Monday, July 26, 2010 censors conservative writer

A conservative writer on named Robert Moon, has been illegally censored by the Examiner for unknown reasons, except that his article pertaining to the ground zero mosque may have struck a someones nerve at the website. The company pulled the article from the site without any explanation, it's just not accessible to anyone at all.

The article entitled "Only 20% support ground zero mosque" made a bold statement that the editorial staff at the examiner, may have viewed as crossing the line, but I have read the article myself and fully agree with the authors point of view.

The article states that for Muslims to build a mosque on the ashes of ground zero, would be like Christians building a church on the ashes of an abortion clinic, a point well made by Mr. Moon in my estimation. and a great comparison indeed.

One of the greatest freedoms we have in American, next to the freedom of religion, is the freedom of speech, and of the press. Socialists on the left feel the need to continually violate the civil rights of the American people
in order to make their crappy message the predominate one. We have seem over the last few months how socialists trample the Constitution without even blinking when it fits there agenda to do so, and why would we expect anything different from these people now?

The action taken by the staff at is un-American, they should be ashamed of themselves!

There will be follow-up on this situation, stay tuned !