Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Control The People: Part I

Everything Liberal's (Socialists/Communists) do in the political arena is about one thing, and one thing only, social control! These hate filled political power brokers of the new age, huddle behind closed doors, making secret deals that effect the rest of us, and they could care less what the rest of America thinks.

You have just seen a perfect example of this with the so called health care reform bill, which is really nothing more than a social control bill disguised as health care reform. These socialist are not stupid, they knew exactly what they were doing when they voted yes to pass the HC bill. They knew they were casting a ballot to tax us all to death, and those who didn't die from being taxed to death, they would get later by denying them proper health care, and/or medication.

The American people made phone calls, signed petitions, sent pick slips to Congress, sent countless emails, and rallied on the steps of Congress, and they still ignored the voice and will of the people

Power in the wrong hands is a very dangerous thing, and this is a perfect example of what a bunch of power hungry socialist goons can do when they allowed to be in power. God help us all when we no longer have enough doctors to treat our ailments because many have quit the profession after their salaries were capped.

We see how the socialists control things, and reshape them in their image, take the major news media for example, their anti-American / anti-Christian bias knows no bounds. Americans are force-fed a left-wing slant, and many swallow it right down like it was gospel truth.

With the Government in control of health care, do you really expect to be taken care of properly? Seems that everything the Government touch's screw up, how can this be any different? Why do socialist's want to create such an outrageous federal entitlement? Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out their goal. Roger Baldwin, co-founder of the ACLU said it best, "The Goal is Communism".

Liberals (a.k.a. Communists), want to control us, and every facet of our lives for this one reason, Communism / Socialism !!

"They want to reshape our society into their image" states Rush Limbaugh on his daily radio show heard round the world over the EIB network!

What image you ask is their image? Well, it is one of a Socialist Utopia where they are totally in control of every part of society, where they are the elite that dominate society, and the rest of us are their slaves, and fodder.

Bread lines anyone?

If this so-called reform bill succeeds, if the courts fail to overturn it, and the states challenging it fail to beat it, then we will all be forced to hand over an outrageous sum of our money to the Government, and if we cannot or do not pay, they are going to fine us a large sum of money, and maybe put us in jail as well.

Then there is the issue of using our tax dollars to pay for genocide(abortions), the expansion of this heinous practice means they will be forcing us to pay for it. Another unconstitutional practice, and they know it, and they don't care one bit if you or I don't like it.

Does that sound like the American way to doing things? HECK NO!

Thomas Jefferson "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

What we are witnessing is pure tyranny at work, and that means our liberty is quickly fleeting away, that is NOT a good thing. In order to regain our liberty we must rid ourselves of those who plot our demise by removing them from office ASAP!

The Government must fear We the People once again! We must elect individuals who will represent us, the American people, and not the special interests. Men and Women who will NOT be bought by lobbyists, who will NOT sell their vote under any circumstances! Men and Women who have real integrity, who do not hide behind a mask, pretending to be something other than themselves in order to get elected.

If we will not fight hard now to stop Obama and get his social control bill overturned, and discarded, then we deserve to become enslaved by the corrupt system that is in place. If we will not pray hard, then we deserve again to be enslaved by corruption.

This is in my opinion, "Full-Scale Civil War!" the socialist started it, and Patriotic, God-fearing American's are gonna end it!

Keep putting the heat on your elected officials, and on Obama. Don't stop fighting now this has just begun, the bill can be repealed if we work hard to defeat it. Socialist have long used the courts to manipulate things in their favor, it's time to turn the tables on them

"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" stated Patrick Henry!

Let's restore our liberty!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

America's Obituary

The United States of America recently passed away from an extended illness. USA was 234 years old. Founded upon the concept of freedom, individual liberty. USA became increasingly sick as she allowed herself to slip farther away from the foundational truths of God's Word that she was founded upon.

She leaves behind many of her citizens, who now enslaved under a socialist system, having elected a socialist dictator to her highest office, he and his party the Democrats began too gut her Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Prayers of Repentance may be offered in lieu of flowers, and/or financial gifts.

Private services were held in the hall's of Congress when the House of Representatives passed the dictators health care takeover bill that nationalized health care for all Americans, robbing them of their individual freedom.  On top of that they are forced to pay for the further destruction of human life through organized genocide, otherwise known as abortion.

Burial will take place at the hands of the socialist Democrats, and their allies. Further bills were passed that assaulted the conscious and values of Catholic, and Evangelical Christians alike. USA's enemies are within her, working extra hard too put the final nails in USA's coffin. The only thing left for America to do is to fall on her knees before the Almighty and beg for mercy.

There will be NO luncheon following the funeral due to the fact that SEIU food service workers are too busy rioting along with the rest of the occupy crowd, and won't be able too serve the ham buns, along with the Kool-aid. Obama suggests you eat some bread and water before attending the service, thank you.

God Save The USA!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Against the Will of the People: Part II

We are down literally to crunch time as members of Congress are poised to cast their votes on the most disastrous piece of legislation to come along since the hate crimes bill.

House Democrats are scared to death of the fallout that will occur if they pass the massive government takeover of health care, also known as Obamacare. On the other hand Obama is walking the halls of the Capitol today twisting the arms of Senate Democrats, to force yes votes out of them.

The problem is that they are calling this bill Health Care Reform, and it is a reform bill at all, it is a bill that will nationalize the health care industry in America, and place it under the thumb of a corrupt governmental system. This take over will also cause much damage to the free market, and well as freedom itself as under this plan some Socialist bureaucrat will now be deciding who lives and who dies, and you can bet it will be political in nature.

On top of that, Obama has been buying the votes of certain members of Congress, to help insure his socialist plan passes, not to mention the behind close door meetings they have held, and the back door deals they have been making.

The American people have spoken, and their answer is a resounding NO!

What part of NO do you stuffed shirt aristocrats NOT UNDERSTAND?


You Socialist Democrats are planning on shoving this down our throats, so in the next elections plan on us shoving it back up your asses! Your planning on charging us outrageous fines when we say NO to your corrupt government run plan. You egotistical brown shirt bastards intend to enslaving us under a fraudulent, and corrupt system designed to destroy our free market system, and further destroy our country.

If you pass this, be prepared cause there's gonna be payback in the near future. If you think American's are ticked off now, just wait! All hell will break loose if this bill passes, people are not going to take this kind of abuse from elected officials that are suppose to be representing them, not Obama.

I believe that the Democrats are on their last leg, and are so desperate for power that they will do anything to save themselves. That's why I believe there is a good chance that it will go down to defeat, but I can't promise it, We can only hope and Pray that it does.

If our elected officials continue to go against the will of the people, and buck the majority, and ignore the millions of messages they receive telling them to vote NO on certain legislation, then I'm afraid the people will be forced to take drastic measures in the next elections, and the one to come.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama and Radical Groups Seek to Ban Fishing

Once again the ignorance, and the arrogance of socialist leader Barrak Obama rears it's ugly head, as radical left-wing groups are hammering out a plan to stop American's from fishing for sport. Greenie-Weenies are scheming in the name of the environment, and animal rights to deny you access to America's waterway's, and unless you get angry and speak up you might as well hang your fishing pole up for good.

Millions of Americans fish for sport, it's part of a healthy lifestyle of many as it gets them off the couch, and out into the fresh air. Sport fishing is great for our economy, banning it would further harm our countries recovery.

This is just another plot by Socialists/Communists to screw over God fearing, Tax Paying American's, and nothing more. Tell your Congressmen NO! Do NOT ban fishing!