Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Soldiers and Elderly Deserve Respect


The Obama administration, and it' allies are putting pressure on our Veterans to commit suicide, by ordering the doctors at the VA hospitals across the country, to coerce these brave men and women into agreeing to euthanasia. If they get away with this, grandma in the nursing home will be next! I don't give a crap what that liar Obama say's, it's all BS!

Teach you children and grandchildren that old people are to be respected, and that they can teach then a lot of interesting things, they have a wealth of knowledge that they can share with the rest of us, their lives still have purpose and meaning. Teach your children to respect the flag of the United States, and to respect and thank those who serve, or have served in our military.

The left has been working to brainwash our kids for years, to where they no longer have respect for things they ought to have respect, but it's not too late to start teaching the younger kids now, we can instill in them yet the values that made this nation great!

Obama and his communist handlers hate our fighting men and women, and want them to disappear of the planet!

These men and woman have given their all! They have faced untold terror for the cause of freedom! They have fought our enemies on our behalf, and they deserve to be respected, and receive the honor due them for it!

Just who the Hell does Obama think he is?? And just where the Hell does he get off trying to hasten the deaths of our brave men and women??

What about his hideous health care power grab plan?

It will bring us only more death and destruction, more sorrow, and greater debt than any of us can every imagine. The American people have had enough of Obama and his evil plans, it's time for us to put our foot down once and for all, and put a stop to Obama and his communist pals!

Our injured soldiers deserve the best care money can buy, and all to often they are left out in the cold because of government red tape, and BS! I think the VA system needs to be overhauled to insure that these people are cared for properly, not discarded by a bunch of loony left wing radical communists.

Our Vet's deserve to be RESPECTED!

Make NO mistake friends, Obama is a full blown 'black' communist!

He plans on destroying this nation one bogus, disgusting socialist move at a time. He is NOT a Muslim per say, but he is an Islamic sympathizer, as most lefties are mainly because Muslims hate Jews, and Christians. They hate Isreal, and Obama has already tried to order them around, which is laughable because they simply 'flipped him off", and told him that they will do whatever they want to, he's not their boss.

Maybe that is what we need to do here in America too?

Obama and his handlers, and minions have a total disrespect for our military, the elderly, and the unborn. Much in the way Hitler hated the Jews, and made them his targets for extermination, so the left has targeted the American people the same way.

Our elderly deserve to be respected, they hold a wealth of knowledge that the younger generations can learn from, they deserve to be cared for, not given a little pill, or an injection to end their life.

Communists do not respect human life, they do not recognize the dignity that has been assigned us by our creator, and therefore they seek to destroy it. It is all about two major things when it comes to communists (socialists), money, and power!
The left is on a march for total power over the United States, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will terrorize the American people until they cower in their house in fear for their own lives.

We CANNOT let them get away with it people!

Are you ready to raise hell and high water to stop Obama!

Then keep the fires of disagreement stoked, keep showing up at town hall meetings, keep calling Congress, keep emailing them, show up and march against socialism!

We MUST stop Obama-scare NOW!

The lives of thousands of Americans depend upon what you and I do now to stop the nationalization of our health care! We can regain control of Congress and the White House, we can turn the tide for the good and reverse the damage Obama has done, we need everyone involved here, no one can afford to say "well, I'm not into politics", that doesn't cut it any longer. Get off you butt and start fighting for your rights, for your freedom, for the lives of countless VA's, and the lives of the elderly, and don't forget the unborn also.

The left has only been practicing their killing on the unborn since 1973, and developing their propaganda skills. They are poised to destroy anyone, and anything in their path, in order to achieve their goals.

Pray to God that they loose, and that we win this war for the heart and soul of America!

God Revive America!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Democrat Socialist's Full of Fear - Strike Out in Hate at Taxpaying Americans

When Barry (Barrak) Obama got elected as President we knew there was going to be trouble, we just didn't know how much. Now we have a pretty good idea of what he is all about, but we still don't know if he is who he claims to be, for he has not produced his real birth certificate to prove the place of his birth.

From day one Obama began his onslaught against freedom and the American way. Within his first one hundred days it was pretty clear the path he intended to take the nation down, and it was the wrong path, the path to the demise of our nation.

The first bill they pushed through was the so-called economic stimulus bill, some $700 billion of tax payer money that was made up largely of political paybacks, and tons of wasteful spending. This angered many American's as banks,mortgage companies, and auto manufacturers received millions of tax payer dollars that they squandered, and then came the list of demands that included shutting down many dealerships, and then we learned they were dealers who gave to the GOP.

Then came the Hate Crimes bill that they couldn't pass, so the democrats attached it to the back of a defense bill in hopes of sneaking it through to Obama's desk so he could sign it into law. The goal of this legislation is to silence all public opposition to the homosexual crowd, but the bill includes over 150 different types of perversions, all of which will receive federal protection if this bill makes it through to Obama.

Next comes the extreme environmental legislation aimed at crippling all of America by driving energy costs through the roof, making it impossible for the average American family to afford to heat their homes without going totally broke.

Then the Assault on the American health care system. The plan to socialize our health care, giving the power of life and death to socialist bureaucrats in Washington D.C., a huge mistake just like Obama.

Americans are fed up with Obama and the Democrats, they are speaking up loudly now, and the Democratic socialists don't like it one bit. The American taxpayers began showing up at democrat town hall meetings and voicing their opposition to the plan, and things began to get real ugly fast.

The socialist democratic leadership along with the White House began demonizing Joe six pack for exercising their Constitutional right to address their grievances to their government. Attempts to silence the opposition is not working, and the Democrats are getting very nervous about that fact, and since the Dem's have no real leg to stand on, they resort to the game of nasty name calling. Why? Because their scared of the American people, that's why! Here's some examples:

Father Threatened for opposing obamacare

Rep. Dingell compare concerned tax paying citizens to KKK!

San Fran Nan brands those who disagree as un-American

They thought that with having the majority in Congress they could do whatever they wanted to without opposition, but they weren't expecting all hell to break loose on them, oh well, too bad!

Taxpaying American's, Republicans and Democrats alike are screaming NO! NO socialist health care plan! NO! They are telling their Senators that they do NOT want this type of plan where the government rations care to whom it desires too, and expands the genocide against the unborn, and the elderly.

Team Obama has gone as far as too encourage people to spy on their neighbors, and report anyone opposition to 'the ones' plan to the White House. One conservative activist group says "Remember to send all your spam to".

They also have sent out union thugs to threaten and assault law abiding Americans at these town hall meetings for coming to speak up against Obama's health care plan. They are using 'craigslist' to recruit activists to lobby for the 'ones'plan for money. Who want's a full time job deceiving people, and helping to ruin the country?

My advice to all those no matter who you are, or where you come from. If you are opposed to obamacare, get angry, and get loud! Don't back down now because we have the democrats scared out of their wits. The far left leadership of the Democratic party is afraid that the rank and file will turn and vote against the health care takeover plan.

If we taxpaying, God fearing Americans will just hang tough, we just might win this one if we keep the faith, and keep up the pressure on our elected officials.