Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Clean Coal is a Lie, and Green Energy is a Joke!

When Barrak Obama was running for the office of President of the United States, he promised what he called "Clean Coal", which my friends does not exist, and probably never will. It is an illusion, a mind game Obama and his socialist co-horts are playing with the minds of the American people, a act of redirection in order to drive the American people into extreme poverty.

'Clean Coal' will never happen because the technology they claim is being tested, does not even exist, they are lying plain and simple! Even Al Gore said so!

Let's take a look at the truth about America's energy sources!

Petroleum accounts for 39.8% of total energy we American's consume with most of this being used in the transportation sector. Natural Gas at 23.6% is mainly used for residential and commercial uses, and Coal at 22.8% is mostly used to create electrical power that we all use everyday. Nuclear power is at 8.4% and solely used to create electricity as well, and renewable and alternative sources of energy come in last at 6.8%.

Coal is mined here in America by American workers, transported by truck, rail, and ship to various places where it is used to power our homes and businesses. Six Million Americans in fact make their living supplying the rest of us with proven energy sources that work, and work well.

The House of Representatives just passed what is called the 'cap and tax' bill that if it is becomes law will raise the average Americans taxes to ungodly levels, placing an overwhelming financial burden on each American family. There are already so many of us out of work, and/or struggling to make ends meet, why would Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to make our energy costs soar through the roof to where we can't afford them anymore?

If this becomes law the average American family may be paying close to $3000 more than what they should be paying. Obama is working to drive costs so high that average Americans won't be able to pay for it, forcing them to change their energy habits, and seek other energy sources. This is political payback to the socialist eco-terrorists that voted him into office.

Plain and simple! More Americans stand to loose their jobs, and more people become dependent on the government for support, it's the same old Democrat bait and switch scam they've been running for years.

When your electricity bill jumps up 90%, will you be able to pay it? Or will you be suffering along with everyone else who now live in the darkness without power? What will you eat when you are forced to unplug your freezer/refrigerator because you can' afford to run it anymore? What about heat in the winter? Will you just dress in heavy warm clothes? How will you cook? Take a nice freezing shower how exhilarating! That is if you can still afford running water!

Obama and the Democrats want you to lick their boots, and put your trust in a new socialist government, that is what they are pushing us towards!

If you have any amount of commonsense left America, please write and call your Senators and tell then to 'Can the Cap and Tax Bill NOW!' Leave America's energy sources alone! NO new fees and taxes on our energy industries! Tell them the idea of Clean Coal is an absolute joke and you don't buy into it!

For years we have been listening to the socialist scare tactics aimed at filling the pockets of special interest groups, and corporations specializing in so-called green technologies. Just how much money are they raking in from painting the nation green? Green technology is now a huge multi-million dollar industry that is raking in our tax dollars to develop new energy sources, most of which can't touch petroleum, coal, and natural gas sources.

Obama promised that he would spike energy prices, and drive up the cost of everything we use on a daily basis. So how did he even get elected? Were American's not paying attention?

Just what do Americans think about the rising cost of energy?

We are being herded towards socialism/communism at an alarming pace. Socialists are not wasting time passing laws, and spending billions of our tax dollars in order to undermine our freedom, and way of life. Why isn't black America waking up to the fact that they made a huge mistake in supporting Barrak Obama for President? I hope that God will raise up more brave men like this guy below, who will speak the truth boldly from the pulpits of America!

Like the preacher said, we must pray for our nation if we are to see the Obama regime collapse, and commonsense restored to our land. Freedom is not free! Liberty does not grow on trees! There is a great cost to securing freedom and liberty, it usually involves bullets and bloodshed. I hope it does not come to that, but if it does I hope and pray that those on the side of liberty will prevail.

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