Monday, June 22, 2009

From Real American's to the Iranian People Protesting

First let us apologize for the national embarrassment in the White House, who lacks experience in the area of world affairs. Who vowed to stay our of the situation in Iran, yet issued a statement to your government that encouraged them to squash the protests quickly, so much for staying out of it!

Obama does not speak for the the majority of the American people. I assure you, we know what it is like to have socialists cheat their way into office, and tamper with the election results. We too feel that our last are election was rigged, and our votes were not counted correctly, so that Obama/Soetoro could occupy the highest office in our land he is not even eligible to hold.

We understand your anger! We understand your reason's for protesting, and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you are facing grave danger in your streets. W

We American's also protest our governments actions, and we know the cost of revolution, and it costs people their lives. We too have had to fight for our rights, and may have to again in the future at the rate our government is going.

We encourage you to stand boldly in the face of tyranny, to fight for your freedoms, it is the only way to win them. Freedom is a precious commodity that is purchased with the blood of brave man and women who refuse to back down, even under the worst of circumstances. Imagine if you can, a 'free Islamic republic' where people can speak freely, and have freedom to worship as they choose, or not too. Where elections are free of terrorism, or at least ours were until acorn, and the Black Panthers got involved.

Our nations founders left England to escape a tyrannical government that controlled the religious lives of it's citizenry, and tortured and murdered those who would not comply. We were founded as a nation where men could worship according to the dictates of their own conscious, speak freely without the danger of being killed, and hold free elections to elect whom ever they chose too.

Do you long to worship, and practice your religion in a safe environment? Then you must force out the murderous dictators, create a government that does not meddle in your religious affairs, and allow men and women to cast their votes without fear or being shot to death.

We would also encourage you to arm yourselves with weapons and ammunition so that when Ahmadinejad gives the signal to attack, you will be able to defend yourselves against his corrupted police and military forces. At that moment when they come to murder you in your own streets, you will have the means to crush his forces, and remove Ahmadinejad from power along with his corrupt government officials.

Yes some of you will loose your lives, as some of our people did, but winning your freedom is well worth the price.

We wish you God's speed!

The Real American People

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