Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush Needs to Free Ramos and Compean

Talk about a total miscarriage of justice, two of America's brave protectors were charged with a crime simply for doing the job they were sworn of do, protecting our borders with Mexico.

The two border patrol agents shot an illegal alien drug smuggler while on patrol, and for doing there job correctly were railroaded into prison by an unscrupulous U.S. prosecutor looking to make as name for himself.

We are begging President Bush to pardon these men and set them free before he leaves office in a few day's, and we need all the help we can get. These man deserve to be decorated for what they did, not imprisoned!

The Ramos family had there home ransacked, and personal property destroyed by an intruder who also filled the house with gas, probably from a stove, which is being viewed as an attempted hit. It's bad enough that the two families had to spend Christmas without there fathers at home, talk about adding insult to injury.

How can we ever expect our law enforcement officers to do their jobs after seeing how these to men were railroaded like this?

We ask for your prayers, letters, and phone calls to Congress and the White House to request that President Bush act now! We cannot expect a usurper like Obama to free these men, that just won't happen with him? This is NOW an EMERGENCY as Bush only had a few days too go before he retires from his post.

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