Saturday, March 07, 2009

Socialist Dumb-A$$ Award

MSNBC's Chris Matthew's say's that people who believe in the right to life, and are Pro-life are terrorists because they were in opposition to Obama's nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebeluis, a extremely radical pro-death/pro-abortion advocate.

Sounds like Matthews has been to too many three martini lunches with his socialist friends. I think the alcohol has killed too many of his brain cells, he cannot differentiate between people who kill innocent people for a living, and those who fight to protect the lives of innocent children.

Whose the real terrorists here?

Common sense is something that socialist's (liberals) are low on, and Chris Matthews gives a perfect example of just that.

Pro-life American's have the right to oppose any candidate we want to, especially when that candidate, or appointee are left wing radicals that are bent on bringing more death and destruction to our already heavily damaged culture.

Americans who are pro-life believe that human life is sacred, created and ordained by God, and that every person has a right to live no matter how small. We believe that abortion is nothing short of cold-blooded murder, that planned parenthood is a racist and Satanic organization, and that people who support it do not really understand what they are supporting.

Socialists who support and provide abortion services admit that what they are killing is a human being, a baby, but they still continue killing just the same.
I guess Chris Matthews overlooks the fact that what is being killed in inherently human, and sacred.

Chris Matthews gets the Socialist DA Award for making DA statements and calling those who believe in life terrorists!! Congratulation's Chris Matthews on being as class A jerk!

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