Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'll Give You A Sin Tax!

Just when you think you've heard it all, Environmental Nazi's want to charge a sin tax of Cow's and Pig's, all in the name of 'Global Warming'. OH Boy! I wonder what these people are smoking that they come up with such hair brained ideas like this.

I guess cows and pigs produce so-called 'green house' gas when they fart, and of course from their turd. These things are simply facts of life, and these liberal idiots need to take a chill pill.

Such legislation would raise the cost of meat and dairy products which would hurt the consumer, not to mention the farmers. I have a better idea!

Let's place a sin tax of liberal politicians. They produce way more hot air than a bunch of farm animals do, in fact I think politics is way dirtier than a herd of pigs are, and Congress is highly skilled at producing great amounts of pork, so let's tax them for a change. And liberal politicians seem to support every sinful agenda imaginable, so it only seems fare that those filthy rich limousine liberals in Congress pay their fair share, don't you agree?

Then we will take the money we collect from those taxes and redistribute it to every working American so that they can offset the higher costs of energy and food caused by the greedy politicians.

Maybe when they get a taste of their own medicine they will think twice before they make up stupid things to tax like farm animals!

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