Thursday, March 12, 2009

Open Letter to the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is now in control of not only the White House, but at this time you now control Congress as well, but how much longer can you expect to hold on to that control?

Since taking office 2 months ago Barrak Obama has rescinded several key executive orders made by President Bush, and with the help of Democrats in Congress has passed a multi-billion dollar spending package that only adds to the weight of our national debt. With the bail out packages to banks, and the auto industry, we the American taxpayers are now faced with tax increases that we do not need or want.

The American people were sold a rotten bill of goods "Change you can believe in", and now it seems the new car smell has indeed warn off as more Americans are turning against Obama and the Democratic Party as they watch you give our money and our nation away to globalist thugs.

We are fully aware that Obama is just a puppet, and does not know his own head from his other end, that he is just a slick marketing package being controlled by elite globalists who rather not be identified.

Let us make this clear to you so that you understand just where we are coming from.

We Believe in God and Country! We are Patriotic people who believe in National Sovereignty, Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the Press! We believe in Capitalism!
We believe that Dad, Mom,and children compose a real family unit! We believe in keeping and bearing arms! and so on!

It has become apparent to us that your party, the Democrats are nothing but Soro's, Briginski's, and Rockefeller's stool pigeons, helping to pave the way for America's demise, and her take over by the elite financial jihadist's, the designers of the New World Order.

Because of this we will no longer support your party in any way, shape, or form. We Americans will elect those who will represent us from now on. We will not fall for your slick marketing packages, nor be taken in by false promises of change.

We will never vote Democrat again unless you do what is right for the American people and change your way's immediately! This could be the very last time that Democrats ever hold power again! You can only kick the American people in the teeth so many times before we kick back, and trust me, you will feel it!

We are ordering you to cease and desist from supporting Obama's schemes to give away all our money, and any other plans he may come up with. We are also ordering you to stand against the puppet masters that now control you, and serve us, the American people, as you were elected to do in the first place!

Thank you!

The American People

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