, agitating, creating class warfare, and spreading misinformation (propaganda). These have swallowed George Soro's, and Barrak Obama's Kool-Aid, and they keep on drinking it in. They like being filled with hatred and envy against other Americans, it suits their political agenda, and moves them toward their ultimate goal, cultural dominance!

Michael Moore is a big fat greedy hypocrite, and so are most of his commie friends in Hollywood for that matter. Those involved in the film and entertainment industry are filthy rich, and they aren't about to part with any of what they have earned, unless it's too some liberal cause of some kind. Anything to make them appear as though the care, and are compassionate people, when they are actually greedy as Hell!

You won't see them coughing up a million of their money to a bunch of low-life criminal occupiers, and you won't see them standing up for America save America from the threat of communism either. A few of them will open their big fat mouths and trash a black man running for President however, showing just how arrogant, and out of touch they really are with real life. I guess when you spend every day pretending to be someone your not, and getting payed millions of dollars for it, you develop a mental problem of some kind that blocks your view of reality.

Michael Moore is NO different than most of the rich liberals in Hollywood. He is a big fat ungodly man whose values do not reflect the heart and soul of this country. Moore lives in a fantasy land where being a Communist is considered to be sheik, and the norm of life. Michael Moore needs a wake up call, and he needs to lead by example, not just expect others to give up what they have worked for all their lives cause he say's so!

Truly....Liberalism is a mental disorder!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


From under many rocks, and out from the shadows they came in droves to protest the wealthy, and make ridiculous demands. They sleep in tents, or on cold ground, covered by tarps. They defecate and urinate in the streets, on police cars, and where ever else they feel like it. They are the America's Communists! Brainwashed in colleges, and universities across our country by old hippies from the sixties, now turned into professors of higher learning.

They are selfish, and self-centered individuals who have been taught that America is bad, the Government is God, and that this nation owes them something. They have demanded that all their student loans by paid for the by the tax-payers, yet they claim to be mad about Obama's bailout of big business. These are double minded individuals, unstable in all their ways, and unprofitable too the good of society.

Liberals believe that those who have wealth ought to give it all up to those who are poor. The liberal (Socialist) believes in the redistribution of wealth. Stealing money from those to are productive in society, and giving it to those who do nothing worth while at all, or placing it in the coffers of fellow socialists. After all, money is power, and power is money to the liberal (socialist), and vilifying the wealthy has long since been a favorite sport of the left, because it causes division between different classes of Americans, and aids the liberals political agenda.

The sheeple of the Democratic Party, the ones occupying and protesting are viewed as toys to be played with so that the liberal power lords can accomplish their goal of socializing all of America. These people are mere fodder, and don't even know it! They've been programmed with a mentality that the rich are evil, and their corporations are evil as well, and they need to be taxed until they have no more wealth, so that the socialists will be the only ones with wealth, and everyone else a slave to their socialist system of Government.

The truth is that the wealthy are wealthy for a reason, because they have used their brains for something worthwhile, to produce something of substance, a good or a service that fulfills a need in society. These people supply a large portion of the jobs that allow others to make a living, and pay their bills. These people deserve every penny they have made minus taxes, and other contributions made at their discretion. They are too be applauded for their hard work and effort, not protested, and oppressed by wicked men in Government.

Herman Cain said it best "If you are not rich, and do not have a job, it's your own fault!"

Obama and the Democrats want to "Rise Taxes on the Rich". His minions on the street just love to here that type of rhetoric, misdirected as it is. Liberals love to divide people for political reasons, in this case it's just to cause a diversion so that people won't focus on Obama's latest scandal involving Solyndra, which received millions of tax-payer dollars, and then failed miserably. Obama and the Democrats lost millions of our tax dollars, and I think they ought to have to pay every dime back to the American people!

It's true that the rich ought to be compassionate enough to help those who are truly in need, but of their own choosing, not by Government coercion, or force. Americans are the most generous people on the face of the earth. We give our hard earned dollars all the time to help those in need. Every time there is a major disaster in this country, the American people lend their support out of the goodness of their hearts. Statistics show that liberals tend to be more stingy with their finances, and are less likely to give towards disaster relief, and conservatives and Christians tend to flock to aid those in need. All Hollywood's big mouth liberals do is talk a lot about nothing, and are very slow to part with their money to help others. It's all about core values!

Occupiers! GO HOME! Obama! SHUT UP! 

Leave those rich people alone, and produce something worthwhile in this society! Quit blaming everything and everyone else because your stuck in the hood, and you can't get out. It's not the white mans fault fool, It's your fault you are where your at in life. Quit listening to the lies that liberals tell, and make up your mind to do something positive, profitable, and productive! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch the 180 Movie if you Dare!

I have just watch one of the most humbling documentaries I have ever seen in my life. This 33 minute movie got right up in my face and confronted me with the evil that exists in our world. Everyone should view this movie for their own good, and have their family and friends view it also.

The 180 movie features Speaker, Author, and Pastor Ray Comfort as the questions several different people about Hitler, the Holocaust, and Abortion. The movie has a few graphic pictures in it relating to the Holocaust, and is not intended for small children. This movie is suitable for teens, college age, and adults.

I challenge you to view all of this documentary! There is NO way that anyone can watch this and not be effected by it's truth! In fact, I dare you to watch it! For those of you who would like to order copies of this movie, you can order DVDs of this movie from

Imagine this movie sweeping across the campus of a local university? Imagine the profound effect it could have in changing peoples lives, even their political views. There are those that will consider this to be dangerous, even propaganda, so don't be surprised if some express negative views of this film. Just keep spreading it to whoever you can! 

This Movie has the power to change peoples hearts and minds about even our nation.  As we are approaching another election cycle in America, there is no greater opportunity than too take this movie and make it go viral across the web, and across this nation.

This 180 Movie is a MUST WATCH! 

The movie is free to view at

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Power of the 911 Cross

So I hear a bunch of Atheists have filed a lawsuit claiming that the 911 Cross at Ground Zero in New York City, is Unconstitutional,  and causing them mental anguish.

A member of this Atheist group appeared of Mike Huckabee's show on the Fox News Network not long ago. When confronted by Huckabee and asked "How this cross was causing him mental anguish? The fellow deflected the question as if he never heard it asked, and continued to talk about something else. In other words, It is not really hurting him at all,  they just want to claim that it is hurting them so they can try to force the government to tear it down.

Did you ever stop to think why these people feel the need to attack every cross that stands in public view, on public land? Most Americans realize that the 911 Cross is not hurting anyone at all, and that it has a special place at the site of those horrific attacks on our country. I believe most Americans would favor including the 911 Cross in the museum commemorating the 911 attacks.

Here is the real point of this article!

These so-called Atheists by striking out against the 911 Cross, prove by their very actions! By opposing the cross they are recognizing the power of the cross!  The 911 cross made of two pieces of steel that once was a part of the WTC Towers, holds tremendous power because of what it symbolizes, Jesus Christ! These Atheists  may or may not know this on a conscious level, but at a sub-conscious level they are very aware of it's power, and the demons living inside them know it too!

Christians are aware of the power of the cross, and what it symbolizes. The cross means freedom, and liberty for the souls of men. It means Salvation, Redemption, and Forgiveness of sin! The cross holds great power because the Lamb of God sacrificed his life for all of us by allowing himself to die a horrible death, so we don't have too die for your own sins.

Yes those who oppose the Cross being displayed in public view only give more power to what it symbolizes. Their demonic hatred why it is meant to isolate, and eradicate Christianity, only gives it more power!  Persecution of the followers of Jesus Christ only causes them too grow stronger in their faith and fervor. So I guess a huge thank you should go out to all the Communists, Socialists, Mr. Obama and the Democrats, Atheists, and Muslims whose number one goal is too erase the Gospel of Christ from the Mainstream of America, and make it completely obsolete.

'On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shame on New York! Shame on America! Shame on the Church!

Again, another liberal state has given a green light to same gender unions (marriages), as if the recognition of the homosexual lifestyle isn't enough already?  Liberals for a long time have harped about conservatives attempting to do what they call 'legislating morality' by passing laws to protect sacred things such as 'marriage'. Then they turn right around and twist around the law of the land, and legislate immoral behavior by making it legal for same gender persons to become married couples.

Expect people who engage in homosexual behavior to make their pilgrimage to New York State to "get married" in the legal sense. If they expect a Holy God to recognize their unholy union, they have another thing coming! 

Can anyone say the word 'JUDGMENT!' Cause that's what is coming my friend, and America deserves every bit of it we get, because we have allowed wickedness to spread like a wildfire, even through our churches!  Evil and Sin in parading in our streets dressed up as false equality, and something called 'social justice', which is simply a perversion of real justice. Then again, perversion is what the left is best at isn't it?

These day's are as the Scripture declared they would be. Like the day's of Noah before the flood when men were living in great wickedness, so it is today. Men stand and mock everything that is Holy and right, then attack too destroy every last vestige of it, leaving a trail of evil is their wake, they parade on as though their is NO God, and no Day of Judgment.

Men do NOT fear God for they do not recognize their sinful condition. God gave his Law the Ten Commandments to show mankind his sin so he/she can understand that they are in grave danger of hell fire, but the once great denominations have fallen prey to the world, and have adopted demonic doctrines of devils such as social justice, and homosexual clergy, etc.


The enemy Satan knows that if he could invade the churches, dumb down the Gospel Message, and replace it with a false gospel, he could gain control of this nation, and that is what he is doing right now. Wimpy pastors behind their pulpits are too afraid to preach what they ought too for fear of the church people will throw them out of their comfy jobs. Job security has taken the place of preaching righteousness and the Law of God in many on American's churches. For shame! What does the Scripture say about where judgment begins?

I hope that Pastors in New York State will take a stand against this, and that they voters will put pressure on the New York legislature to reverse this horrendous decision, and annul every same gender marriage license, but I'm not holding my breath. Those preachers should have raised a huge stink about this issue before it passed into law in that state. Silence from the majority of pulpits, and from voters is why things like same gender marriage makes it into law in the first place.

I sort of hope that God brings his hand of judgment down on the State of New York for allowing this evil to transpire, and I hope he does it in such a way that everyone in this nation will know that their is a God in Heaven, and they will acquire the Righteous Fear of the Lord!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feds to put blame for obesity on food producers

They are at it again! The Federal Government now wants to put the screws to America's food producers because we are all fat and lazy.  The Government claims they will save money on health care if we Americans are forced to stop eating all the high fat foods, and fast foods that we enjoy.

Exactly why is it the Governments business what I eat? Does Burger King come and shove cheeseburgers, and fries down my throat against my will? Heck NO! I make the conscious choice to go to BK and feed my own face, and it's NONE of the Governments business!

The Government plan is for more regulations on food producers. Just what we need more regulations to raise the cost of our food and drink, as if their isn't enough rules and regulations already? Look at auto industry and how the Government has continually created new regulations in the name of safety, and the environment.

Giving out free information of nutrition, and health to those who want it is one thing. To pass laws that infringe on my freedom is totally another. Once again the Government is overstepping it's bounds, so what's new about that? We've got an occupier in our White House, and liberal Democrats in our Congress that have made a life out of overstepping their bounds for political reasons.

I suppose these socialists in Washington see bread lines as a way of controlling what we eat also? I would not put it past them one bit seeing how they have forced a Government takeover of our health care upon us against our will!

America is spiraling towards it's own demise and most Americans still don't get it. If we don't stand up and speak up, and make our voices heard. We will wake up to find ourselves prisoners of the NWO! The full repeal of our Constitution is what the left seeks, and they will do anything to get it, even kill!

America works best when people are free to work the job of their choice. Attend the school of their choice, drive the vehicle they choose, and eat, and drink what they choose. It's called Freedom!  This is just another reason to make sure that Obama and the Democrats are ousted in 2012, and replaced by common sense conservatives who hopefully repeal Obamacare.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama Attempts to Bully Israel

Yesterday the sitting President of the United States of America Barrack Obama issued his plan to the Nation of Israel to shrink it's borders to pre-1967 lines, exposing the sovereign nation of Israel to increased risk of attack by Muslim Terrorists.

"The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state."

Obama wants an established Palestinian State right next to the Nation of Israel, even on land that actually belongs to Israel. Is Obama the anti-Christ or something? Or is he just Ignorant of Scripture? Maybe Obama is a Palestinian, and this is what he is covering up by not producing real birth records? 
Since Obama took office he has been negative towards the Nation of Israel. He has tried to bully Israel, and it's leadership into giving up things that are rightfully theirs, while bowing to the various dictators of the world and making a fool of himself. 
What will become of Obama if he continues on his hate campaign against Israel? Surely the God of Israel will deal with him in a harsh manner that he won't like. If Obama is smart he will withdrawal his plan for Israel, apologize for meddling in their affairs, and just shut up!
As for the so-called Palestinians?  They are nothing but transplanted Arabs from Egypt, and other nations in the Middle East that have come together to destroy the Nation of Israel by any means possible. These people are not just enemies of Israel, but of the United States, and of One True God of Israel. Taking a glance through the Scripture will show how God deals with those who oppose his chosen people Israel, and seek her destruction. 
If the Palestinians have any brains at all they will go back to Egypt, or wherever they came from, and leave Israel alone!  Americans ought not to support Obama in his plan to shrink Israel into oblivion. Americans ought to show strong support for Israel, and speak out against this plan. Israel is our chief ally in the Middle East, we know what the Scripture say's about those who support her, and the fate of those who refuse too, so why what are we waiting for?
This is not the first time Obama has stuck his nose into the affairs of other countries, but it ought to be the last time! His opinion on Israel and the Palestinians is his opinion, and that of the socialist elites behind him pulling the big dummies strings! 
Please Israel do not blame the rest of America, just the absconder, and thief occupying White House. Real Americans stand with Israel, support it's right to exist as a nation, and it's right to it's God given land.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those Two Faced Leftists - It's All About the Oil

Remember when President George W. Bush launched those attacks on Iraq? Remember how the leftists were screaming blood murder about America going to war? They kept insisting that it was all about the oil, and that the Weapons of Mass Destruction did not exist, and Bush was nothing more than a war criminal, remember?

Now the table is turned on them. Now the socialist puppet Obama is launching attacks in Libya, and Syria, and it's all about the oil, not about what Obama is claiming it is about. Sure Gaddafi is a Islamic maniac who is guilty of training and funding terrorists, but does that give Obama the right to bypass Congress and go to war to oust him? At least Bush got the permission of Congress did he not?

If there is one thing that Obama and his Socialist Democrat pals are good at, it is bypassing normal, legal channels, and doing whatever the Hell they want too!

I want to know where the anti-war crowd is now?

Why is operation pink not screaming at Obama for taking this action when we all know his actions are nothing more than a political scheme to make him look better in the public eye in time for the 2012 elections. We will drop tons of bombs, spend tons of money over there, and Gaddafi will still be in power, and killing his own people because that is what madmen like him do, Saddam did it too!

Obama already gave most of our money away to his communist friends who helped him get elected. They were disguised as being 'Stimulus Packages', and were nothing more than grand payola for the extreme left. His jobs bill only created jobs for union workers, not for regular Americans, and his energy bill, well God help us all but more peoples lives will be ruined if it ever takes full effect.

His health care bill is nothing but a big government takeover of our health care system designed to ruin the best damn health care system in the world. After all, it's not fair that we in America should have better health care than people in third world countries, and other socialist run countries. So here comes the know it all elite with their plan to spread the pain and misery all the way across the board so we all can experience it equally, except for them of course!

Here is another point I would like to make in closing. I would like to point out the total hypocrisy of the left in that they talk about how Gaddafi is was/is killing his own people, and must be stopped! My conservative friends!  Has not the left been killing our own people for years now under the guise of legalized abortion?  It's OK for the left to kill, so why can't Gaddafi do it also?

More reasons why I Protest The Left !!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Should Public Service Employees Belong to Unions?

Police officers, Firefighters, Teachers, and other municipal employees are working everyday providing valuable service to our local communities, that is, until the state or local government won't give them what they want, like higher pay, and bigger benefits. Then they leave their jobs behind and swarm with hundreds of other union member to the steps of the state house, or city hall to picket, and make their demands known to lawmakers.

My question is this. If they are all picketing and parading around angrily, waving signs with nasty slogans written on them, and making a lot of noise, who is protecting and serving our local communities?

We have just seen how ugly these people can be when they don't get their way. Thousands of demonstrators marched upon the Wisconsin State House after the Republican Governor, and the Republicans serving in the State house in Madison decided to push through a bill that took away their right (privilege) to collective bargaining, something union members hold near and dear.

Democratic lawmakers fled the state in order to avoid voting on this bill, they were hiding in motels across the state line in Illinois, what a bunch of cowards! Why could they not stay where they belonged and just vote against the measure?

My question is this: Should those who serve in the local community as municipal or state employees, who receive their salary and benefits from local and state tax dollars be allowed to belong to a labor union in the first place? Seems that their is a definite conflict of interest here between the job they are supposed to be performing in the community, and the political agenda of the labor unions they are forced to belong too.

Seems that serving and protecting the local community should be their number one concern, and that the unions divide their loyalty to the local community, creating the conflict of interest I was talking about, agree? or not?

If your house is on fire you don't want to find out all the firemen are in the state capital marching? Or if your home or business is robbed you don't want to find out all the local cops are out of town protesting on behalf of their police union.  The job must come first, and the local community must be protected and served, not left wide open while they off doing the unions dirty work.

Teachers unions are by far the worst offenders of freedom that exist. Their political corrupt political agendas has all but destroyed education in this country, and they continue to embrace every immoral and unacceptable agenda that they can get their hands on. Teachers who live and work in non right to work states, such as Michigan, are forced to belong to Michigan Educational Association regardless of their personal beliefs.

Like all other unions the MEA sucks money out of their members paychecks in the form of dues, and converts that money by funding everything from the homosexual agenda, to socialist Democratic candidates. Whether it be the UAW, the Teamsters, or the teachers unions, they all are corrupt, and they all are funding the destruction of our free society. Plus these unions receive millions of tax payer dollars that they misuse as well.

I wholeheartedly support the destruction of public sector unions by passing a law, or making it illegal for municipal or state employees working for the local community from belonging to unions. I also support making Michigan, and other states Right to Work states where every worker is given the free choice to belong to a union, or not to belong to one. Of course the unions are against the 'right to work' idea because it would effect their numbers, and less money would be flowing through their corrupt hands.

I believe that what we have seen in Wisconsin is just the beginning of the fight to free the American worker from the strangle hold of big labor thugs, and free up and grow our economy.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Is Rob Bell a Heretic? or just Insane?

Recently a huge controversy has erupted over a video featuring Rob Bell, Senior Pastor of the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, MI.  In the video Rob Bell confronts the viewer with questions concerning Heaven and especially Hell in which he ask’s question “Is Gandhi in Hell?”.  Most evangelicals would assume that Gandhi is most assuredly in Hell, but Bell then asks the viewer, “Are you sure about that?”.  He continues to challenge the natural conclusions that most Christians would arrive at concerning the subject of Hell, God, and what we know about Salvation.

Bell paints Almighty God as being mean, and angry, and Jesus as the person who came to save us from God. Bell appears too separate Jesus from God the Father, and paints an incorrect picture of the relationship between the members of the trinity. One would be left to wonder if Bell still believes in the Triune God? Or whether he even believes in Jesus being the only path to God?

Has Bell finally gone completely over the edge? It would appear so!  Pastors and bloggers alike have already branded Bell a heretic, and a Universalist based strictly upon his promotional video.  Is Bell just being slick about promoting his new book? Is this just a slick marketing campaign to create controversy to push book sales since his last book was a flop? Or has Rob Bell actually departed from the Christian faith and embraced false teaching?

The book is not even released yet. The book entitled “Love Wins” if it is anything like the promotional video is sure to anger many more individuals, and create much more controversy in months to come. Bell’s first book “Velvet Elvis” questioned the validity of the virgin birth. Bell seems bent on challenging the very Word of God itself, the deity of Christ Jesus, and very attributes of God.

Bell’s Church, Mars Hill meets in what used to be a big box mall store. Hundreds of people flock to his church every week to listen to him hurl questions at them. The problem is that Bell never gives the answers to the questions he hurls, and leaves the answers up to the listeners to decide for themselves.

The question is how many of those hundreds of people will continue to follow Bell’s teachings? And how many will find the common sense to wake up and go find a Bible preaching church that does not compromise the Gospel?

Is Bells brand of Christianity relative in nature? It would appear that the Biblical doctrine he once taught has been set aside for strange doctrines that do not hold water Scripturally. It appears that Rob Bell has gone off the deep end over time as he read the writings of many authors, when he should have been studying, and meditating on the Word of God.

My Bible states that “God is love, and in him there is NO darkness at all” Bell paints God as a mean, and hateful God that we needed saving from. Did Christ come to save us from a mean and angry God?  Or too save us from our sins, provide us a pardon, and justification by faith, which is reconciliation between God and us? This is often referred to as a restored relationship with God through Christ. This requires an act of our free will, we must choose to come to repentance, and receive the free gift of Salvation, this is how ‘Love Wins‘.

One would wonder if Rob Bell even believes in such a thing anymore?

If Universalism is true, then everyone gets into Heaven regardless of their chosen religion, they believe that every path leads to God. Bell even questions whether there is literal Hell in existence. God declares in His Word that Jesus is the only path to God, and way too Heaven, so who is right here, God or Rob Bell? 

The Universalist viewpoint disposes of the need of a Savior, and takes away the need for the Shed Blood of Christ on the Cross. God is just automatically saving every person no matter kind of life they lead here on earth.  If Gandhi somehow got into Heaven on his good works, then God is a liar when he say's that Salvation is by grace through faith, and that it is not the result of our so-called good works. Gandhi was a Buddhist who believed that Jesus was not the messiah, nor God in human flesh, a direct contradiction to Scripture.  

It appears that this what Rob Bell is aspiring too? Is he writing off the entire message of the Gospel, and then replacing it with a Universalist doctrine? It's obvious that he gets off on making people mad to make them think, something he does very well, but that does not excuse departure from God's Holy Word!

My Bible tells me too “avoid every appearance of evil”.  Do you think Rob Bell has followed that advice? Or do you think as I do that Rob Bell has gone off the deep end on purpose? Bell’s promotional video sure does give the appearance of evil, I wonder if his book will be just like his video? It appears that Bell is walking on some shaky ground here, and has departed from the Christian faith he once held too.

Friends if you attend Mars Hill Church, and are a Born-Again Christian who truly loves God, and believes His Word. You have two choices!  Give Rob Bell the Boot, and find a real man of God who will not compromise the truth to take his place. Or find a Church where the Pastor boldly preaches the truth of the Word of God! Get out of Mars Hill as quick as you can!

I hope that Rob Bell will see the errors of his ways, and turn back to the God of the Bible, and the Savior who he once knew. There is a slight chance that Bell never really knew our God? In that case, I would hate to be in his shoes on judgment day!