Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hate Crimes Bills Based on Hate, How Ironic?

What stands in the way of full-blown communism (Socialism), why, Christianity of Course! Christianity is the last great bulwark that socialists must remove in order to reign in the New World Order, the New Age of the Anti-Christ power!

The ADL - Anti-Defamation League, A radical leftist Jewish civil-rights organization is the architects of Hate-Crimes Laws across the globe. Along with their co-horts at the ACLU, and the HRC (Human Rights Campaign), and other socialist front organizations.

These laws were engineered to end free speech and freedom of Religion as we know it by making hate-criminals out of anyone that expresses an opposing viewpoint against homosexuality. In Canada where these laws are in full force already, people have already been charged with committing "hate-crimes", either fined or imprisoned simply for believing what the Bible says, and expressing it publicly.

These bills are based upon the hatred of Christianity, and Biblical teaching concerning homosexual behavior.

The goal here is to shut the mouths of Bible thumping christian terrorists, who preach words of hate, and intolerance by using the power of the federal government to hopefully silence them. It is the pure federalization of hate against Christ and his Gospel, and those who believe His teachings. It is about the hatred and intolerance of socialists for the Word of God!

My question for you is this!

Where is the outpouring of anger from the American people?

Where is the outrage from church-going Christians?

Shouldn't they be marching in the streets our expressing ANGER and OUTRAGE over this major threat to our personal liberty?

You can't even get Christians to pray seriously these day's, let alone march and protest to save their own skins, because they are spiritually lukewarm,lazy, and are too blind to realize what is happening to them. like a frog in a pot of water, he sites there and swims until he boils to death, so Christians in America largely sit and wait till they find themselves in peril before they wake up and act. Will it be too late?

H.R. 256 and 262 are designed to intimidate you using the federal government into shutting your mouths in regards to homosexuality.

ENDA the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 is aimed at forcing Christians and anyone else opposed to homosexuality, out of the workforce, and into poverty where they will not be able to defend themselves against the tyranny!

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