Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tolerate This!

The Far left is always telling the right to be tolerant, or to practice tolerance, but the left is not tolerant, so why the * should we be?

The latest fight is over the Ground Zero Mosque that a radical Islamic Imam wants to build two blocks away from the World Trade Center used to stand. You remember that fateful day when Islamic terrorist hi-jacked four of our commercial aircraft, and flew two of them into the towers of the Trade Center, causing them both to collapse to the ground?

The left does not want to point a finger at the Muslims who are responsible for those attacks, they rather lie and say in was an inside job committed by the United States. The socialist left wants to screw with the facts, turn them around, and say that the people who died in those towers were Muslim, BS!

There is a pattern all throughout history where Islam when it is taking over a country, builds its Mosque’s on the most sacred ground that nation has. Look at what they did in Israel? What sits upon the sacred Temple Mount that God assigned Israel to build the Holy Temple of God? In fact, there are who Mosques up on the Temple Mount, and a constant battle for control of the mount.

I dare the left and the Muslims to practice what the they preach, let them be tolerant of America, Christians, and the Nation of Israel!

No more attacks against Christianity, or lawsuits to remove crosses from public view, or lawsuits to remove “In God We Trust” from our money. Let us see if they can do it or not? I am sure they cannot, so in that case they should shut their pie holes for good.

Building that Mosque anywhere near where those towers once stood makes as much sense as the KKK opening a chapter in a predominately-black neighborhood. You can about imagine what would happen if this were to take place, * would hit the fan man! The word ‘racism’ would be in play, and blacks would * their pants, and riot in the streets.

We have seen how the left treats Christians in the workplace, and in colleges and universities. We have seen how the genocidal maniacs at planned parenthood react, rather hatefully I might add, towards pregnancy resources centers, doing whatever they can to shut them down for fear that they will counsel women not to have abortions. There are many other examples out there we could bring up, but there is not enough time to do so.

Therefore, if the left is not tolerant, we will not be either!

The time has come to push the whole tolerance thing back in their face, to stand up and tell them NO! We will not be tolerant of evil, whether that evil comes in the form of pro-abortion, homosexual activists, environmental nut cases, PETA, or a Islam, we will NOT tolerate evil anymore!
I have asked liberals this question. “Does God hate evil?”

Funny how they never want to answer the question, but they are quick to call on us to be tolerant aren’t they? The answer to the question is ‘Yes!’ Nevertheless, they will never admit it, because they know that we are right, and what they support is wrong.

Therefore, my Conservative friends do not be afraid to call their bluff. We don’t have to take their lies and deceit anymore. The time has come for truth and justice to triumph in America once again!