Sunday, March 21, 2010

America's Obituary

The United States of America recently passed away from an extended illness. USA was 234 years old. Founded upon the concept of freedom, individual liberty. USA became increasingly sick as she allowed herself to slip farther away from the foundational truths of God's Word that she was founded upon.

She leaves behind many of her citizens, who now enslaved under a socialist system, having elected a socialist dictator to her highest office, he and his party the Democrats began too gut her Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Prayers of Repentance may be offered in lieu of flowers, and/or financial gifts.

Private services were held in the hall's of Congress when the House of Representatives passed the dictators health care takeover bill that nationalized health care for all Americans, robbing them of their individual freedom.  On top of that they are forced to pay for the further destruction of human life through organized genocide, otherwise known as abortion.

Burial will take place at the hands of the socialist Democrats, and their allies. Further bills were passed that assaulted the conscious and values of Catholic, and Evangelical Christians alike. USA's enemies are within her, working extra hard too put the final nails in USA's coffin. The only thing left for America to do is to fall on her knees before the Almighty and beg for mercy.

There will be NO luncheon following the funeral due to the fact that SEIU food service workers are too busy rioting along with the rest of the occupy crowd, and won't be able too serve the ham buns, along with the Kool-aid. Obama suggests you eat some bread and water before attending the service, thank you.

God Save The USA!

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