Thursday, May 21, 2009

Defending the Indefensable - White Washing Genocide, Hitler Style!

Mr. Obama stood before the students and faculty of Notre Dame University, and built his case to continue and expand the socialist genocide against helpless infants who reside within the sanctity of their mothers womb. He made statements in regards to protecting women's rights, and "reducing unintended pregnancies". Just how does Obama plan to 'reduce unintended pregnancies'?

How does Obama intended to do this?

Is he going to encourage young women not to have sex until marriage?

Is he going to encourage young men not to engage in sex until marriage?

or was he actually stating that he intends to expand abortion (genocide), what socialist white wash as being family planning, or women's health services?

That's it! Use language that makes it sound so much better, so neat and clean!

Somehow I don't ever see this confronting the reality of abortion, do you?

I mean, if he actually went to watched an abortion procedure, would he come away with a changed heart and mind? Probably not, because he has been programed by his socialist handlers to be a cold blooded communist, a treacherous individual who comes off so smooth and nice on the outside, but on the inside is a seething pot of vial hatred!

Liberals (socialist's) have been challenged for years to go watch an abortion, and just like Obama, they won't because they don't dare to confront what they support in theory. It is easy to sit in Congress and cast votes to expand abortion (genocidal)
services in the name of 'A woman's right to choose'.

It is just as easy for Obama to stand in front of a crowd of socialized Roman Catholics, and preach his false gospel of 'reducing unintended pregnancies'.

Let's examine the truth regarding the abortion industry that socialist's like Obama don't want you to know:

1. Abortion targets minority groups, it has since the day's of it's inception in America, and it always will. Black's, Hispanic's, and other minority groups were targeted on purpose to reduce their numbers in American society, this was done for political reasons, get a clue people! Margret Sanger the racists founder of what we now call 'Planned Parenthood', was deep into the writings of Adolf Hitler, as well as a student of the Occult. She believed that blacks and other minority groups bred recklessly, and needed to be exterminated. She targeted other groups also such as Jew's, and Christians as well.

2. Population Control through the use of Eugenics. Eugenics is simply considered a science that involves tweaking the gene pool of humanity to create the ultimate race of human beings. Does that ring a bell? It was Hitler that claimed that the Jews were an inferior race, and made his case for exterminating them all! Margret Sanger was from the same school of thought, why do do think she targeted blacks? Black ministers bought into her theory, and they led the black population in America into the 'gas chambers' of planned parenthood so to speak! They are still doing it! and now they elected the poster boy of Nazism to the highest office in the land, nice going!

3. The Abortion industry covers up crimes to protect it's image! Everything from child sexual abuse, incest, and rape have gone unreported by planned parenthood and other houses of genocide. Women have been injured by so-called safe and legal procedures, some women have even lost their lives, and the clinic's could care less because it's just another day, another seven thousand dollars in their coffers. They have also protected pedophiles, this is inexcusable!

So Obama wants to expand these services huh?

Abortion is the most hateful, racist, and satanic thing going on in America. How can anyone with a heart,soul, and a mind support it?

NO amount of political whitewashing will ever remove the stain that this genocide (abortion) has left on this nation. How anyone can stand up and defend this barbaric, hideous thing, and be a sane person? Abortion is NOT about health, it's NOT about women, and it's not about reducing unintended pregnancies either, it's cold blooded MURDER!

Let's make for sure that Obama goes down in History as being 'Barrak the Baby Butcher', the most racist, and divisive President in the History of this Nation!

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