Monday, April 20, 2009

You Might Be a Right Wing Extremist If:

1. You believe in the Freedom and Individual Liberty!

2. If you are "Tea'd off" and attended a tea party protest!

3. If you trust in God and NOT the government!

4. If you want to stop Congress from giving all our money away!

5. If you believe in lower and fair taxation with actual representation!

6. If you believe Barrak Obama is a foreign national and should be ousted!

7. If your against abortion!

8. If you believe that marriage is one man and one woman!

9. If your a veteran that served in Iraq and your returning home!

10. If you believe that the office of homeland security is a bunch of
reactionary dweebs for painting patriotic Americans as potential terrorists!

11. If you hate socialism!

Got any more post them below!

Homeland Security is now targeting law-abiding, patriotic American's because they don't agree with with the path the Obama administration is taking, the road to socialism. Maybe they should read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that gives American's the right to address our grievances directly to our government.

Obviously they don't get the drift that our government is now being used as a weapon against us the people of the United States. Our founding fathers gave us the tools we need to stand against tyranny, and stand against it we will!

As far as acts of violence goes, I know of no plans of such kind at this time, but if government continues down the road it is going down, it is inevitable that a revolution will ensue. There is NO way in Hell we are going to let Obama and his Globalist handlers take away our rights and freedoms without a fight!

I think that the tea parties are a joke in that the elitists are laughing at those who dared to show up and protest, but on the other hand revolution must begin somewhere.

It is my sincere belief that the answer to this problem is simple, yet most will bypass it because they lack faith, and perseverance.

This revolution can be won without a shot ever being fired!

If American's will just humble themselves before God, Repent of their personal and national sins, and seek God with all their heart, they would be witness to the the downfall of the agent of destruction that now presides in the big white house in Washington D.C., as well as the bildaberger global socialist that are pulling the puppet Obama's strings.

The Bible is clear that a Christians weapons are not of this world, and are not fashioned in vain. God has promised that if we seek him in all humility, and repent, he will bring healing to this land.

So what are you waiting for?

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