Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Expands Agenda of Hate!

Mr. Obama kept his word to his liberal socialist friends. Within less than a week he has already swung over to the far left by expanded tax funded abortions here in America, and signing a bill to export racism and torture otherwise known as abortion, throughout the globe.

He sure did not waste any time did he? He is already the worst president this nation had ever had. he even makes Bill Clinton look good, and that's not saying much.

What's next on his radical agenda of death and destruction? Probably rewarding the homosexual community for it's support in getting he sorry brown ass elected. Obama's disciples in the liberal media can't stop talking about how wonderful and historic it is that people in America elected their first black president. I say that it's historic in a negative way because we have elected a Communist/Marxist into an office he is should have never won.

Who can forget the widespread voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN activists, and the voter intimidation tactics of the Black Panthers? Who can forget how team Obama accepted donations from Daffy Duck, and Bozo T. Clown? Widespread voter fraud is how this guy got elected, but who in this country has the balls to stand up too him? Not the media, they're too busy sucking his D!@K! Not America's black population, they're too busy swooning over him, the first Black America President. Not any other liberal Marxist activist group, and lobbying groups, they're to busy planning how they are gonna use Obama to take over the nation, and implement social control.

Meanwhile Obama signs bill after bill, expanding left wing hatred, and genocide, without batting an eyelash. This is a sad moment in our history when we have NO control over how our tax dollars are spent, and they are gonna use them to further the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood, and alike. Never mind that Planned Parenthood has targeted more blacks for extermination in their clinics than any other minority in order to keep their numbers down in society.

Planned Parenthood is now calling for doctors to be forced to perform abortions or face dire consequences. This of course would violate the freedom of conscious of the medical provider, which is what they are after of course. Now that King Hussein Obama is seated on his plastic thrown in the oval office. Communists in this country are feeling emboldened to force their leftist agenda on everyone else. This of course won't be an easy job for them since many are already lined up to oppose and resist Obama.

I don't think that liberals really understand what happens when an abortion is performed, and a unborn human being is murdered by abortion. I challenge Obama to take his wife and go watch an abortion first hand, that way he will know exactly what he just signed into law.

Personally, I don't think Obama and his lefty friends care anyway, It's easy for them to kick back and just claim that they are just expanding civil rights for women to get abortions at the tax payers expense. Sitting in the Oval Office or on Capital Hill is so very sanitary anyhow, wouldn't want Obama to get any blood on his nice clean suit now would we!

Look Mr. Obama, If your gonna be President, you better get used to being criticized, and plummeted by conservative's, so get used to it now! Everything you do will be opposed by us, and we will run you through the grinder every time, so get ready! If you can't take it get out now! We won't make it easy for you!

A Democrat Zell Miller of Georgia once said of George W. Bush, "I have knocked on the door of this man's soul and found someone home, a God-fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steel."

In Your Case Mr. Obama "We have knocked on the door of your soul, and found a black Marxist at home, and a spineless socialist SOB!

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