Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Letter to BP - It's Obama's Fault Too!

Dear BP,

It has come to my attention that your company informed the Government and the President last February regarding oil and natural gas leaking from two of your oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, including the Deep Water Horizon.  Therefore, Obama was aware of the situation much earlier than he claimed, and he disregarded your companies request for help in trying to stop a very dangerous situation.

This means that they blame for this mess in the gulf belongs on Obama’s shoulders, not necessarily your companies alone. If these reports are true, why have you not publicized them?

I urge you that if this report is true, that the Obama knew on Feb. 13 as the report claims, he is squarely responsible for this disaster himself, along with his whole regime. It appears then that the Obama sat on the information for political reasons, knowing that a disaster was looming, and that they could use the situation too force their agenda to ruin this nation further.

I would also state that your company seriously needs to grow some balls when dealing with Obama.  He is NOT god as he thinks, and you do not have to bow to his stupid demands either.  You need to stand up to Obama, and be tough when dealing with him, do not let them intimidate you one bit.

I understand Obama has demanded that you place $20 million dollars into a fund to be run by the him, and the Government. I would strongly urge you NOT to do this unless the Government takes it through the due process of law. It is Unconstitutional (Illegal) for Obama to demand money out of you as he has done, the Government must abide by the law! 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

A True American

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