Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Truth About Socialism,Racism, and Mass Genocide

The issue of Legalized Abortion (Genocide)has been a heated topic for over thirty years, in America's courtrooms, the medical community, and the Church house.

The line has been clearly drawn in sand as American's take one side or the other in the fight over a woman's right to end her pregnancy with abortion. There is much anger on both sides of this issue, and the struggle over legalized abortion is not about to disappear anytime soon.

The question that looms overhead like a dark cloud is, why do people hate life so much, that they want to legalize the murder of innocent people? Why do those on the left hate people so much that they find in necessary to target minorities for extermination through the slick marketing package of abortion? or legalized genocide to be exact.

A study of history reveals that those who behind the multi-million dollar abortion industry were full of hatred and bigotry against blacks,other minority groups, and Christians, and designed there campaign to limit these groups through to use of genocide, cleverly marketed as birth control. My friends,abortion is NOT birth control, it is murder at expense of innocent children, and women alike.

Why do people hate cute little babies that they would want to shred them to pieces, or burn them to death with saline, or birth them live and punch a hole in the back of their heads and suction out their brains to kill them?

You have to ask yourself the question, why does socialism kill?

Well,socialism always targets a certain people group that it wishes to demonize, so that it can begin to exterminate them through various means, such as, starvation by lack of food, lack of medical care and medicine, high energy costs, and of course mass genocide which seems to be a favorite of most socialists. Genocide is always race based, whether it is used against people of another race, or against ones own race, or people group.

Genocide in the 20th Century!

It has been said that "Communism / Socialism has killed One Hundred Million people in the 20th Century", and if it is given a chance will kill a hundred million more in the 21st Century,this must NOT be allowed to happen, we must stand up to tyranny before it cripples us so that we cannot stand up to it.

Abortion is just that, the socialist attack on racial groups by limiting their numbers,by preventing their births into this world. It is evil! It is Satanic! It MUST be stopped!

See that Facts for Yourself if you Dare!

Adolf Hitler made rounding up Jews, locking them up in concentration camps, and gassing them to death sound reasonable to the Germans citizens, and they blindly went along with it. Socialism requires a ruthless dictator, a puppet on strings to appear to mastermind their devilish plot to destroy a people group. This person is usually just a front man that say's what his handlers tell him too, and sometimes the dictator is the mastermind himself.

Communists in America used the same techniques to make the murder of the unborn sound like a reasonable and responsible choice to make. Nothing short of a slick marketing package, and sheep buy into it every time.

The American people are much like the Germans during WWII, we know whats going on behind closed doors at abortion clinics all across this nation, we don't agree that abortion is right, but yet Americans conveniently look the other way to avoid facing the truth of what is going on. As more and more of our tax dollars are funneled into the pockets of the abortion industry without our permission, the richer the murderous bastards get, and the poorer we get.

Those who stand up against abortion are often portrayed as terrorists, when the real terrorists are inside the clinic killing babies. Now they want to pass laws that limit the free speech of those who dare to speak up against abortion. Socialist are creating new laws designed to censor the voices of pro-life activists. Socialist have federalized their hatred and bigotry, and they intend to create more new laws like this until they have succeeded in their quest for political and social power.

Now is the time to speak up! Now is the time to march in the streets! Now is the time for civil disobedience!

Every American who finds abortion to be wrong would stand up and speak up, march and make themselves heard. We could have a real impact if millions of Americans would just force the pro-life agenda into the streets! If people would pray like they mean it, we could see the end of legalized abortion! Think about it!

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