Thursday, January 22, 2009

The God of ALL Equality and Fairness

The United States of America is by far the greatest free nation on the face of the earth, and since its inception men were struggling to be free. They longed for liberty, religious freedom, and opportunity in a new land.

This nation was founded on basis that “all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator”, and so we have certain absolute rights.” Our Founding documents give us the ‘Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ We were founded as “One Nation Under God”, a nation whose laws were drawn from the Word of God, and founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Men cry out still today, Demanding Equality!
They Demand what they call social justice!
They claim to be oppressed in a free society!
What they are working for, socialism will actually bring them to their end!

The Civil war was a bloody battle between the north and south, between those who believe in the right to practice slavery, and those who saw it as evil, that should not be allowed to stand. They recognized that those who were held in slavery were indeed human beings, and deserved to be free as well. And so Righteousness and Freedom prevailed over evil, and hundreds of people were set free from slavery, but their battle for freedom and equality had only just begun.

The battle continues today as Black Americans still feel that they are looked down upon as an inferior race, so in anger and hatred they fight against what they view as inequality, and oppression. All too often the modern black leadership stokes the fires of hatred, violence, and class warfare

Dr. Martin Luther King called for Equality for all men, Black and White. His dream was for men of all racial backgrounds to live together peacefully, not drowning in hatred, bigotry, and reverse-bigotry.

I do not doubt for a second that there is some degree of oppression being waged against our black brothers and sisters in America, but I do not believe it is to the extreme as they have been taught by the liberal black leadership. No man enjoys being oppressed no matter who he is, or under any condition. Tyranny that breeds hate and violence is never the answer to neither our problems, nor the solution for society’s Ill’s, nor is it compatible with liberty in a free nation.

What is the correct course for a man to take when he is being persecuted, oppressed, or subjected to unlawful tyranny?

What did Jesus teach?

Does he teach you to hate other people?

Does Jesus teach you to strike out a others violently?

Does Jesus command you to riot in the streets, and destroy others property to prove your point?

Did Jesus Christ instruct you in the ways of Racism or Reverse-Racism?

NO! Jesus said "Do unto others as you want them to do unto you"

The Lord Jesus preached “Pray for those who persecute you!”, “Do good to them that hate you”! Moreover, “Love your enemies!” These are the teachings of Jesus Christ!

Listen my friends, I heard a man once state "The way you treat the person you love the least, is the way that you love God the most!"

And now may I remind you that in the eyes of God Almighty we are all EQUAL.

None of us is better in God’s eyes than any other person, for God is NO respecter of persons, he does not love the black man any more than he loves the white man, any more than he loves the Hispanic man, or the Native American man, or the Unborn.

God is the God of ‘Equality!’

God has his own ‘Fairness Doctrine!’

His own ‘Hate Crimes Initiative!’

And His own ‘Plan for Radical Change!’

Allow me to explain this too you.

God is Sovereign Father who gives freely to all men as his own discretion, and takes away from men at his own discretion. He appoints men to positions of authority, and he strikes them down as he pleases! He gives grace to those who are humble, and despises those who are proud!

He is the great equalizer of all creation that turns his ears to the cry of those who are oppressed, and his sword against those who do evil in his eyes. He is the one who makes all things right in his own time, and his justice and wrath are dispensed upon men Equally, as they clearly deserve.

He is the God of Equality and Fairness!

Men DEMAND REPARATIONS for acts perpetrated by others long ago. These feel that such a thing is owed to them, that this is what is right, but this is only what seems right in their own eyes, not in the eyes of God.

So then what Reparations can a mere man pay to God for the many times that you have wronged him, and violated his Law‘s?

The answer of course is NOTHING! There is NOTHING you or I can do, to pay God off, and make things right with him.

King David said unto God that if penance is what you wanted God I would gladly do it, but it is a broken and a repentant heart that you desire, and will not ignore.

He who sits upon the throne of Heaven does also dispense his awesome wrath upon humanity as we justly deserve, and does so in Pure Righteousness, and in all Fairness. He renders his justice unto each man individually and fairly, that NO man may claim that they received their reward unfairly, be it negative or positive. But God has warned us ahead of time that he will render unto each of us according to the works that we have done while in these fleshly bodies.

There is NO ONE that is exempt from God’s Standard of Equality and Fairness, his moral code transcends the corridors of time itself. His Laws and Commandments once set in stone now are written upon the hearts of men that they know full well what God demands of them, yet they are helpless to achieve his Holy Standard, for in and of themselves they are impure and sinful before God, having NO righteousness within them, not one single grain of it!

Mankind shall all stand before him on the Judgment Day, NAKED! TREMBLING! And EQUAL!

For God in his Divine and Inspired Word declares in the book of Romans:


And he continues:




Here is the biggest problem we have in America Today!


And so the men of all racial and cultural backgrounds fall into the same stewing pot of sin and degradation. None of us is righteous, and our own self-righteousness is a pile of smelly rotten rags before a Holy God!

Men would rather curse God than bless him, or obey his commandments. And so they continue in the error of their ways, sinning as though there is no tomorrow, violating God's Laws without a care, lost without the real hope Christ offers.

Men long for liberty yet liberty is derived from the Very Word of God that they HATE and DESPISE!

They the Holiness and Righteousness of God when they pervert his Holy Word, dragging it down to into the gutter with them, so that they may feel justified in their sin. Be sure of this, that the God is fully aware of what they have done, and their judgment is stored up awaiting them in that final day!

Contained in the pages of God’s Holy Word are the Laws of God. God’s Standard of Absolute Morality that His Law Demands of us as human beings. All men no matter what tone their skin may be, or what rung of the socio-economic ladder they are on, or what side of the tracks they come from. ALL have broken God’s law!

All have LIED and are LIARS!

All have STOLEN and are Thieves!

All have used the Name of God as a curse word, and are guilty of BLASPHEMY!

All have LUSTED SEXUALLY in their flesh and stand as ADULTERERS at heart before God!

And lastly, All have HATED someone during their lifetime, and Jesus said that if you hate someone, you‘ve in essence have committed MURDER! That makes you a MURDERER in the eyes of God!

Men curse the very one took Hell for them to bring them liberty in their very souls.
They mock his Holiness!
They insult his Righteousness!
They trample his moral code underfoot!
The Abuse God’s Love for them, His Grace, and His Mercy shown to them at Calvary!
They have NO Respect for God whatsoever!

Every Law of God a man breaks is in essence a HATE CRIME against God!

Every one of us is guilty, and God’s sentence upon us is EQUAL and FAIR! ETERNAL DEATH in the LAKE OF FIRE!
Where you will have NO Constitutional Rights!
NO weapons to make war!
No Chance of parole!
Where you can scream and protest all you want, but no one will ever hear you, or even care about you!

That is God’s Hate Crimes Initiative!

Yes, ALL men stand before God as Equally Guilty of Violating his Laws, and equally deserving the same judgment in a fiery Hell! For God judges all men the same as EQUALLY GUILTY for one major crime, and that is Violating His Laws!

That is God’s “Fairness Doctrine”

Men exclaim, “God is Love”! You Christians are crazy, how can a loving God throw anyone into Hell you fools! They miss the point!

It is quite simple.

Because he is Holy and Righteous, and Perfectly Fair in his Judgments!

NO SIN can enter before him, for He is HOLY!

NO man can stand in his presence and live, for He is HOLY!

NO person will escape his wrath because He is HOLY!

Listen Closely!

If God were to allow anyone to escape his Judgment and Wrath, Listen, He would be a making a liar out of himself, and it would violate his very nature which is Holy, Righteous, and Perfectly Fair in all his Judgments!

You say then how is it that you can claim you’re going to heaven then if all men stand before God equally, and deserve the same wrath and judgment? You are a hypocrite, and a lair!


I too have broken God’s laws, as you have!
I stood guilty before him and helpless to redeem myself!
I recognized that I was lost without hope!
I Repented to God for breaking His Laws!
I Confessed my Faith in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who took my place on the Cross!
I humbly requested my Pardon that he had purchased for with the Blood of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ!

At that moment he reached down out of heaven and he Killed Me Dead, dead as a door nail! Then he raised me up a New Creation in Christ Jesus! It’s simple really, he gave me his life, in exchange for mine.

It was nothing I did of my own good merits, heavens no. I did not deserve it, I could not earn it.

It is the work of God’s Grace, and Faith in the work that was already accomplished on the Cross.

The Apostle Paul stated that “it is NO longer I that live, but Christ that now lives in me”

If you will just realize that you are guilty of breaking God’s Laws, and Commandments, and you will truly repent before him and confess him as Lord and Savior, He will hear you and show you mercy. Just receive by faith the pardon the God purchased for you through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Just make sure that you truly mean it!

These aren’t magic words that we say and ‘hocus pocus’ your saved. You must truly Repent before God that is agree with him that you have broken his laws, and you justly deserve His Equal and Fair Justice to be poured out upon you.

God in his infinite mercy is waiting for you to respond

This is serious business my friend.
Look unto God your only hope of Salvation!

Yes God I have committed Hate Crimes Against you!
Yes God I stand guilty before you breaking you Righteous Laws!
I recognize that I am lost and without hope of redeeming myself!
I Repent (agree with you) God that I have indeed broken your Laws!
I Confess by Faith That your Son the Lord Jesus Christ, took my Hell on the Cross!
I humbly request my Pardon that you purchased for me with the shed Blood and broken body of Jesus Christ!
I humbly thank you for hearing my Prayer of Faith, In Jesus Holy Name, and Amen.

Roman’s 10:9-10 - That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart the God had raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in Salvation.

That’s God’s Plan for RADICAL CHANGE!

This is where the former Law Breaker becomes an extinct breed, a new person has risen up from the ashes of foul humanity. What once was a lost soul wandering in sin and degradation, is now transformed by God to share equally in the life to come, and has become a joint heir with Christ in the treasure of Heaven, but also in the sufferings of Christ.


Politician’s promise a lot of things on which they can’t truly deliver.

Only Jesus can bring you REAL RADICAL CHANGE!


"Thsotus" said...

What do you mean that God is not loving? Christ's greatest command was to "love one another," but to also follow him. God must love us, because he gives us infinite mercy.

But he also gives out wrath, as you said. I agree that we must repent.

I also do agree that we all hold sin. I agree that we are all filthy. You call to them, yet they will not listen.

I have tried to understand how the non-believer feels, and I believe that the non-believer might feel empty. Is it because they are still searching for the meaning of life?

I believe that the meaning of life is to follow and obey God.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Amen, brudda. I, too, am a sinfull mortal, soon to croak. Though nobody on the Catholic church's calandar for sainthood today, I myself plan to become Blessed Holy Socks, the BoxxaRoxx (as you'll see, gotta lotta tuff stuff in my body) when my lifelong demise is ka-put... which shouldn't be long. Grrr. I'm more than ready, but, yet, whatever Thou wants for this mortal body, FIAT! Let Thy Will Be Done, not mine. God bless you.