Saturday, October 10, 2009

Against the Will of the People: Part 1

When you can't pass your radical legislation into law on it's own, just place it on the back of legitimate legislation, and ramrod it through against the will of the American people, and that's exactly what the extremist Democrats in Congress just did.

They rammed a very partisan, and divisive piece of legislation through the House of Representatives. The Federal Hate Crimes Bill, the legislation aimed at giving radical homosexual out of control animals, extra federal protection by creating them into a special class, above that of regular citizens, all on the basis of where they stick there weenies v.s. where other people stick them.

This is ridiculous, stupid, and outrageous at best!

When laws are already on the books to protect these people from violent crimes, right along with everyone else, why the Hell do we need to give them special laws just for them??

This legislation gives the federal government the power to prosecute people simply for not liking homosexuality, for even thinking it is wrong, this is what is meant by anti-bias, or thought crimes.

On top of that this legislation gives federal protection to some 150+ different sexual orientations(perversions). Things you probably have never heard of, and more than likely don't want too know about. These laws are not about protecting those who practice homosexual behavior, they are more about punishing those who disagree with their sexual behavior and practices. Radicals want to destroy Christianity in America, close every church, burn every Bible, and kill every Christian. Obama and the Democrats are Communists, National Socialists, and very dangerous!

Heterosexuals were also included on the list, so any type of perceived bias against straight people can also be prosecuted under these laws. So if these radical sodomites get out of control, we can use the same law to nail them as well. Personally, I think that the federal hate crimes laws ought to include Christians, this would even the score, don't you think so?

Democrats think that they are going to ramrod every radical piece of legislation through Congress this way, we must find ways to stop them, we must remove them from office! We must vote Democrats and Weak Republicans out of office as fast as we can! Then we can look at impeaching the impostor Obama, the Devil's workman!

Our first defense is the Power of Prayer! Prayer changes things! We must claim God's Word, and by his power tear down the strongholds that Satan has erected, but only if God's people will humble themselves and pray. Only if America will turn and repent of her national sins! NOW!