Friday, April 17, 2009

Hollywood Socialists - The Separation of Reality and Mind

Over one million Americans gathered in the streets to protest socialism, the unfair taxation without representation, and the big corporate bailouts that just drove America's debt even further through the ceiling, aimed at enslaving future generations with mountains of federal debt for years to come.

People showed up, and they were 'Mad as Hell!'

They carried signs bearing slogans that slammed the Obama agenda to drive our nation into full blown socialism. They listened to speakers that talked about taking back America from the far-left, and installing a fair tax system so that we are not overtaxed beyond what we can afford, and treated fairly by the government.

They came, they protested, they were bashed by the liberal media, called 'racist' by 'out of touch' Hollywood, but their message was clearly heard in America's heartland, where real Americans live and work.

The farmers, the factory workers, the truckers, and everyone else that holds down a REAL job, in REAL America, heard the message, and they all agree, the overspending liberal retards in Washington D.C., must be stopped!

Janeane Garofalo, the Socialist Hollywood so-called actress, who is best known for her anti-war protesting, stated that "This is racism straight up and is nothing but a bunch of tea bagging rednecks. There is no way around that."

She went as far as to state that anyone who took part in tea party day had a brain dysfunction, so in other words anyone who tea party'd is mentally ill, maybe she should have looked in the mirror at herself a little closer.

Ms.Garofalo was very vocal during the Bush Presidency, a huge anti-war, activist, Ms.Garofalo spent a lot of her time bashing the war in Iraq, and those who supported it. Ms. Garofalo has learned the socialist talking points well, and is just another communist talking robot, just like those in the big liberal media.

MSNBC (Mostly Socialist News Bull Crap) and CNN (Communist New's Network)allowed their news anchors to trash both the tea parties, and the Tea Parties. They used homosexual terms to berate and degrade law abiding Americans who for taking to the streets to stand up for their rights. This proves how out of touch these news people are.

People are fed up with paying the exorbitant taxes while fat-cat socialist politicians vote themselves pay increases payed for with out tax money, while more of us find ourselves out of work.

This is reality, this is real America, not the pretend world of Hollywood, Wall-Street, or Pennsylvania Ave. This is where real Americans bust their asses everyday to make ends meet, while Hollywood socialists ride around in super expensive convertibles, and fancy limousines, drink expensive booze, and snort cocaine all day long, no wonder they can't see past the noses on their face.

People in Hollywood live in a dream world and have no idea what the rest of us go through everyday, nor do they care if many of us are out of work and can't pay our bills, or feed our families, cause it doesn't effect them, we must make it effect them.

D.C. politicians are just as bad with all their perks paid for out of our pockets, they ride around in big black limos, and fly in private planes. They eat expensive meals at posh D.C. restaurants, and forget about you and I, were real America, and they live in a dreamworld also.

Obama wants to spread the wealth, I say spread the wealth of Wall Street, Washington D.C., and Hollywood, and give it to the working man whether he be black or white. I say if your want to redistribute the wealth, redistribute your own wealth!

Obama, The filthy rich, bildaberger globalists bankers behind him. Filthy Rich Socialists in Hollywood, any other socialist scum out there who wants to witness my demise, and the demise of my freedom and liberty.

You Kiss MY Red, White, and Blue Freedom Loving, God Fearing A$$!!!

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