Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ali Obama, and his Band of Thieves - Here Comes Reparations

Well you guessed it, first the fraudulent stimulus bill, and then the forced reparations for blacks.


Republicans in Congress don't even have the BALLS to stand up and stop this fake stimulus plan of Obama's, what the hell are they gonna do when HR 40IH is brought up before them for a vote!!

Congress had sold the American people out, it's time to sell them out and replace them with third party members!

Reparations are basically financial paybacks to blacks for slavery, that happened over 100 years ago. It is just another method to further drive the United States into the bondage of debt and bankruptcy. It is an insult to the majority of law abiding, God fearing Caucasian citizens, and will only lead to increased hatred of blacks, and create more violence and unrest in our streets.

Call your Congress person to today and tell them you are "MAD AS HELL" about this terrible piece of legislation, and if they know whats good for them, they will oppose HR 40IH, and force it's death before it becomes law!

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