Friday, December 10, 2010

Why do Congressional Democrats Hate Rich People?

Hypocrite's, you Hypocritical Democrats in Congress.  You wanted to give renew the Bush Tax Cuts for a narrow margin of the middle class, but not for those who are the major producers in this society, whom you define as the  'Evil Rich People of America".  Why are they evil? Because they are wealthy?

Is this not a case of the black cauldron of the socialist elite, calling the kettle that actually contributes something worth while to this nation, black? What have you elitist Democrats contributed that is worth while? Not a damn thing! You have created as much bogus legislation as you could dream up, and jammed it through Congress by any means possible, even if it meant breaking the law, or trampling the Constitution in the process.

Why don't the rich deserve the same percentage of tax breaks the rest of us get? They still pay more because they make more, and they are generous in many respects, helping to aid those who have much less then they do.

I'm sure that the middle class would like to keep their tax cuts seeing that the Democrats have put into motion their power grab of our health care, by creating a Big Government plan to control what every American can, or cannot get in the way of health care. What about their energy plan to raise the cost of conventional energy sources through the roof in order to force Americans to seek alternative energy sources. What about the thousands of people who work in the coal industry, and rely on it for source of income?

Seems the Socialist Democrat Party wants to take America back into the dark ages through the use of Government control of about everything in our daily lives. They want to drive up the cost of food, energy, why they destroy our national infrastructure, and put more Americans in the bread lines.

Can you say the United Soviet States of Amerika? Can you? Or can you say the United States of Chinese America? Who do you think bought and paid for Obama? The Communist Chinese!

The Democratic Party is by all means the Communist Party in America. Their standards, and morals are clearly reflected by their actions, and the method to which they are going about creating an American police state where they are in control pretty much says it all!

Obama caved into the Republican plan to renew the Bush Tax Cuts that will also include the wealthy. He did this too save his own skin, but in the process he angered the hateful democratic elitists that are still in Congress.

In my opinion the Democrats are just shooting themselves in the foot, helping to guarantee that conservatism will finish them off in the 2012 election, giving conservatives the full control of Congress, and the White House.