Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama Signs Death Warrants for Millions of American's

The government of the United States is corrupt, and has been for a long time, but this just takes the cake. Mr. Obama (Soetoro) had signed bills that not only expand the genocide if millions of helpless babies in America, but also exports genocide to other nations, also paid for with our tax dollars.

Liberals of course applaud him, while everyone else cringes at the thought of the judgment that will befall America because of Obama's actions.

Already some fifty million plus unborn babies have been legally slaughtered in abortion clinics across this nation. How many more must die this horrible death before God punishes this nation for it's national sins?

I believe that if those who support this genocide would actually look at what it really is, they would change their minds about it, and join the pro-life movement.
It is easier for them to turn a blind eye and look the other way, instead of facing the truth head on. It is easy for Mr. Obama (Soetoro) to sit in a chair and sign his name to pieces of paper.

How very sanitary!!

How many millions of our tax dollars will be funneled into Planned Parenthood's pockets so that they may murder more innocent babies? Our tax dollars are going to again be used against our will to fund this genocide, will you sit there and take it? Or will you rise up and raise hell to put a stop to it!

Let the goal of conservatives be to boldly expose them to what it is they support, until they realize the error of their way, and repent!!

Click Here if you Dare too!

Now a word for pastors and church-goers alike!!

You ministers who stand behind your pulpits every week, talking big, but no real spiritual power, How sanitary for you! you hypocrites! You preach the Word of God, and many of you do that well, but that is as far as it seems to go. What good is your teaching and preaching if you don't lead by example, and teach your congregations what it means to put faith into action. Every year Pro-life Sunday rolls around you preach about how terrible abortion is, but that's about it. Very few of you dare to step out in faith for real, and take it too the streets!

How very comfortable you are in your comfy air-conditioned church buildings, with you fancy multi-media systems, and your feel good sermons sound good, but there is NO real spiritual power to be had, why?

Click this link and stare at the pictures until you truly sense the urgency for action, not just fancy words on Sunday morning! Let their be weeping! Let there be true sorrow in your hearts for these little ones!

Oh Christian! Come out from behind the stained glass! Get your hands dirty! Count the cost for following Christ! March and protest for the little ones! Pray until Holy Fire falls upon you! Repent and seek God now!!

Obama and his communist friends can be stopped!

But only if good man and women rise to action instead of seeking their own satisfaction!

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