Thursday, May 28, 2009

Say NO to Sotomayer!

I came up with TEN good solid reasons why we MUST STOP Judge Sotomayer from sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States,and here they are!

1) She's a Hard Radical Leftist!

2) She's is a Racist - She supports reverse racism

3) She is against Gun Ownership - She is against 2nd Amendment rights!

4) Atheists are excited about her nomination!

5) She supports drivers licenses for Illegal Aliens!

6) She supports amnesty programs for Illegal's!

7) She supports blocking local and state law enforcement officials from enforcing immigration laws!

8) Support's the invasion and occupation of several southwestern states, and separating them from the United States!

9) She has a 60% reversal rate!

10) She was nominated by Obama!


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