Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama Signs Death Warrants for Millions of American's

The government of the United States is corrupt, and has been for a long time, but this just takes the cake. Mr. Obama (Soetoro) had signed bills that not only expand the genocide if millions of helpless babies in America, but also exports genocide to other nations, also paid for with our tax dollars.

Liberals of course applaud him, while everyone else cringes at the thought of the judgment that will befall America because of Obama's actions.

Already some fifty million plus unborn babies have been legally slaughtered in abortion clinics across this nation. How many more must die this horrible death before God punishes this nation for it's national sins?

I believe that if those who support this genocide would actually look at what it really is, they would change their minds about it, and join the pro-life movement.
It is easier for them to turn a blind eye and look the other way, instead of facing the truth head on. It is easy for Mr. Obama (Soetoro) to sit in a chair and sign his name to pieces of paper.

How very sanitary!!

How many millions of our tax dollars will be funneled into Planned Parenthood's pockets so that they may murder more innocent babies? Our tax dollars are going to again be used against our will to fund this genocide, will you sit there and take it? Or will you rise up and raise hell to put a stop to it!

Let the goal of conservatives be to boldly expose them to what it is they support, until they realize the error of their way, and repent!!

Click Here if you Dare too!

Now a word for pastors and church-goers alike!!

You ministers who stand behind your pulpits every week, talking big, but no real spiritual power, How sanitary for you! you hypocrites! You preach the Word of God, and many of you do that well, but that is as far as it seems to go. What good is your teaching and preaching if you don't lead by example, and teach your congregations what it means to put faith into action. Every year Pro-life Sunday rolls around you preach about how terrible abortion is, but that's about it. Very few of you dare to step out in faith for real, and take it too the streets!

How very comfortable you are in your comfy air-conditioned church buildings, with you fancy multi-media systems, and your feel good sermons sound good, but there is NO real spiritual power to be had, why?

Click this link and stare at the pictures until you truly sense the urgency for action, not just fancy words on Sunday morning! Let their be weeping! Let there be true sorrow in your hearts for these little ones!

Oh Christian! Come out from behind the stained glass! Get your hands dirty! Count the cost for following Christ! March and protest for the little ones! Pray until Holy Fire falls upon you! Repent and seek God now!!

Obama and his communist friends can be stopped!

But only if good man and women rise to action instead of seeking their own satisfaction!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Conservatives - The New Negro Culture

Conservatives to be forced to the "Back of the Bus!"

That is the cartoon I saw this morning showed Rush Limbaugh, and a couple other conservative commentators sitting in the back of a bus, with Obama driving the bus. What is the message here the cartoonist is trying to get across?

I think he is warning us that Obama and his Communist friends plan on pushing conservatives and evangelical Christians into a dark corner, rendering them powerless in the political arena, and silencing the Christian witness by passing legislation that makes Christianity, hate speech!

Will Conservatives be forced to use separate restrooms, and drink from different drinking fountains as blacks has to many years ago? NO, but I am sure that we will be forced to become the new negro class to be persecuted, and treated like second class citizens for holding to real American values.

I believe that the Liberal Socialist Democrats expect to go unchallenged as Obama a is very arrogant individual, and does not care what the American people think, and plans on doing everything he has been programed by the the Communists to do. Obama is just a puppet! The real enemy is hiding behind the scenes hoping the American people never discover what is really going on here.

What is Obama's agenda you ask?

1. More Dead Babies.
2. Legalized Gay Marriage.
3. Tearing down America's Defense.
4. Working towards the confiscation of personal firearms.
5. Working towards instituting full-scale Socialism in America.

That's the best way I can sum things up. This is scary to think that a black socialist like Obama could even get elected into the position he is now in. What we need to ask ourselves now is in the heck we are gonna take back control of this country, and get Obama and the Democrats out of office?

Ronald Regan stated that the "Government is NOT God!" but those in power today sure think it is. They want every American to be utterly dependent on the government so that government becomes god-like, and every American forced into submission to them. They of course plan on being the rich ruling class, eating the best foods, and drinking the expensive wines, while everyone else in starving to death!! Just like in the old USSR!

We have a power hungry, blood thirsty monster in Washington D.C. today!

It's called the Democrats!!

The front for the Communist left, the party of sin and evil!

Looking for a real solution to stop Obama dead in his tracks?


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Expands Agenda of Hate!

Mr. Obama kept his word to his liberal socialist friends. Within less than a week he has already swung over to the far left by expanded tax funded abortions here in America, and signing a bill to export racism and torture otherwise known as abortion, throughout the globe.

He sure did not waste any time did he? He is already the worst president this nation had ever had. he even makes Bill Clinton look good, and that's not saying much.

What's next on his radical agenda of death and destruction? Probably rewarding the homosexual community for it's support in getting he sorry brown ass elected. Obama's disciples in the liberal media can't stop talking about how wonderful and historic it is that people in America elected their first black president. I say that it's historic in a negative way because we have elected a Communist/Marxist into an office he is should have never won.

Who can forget the widespread voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN activists, and the voter intimidation tactics of the Black Panthers? Who can forget how team Obama accepted donations from Daffy Duck, and Bozo T. Clown? Widespread voter fraud is how this guy got elected, but who in this country has the balls to stand up too him? Not the media, they're too busy sucking his D!@K! Not America's black population, they're too busy swooning over him, the first Black America President. Not any other liberal Marxist activist group, and lobbying groups, they're to busy planning how they are gonna use Obama to take over the nation, and implement social control.

Meanwhile Obama signs bill after bill, expanding left wing hatred, and genocide, without batting an eyelash. This is a sad moment in our history when we have NO control over how our tax dollars are spent, and they are gonna use them to further the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood, and alike. Never mind that Planned Parenthood has targeted more blacks for extermination in their clinics than any other minority in order to keep their numbers down in society.

Planned Parenthood is now calling for doctors to be forced to perform abortions or face dire consequences. This of course would violate the freedom of conscious of the medical provider, which is what they are after of course. Now that King Hussein Obama is seated on his plastic thrown in the oval office. Communists in this country are feeling emboldened to force their leftist agenda on everyone else. This of course won't be an easy job for them since many are already lined up to oppose and resist Obama.

I don't think that liberals really understand what happens when an abortion is performed, and a unborn human being is murdered by abortion. I challenge Obama to take his wife and go watch an abortion first hand, that way he will know exactly what he just signed into law.

Personally, I don't think Obama and his lefty friends care anyway, It's easy for them to kick back and just claim that they are just expanding civil rights for women to get abortions at the tax payers expense. Sitting in the Oval Office or on Capital Hill is so very sanitary anyhow, wouldn't want Obama to get any blood on his nice clean suit now would we!

Look Mr. Obama, If your gonna be President, you better get used to being criticized, and plummeted by conservative's, so get used to it now! Everything you do will be opposed by us, and we will run you through the grinder every time, so get ready! If you can't take it get out now! We won't make it easy for you!

A Democrat Zell Miller of Georgia once said of George W. Bush, "I have knocked on the door of this man's soul and found someone home, a God-fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steel."

In Your Case Mr. Obama "We have knocked on the door of your soul, and found a black Marxist at home, and a spineless socialist SOB!

Teaching Abstinence v.s. Planned Parenthood Pocketbook

Why Planned Parenthood doesn’t want our kids from learn about sexual abstinence. Did you ever wonder why liberal groups are so against abstinence education in our schools?

What is it that they don’t like about it? Is it because abstinence is a Biblical teaching, and because it represents Christian morality? Partly, but I think there is something far more sinister behind their war on moral teachings, that has to do with their wallets more than anything else. There is actually a very simple explanation behind their opposition to teaching our kids to wait until they are married to become sexually active.

Planned Parenthood is all about making money off the blood of innocent unborn human beings; this organization is driven by greed, money, and racism. If young people are taught and encouraged to wait until marriage to become sexually active, they will most likely not become pregnant out of wedlock.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach and train their children with the correct values, so they will have a much lower chance of becoming a statistic, because they became sexually active before the proper time. If a parent is not religious they should find another way to convey the idea of abstinence to their young people, for it is the best policy around.

When Planned Parenthood is no longer performing as many abortions, they will see a dramatic drop in the number of procedures they perform in a given year, which means they will not be floating in the big bucks anymore at the expense of innocent children and women. I have said it before, and I will say it again, Money is power to liberal socialists, the more of it they have, the more political power they have, the less they have, the less power they have.

Take their source of funding away and they will not have near the influence on politics and society, that in their eyes would be a disaster for their political agenda. Planned Parenthood has pocketed millions of dollars by performing abortions on underage/minors, usually without their parent’s permission. This is because if the parents knew that the school was taking their child to get an abortion, the parents would largely object, and attempt to protect their child from having an abortion, which would lessen PP's profit margin.

Planned Parenthood has also pocketed millions of our tax dollars that they have used to end the lives of unborn children. They claim to provide educational programs to school children, but what they have done is go into the public school and pass out free condoms to students, and of course they try to show how supposedly safe their abortions are, and why these young people should consider having and abortion if they become pregnant, they indoctrinate, they do NOT educate.

Planned Parenthood encourages young people to have sex for the simple fact that teen sexual activity often winds up with an unplanned pregnancy, and many times ends up on the operating tables in PP's clinics. Planned Parenthood especially targets minorities for the purpose of controlling their numbers, and grabbing more of our tax money that they turn into blood money.

Ching! Ching!

You can almost here the sound of the cash flowing into the pockets of PP, and other abortion providers as they continue their 'killing for profit' scheme. Planned Parenthood is laughing all the way to the bank, trust me on this one, they don’t care about the people they hurt, they only care about getting they bloody hands on more money.

The more morality is redefined in our culture as relative, the more Planned Parenthood and other liberal agencies will be looking to cash in on the pain of others.

We must begin to rebuild within our culture that moral absolutes are necessary in a free society in order to maintain the health and welfare of the society. Abstinence from sexual activity until marriage, and then remaining faithful to ones spouse throughout marriage, is the only way to insure that a person does not contract sexually transmitted diseases such as HBV, HIV, and others.

The only safe sex is no sex until the right time in our lives when we take the walk down the aisle and faithfully commit to another individual of the opposite gender, the way God created it to be.
Maybe it’s time for America to take another look at what Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry is doing to this country. You know that they continue to be largely unregulated, leaving them the opportunity to exploit women and children for pure profit again and again. I think it’s time to pass some legislation that brings strict regulation upon the abortion industry, why should they continue unobstructed in their work, when every other industry is being regulated do death by the government. This is the only way to insure that the procedures they perform are safe, and being performed by actual physicians, not by their assistants who are unlicensed to perform these procedures, for all to often this has been the case.

If the abortion industry will not comply, if they continue to kill and injure women with so-called safe procedures, then they should face strict penalties under the law. It would be best to limit the amount to state and federal tax dollars they receive until they comply with the public’s demands for accountability, and reasonable regulations backed up with serious penalties for non-compliance with the law. You can bet the ACLU will fight along side the abortion industry to stop any and all attempts to regulate the industry, as the ACLU fully supports abortion, and opposes the civil rights of the unborn, and the rights of parents to protect their children.

Yes Planned Parenthood is getting richer by the day off the suffering of America’s women and the blood of America's children, as they pocket unbelievable amounts of money. Next time they march in a town near you, build yourself a sign, and go let them know you have had it with their exploitation of women for profit.

Planned Parenthood is NOT the solution, they are the PROBLEM!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The God of ALL Equality and Fairness

The United States of America is by far the greatest free nation on the face of the earth, and since its inception men were struggling to be free. They longed for liberty, religious freedom, and opportunity in a new land.

This nation was founded on basis that “all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator”, and so we have certain absolute rights.” Our Founding documents give us the ‘Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ We were founded as “One Nation Under God”, a nation whose laws were drawn from the Word of God, and founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Men cry out still today, Demanding Equality!
They Demand what they call social justice!
They claim to be oppressed in a free society!
What they are working for, socialism will actually bring them to their end!

The Civil war was a bloody battle between the north and south, between those who believe in the right to practice slavery, and those who saw it as evil, that should not be allowed to stand. They recognized that those who were held in slavery were indeed human beings, and deserved to be free as well. And so Righteousness and Freedom prevailed over evil, and hundreds of people were set free from slavery, but their battle for freedom and equality had only just begun.

The battle continues today as Black Americans still feel that they are looked down upon as an inferior race, so in anger and hatred they fight against what they view as inequality, and oppression. All too often the modern black leadership stokes the fires of hatred, violence, and class warfare

Dr. Martin Luther King called for Equality for all men, Black and White. His dream was for men of all racial backgrounds to live together peacefully, not drowning in hatred, bigotry, and reverse-bigotry.

I do not doubt for a second that there is some degree of oppression being waged against our black brothers and sisters in America, but I do not believe it is to the extreme as they have been taught by the liberal black leadership. No man enjoys being oppressed no matter who he is, or under any condition. Tyranny that breeds hate and violence is never the answer to neither our problems, nor the solution for society’s Ill’s, nor is it compatible with liberty in a free nation.

What is the correct course for a man to take when he is being persecuted, oppressed, or subjected to unlawful tyranny?

What did Jesus teach?

Does he teach you to hate other people?

Does Jesus teach you to strike out a others violently?

Does Jesus command you to riot in the streets, and destroy others property to prove your point?

Did Jesus Christ instruct you in the ways of Racism or Reverse-Racism?

NO! Jesus said "Do unto others as you want them to do unto you"

The Lord Jesus preached “Pray for those who persecute you!”, “Do good to them that hate you”! Moreover, “Love your enemies!” These are the teachings of Jesus Christ!

Listen my friends, I heard a man once state "The way you treat the person you love the least, is the way that you love God the most!"

And now may I remind you that in the eyes of God Almighty we are all EQUAL.

None of us is better in God’s eyes than any other person, for God is NO respecter of persons, he does not love the black man any more than he loves the white man, any more than he loves the Hispanic man, or the Native American man, or the Unborn.

God is the God of ‘Equality!’

God has his own ‘Fairness Doctrine!’

His own ‘Hate Crimes Initiative!’

And His own ‘Plan for Radical Change!’

Allow me to explain this too you.

God is Sovereign Father who gives freely to all men as his own discretion, and takes away from men at his own discretion. He appoints men to positions of authority, and he strikes them down as he pleases! He gives grace to those who are humble, and despises those who are proud!

He is the great equalizer of all creation that turns his ears to the cry of those who are oppressed, and his sword against those who do evil in his eyes. He is the one who makes all things right in his own time, and his justice and wrath are dispensed upon men Equally, as they clearly deserve.

He is the God of Equality and Fairness!

Men DEMAND REPARATIONS for acts perpetrated by others long ago. These feel that such a thing is owed to them, that this is what is right, but this is only what seems right in their own eyes, not in the eyes of God.

So then what Reparations can a mere man pay to God for the many times that you have wronged him, and violated his Law‘s?

The answer of course is NOTHING! There is NOTHING you or I can do, to pay God off, and make things right with him.

King David said unto God that if penance is what you wanted God I would gladly do it, but it is a broken and a repentant heart that you desire, and will not ignore.

He who sits upon the throne of Heaven does also dispense his awesome wrath upon humanity as we justly deserve, and does so in Pure Righteousness, and in all Fairness. He renders his justice unto each man individually and fairly, that NO man may claim that they received their reward unfairly, be it negative or positive. But God has warned us ahead of time that he will render unto each of us according to the works that we have done while in these fleshly bodies.

There is NO ONE that is exempt from God’s Standard of Equality and Fairness, his moral code transcends the corridors of time itself. His Laws and Commandments once set in stone now are written upon the hearts of men that they know full well what God demands of them, yet they are helpless to achieve his Holy Standard, for in and of themselves they are impure and sinful before God, having NO righteousness within them, not one single grain of it!

Mankind shall all stand before him on the Judgment Day, NAKED! TREMBLING! And EQUAL!

For God in his Divine and Inspired Word declares in the book of Romans:


And he continues:




Here is the biggest problem we have in America Today!


And so the men of all racial and cultural backgrounds fall into the same stewing pot of sin and degradation. None of us is righteous, and our own self-righteousness is a pile of smelly rotten rags before a Holy God!

Men would rather curse God than bless him, or obey his commandments. And so they continue in the error of their ways, sinning as though there is no tomorrow, violating God's Laws without a care, lost without the real hope Christ offers.

Men long for liberty yet liberty is derived from the Very Word of God that they HATE and DESPISE!

They the Holiness and Righteousness of God when they pervert his Holy Word, dragging it down to into the gutter with them, so that they may feel justified in their sin. Be sure of this, that the God is fully aware of what they have done, and their judgment is stored up awaiting them in that final day!

Contained in the pages of God’s Holy Word are the Laws of God. God’s Standard of Absolute Morality that His Law Demands of us as human beings. All men no matter what tone their skin may be, or what rung of the socio-economic ladder they are on, or what side of the tracks they come from. ALL have broken God’s law!

All have LIED and are LIARS!

All have STOLEN and are Thieves!

All have used the Name of God as a curse word, and are guilty of BLASPHEMY!

All have LUSTED SEXUALLY in their flesh and stand as ADULTERERS at heart before God!

And lastly, All have HATED someone during their lifetime, and Jesus said that if you hate someone, you‘ve in essence have committed MURDER! That makes you a MURDERER in the eyes of God!

Men curse the very one took Hell for them to bring them liberty in their very souls.
They mock his Holiness!
They insult his Righteousness!
They trample his moral code underfoot!
The Abuse God’s Love for them, His Grace, and His Mercy shown to them at Calvary!
They have NO Respect for God whatsoever!

Every Law of God a man breaks is in essence a HATE CRIME against God!

Every one of us is guilty, and God’s sentence upon us is EQUAL and FAIR! ETERNAL DEATH in the LAKE OF FIRE!
Where you will have NO Constitutional Rights!
NO weapons to make war!
No Chance of parole!
Where you can scream and protest all you want, but no one will ever hear you, or even care about you!

That is God’s Hate Crimes Initiative!

Yes, ALL men stand before God as Equally Guilty of Violating his Laws, and equally deserving the same judgment in a fiery Hell! For God judges all men the same as EQUALLY GUILTY for one major crime, and that is Violating His Laws!

That is God’s “Fairness Doctrine”

Men exclaim, “God is Love”! You Christians are crazy, how can a loving God throw anyone into Hell you fools! They miss the point!

It is quite simple.

Because he is Holy and Righteous, and Perfectly Fair in his Judgments!

NO SIN can enter before him, for He is HOLY!

NO man can stand in his presence and live, for He is HOLY!

NO person will escape his wrath because He is HOLY!

Listen Closely!

If God were to allow anyone to escape his Judgment and Wrath, Listen, He would be a making a liar out of himself, and it would violate his very nature which is Holy, Righteous, and Perfectly Fair in all his Judgments!

You say then how is it that you can claim you’re going to heaven then if all men stand before God equally, and deserve the same wrath and judgment? You are a hypocrite, and a lair!


I too have broken God’s laws, as you have!
I stood guilty before him and helpless to redeem myself!
I recognized that I was lost without hope!
I Repented to God for breaking His Laws!
I Confessed my Faith in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who took my place on the Cross!
I humbly requested my Pardon that he had purchased for with the Blood of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ!

At that moment he reached down out of heaven and he Killed Me Dead, dead as a door nail! Then he raised me up a New Creation in Christ Jesus! It’s simple really, he gave me his life, in exchange for mine.

It was nothing I did of my own good merits, heavens no. I did not deserve it, I could not earn it.

It is the work of God’s Grace, and Faith in the work that was already accomplished on the Cross.

The Apostle Paul stated that “it is NO longer I that live, but Christ that now lives in me”

If you will just realize that you are guilty of breaking God’s Laws, and Commandments, and you will truly repent before him and confess him as Lord and Savior, He will hear you and show you mercy. Just receive by faith the pardon the God purchased for you through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Just make sure that you truly mean it!

These aren’t magic words that we say and ‘hocus pocus’ your saved. You must truly Repent before God that is agree with him that you have broken his laws, and you justly deserve His Equal and Fair Justice to be poured out upon you.

God in his infinite mercy is waiting for you to respond

This is serious business my friend.
Look unto God your only hope of Salvation!

Yes God I have committed Hate Crimes Against you!
Yes God I stand guilty before you breaking you Righteous Laws!
I recognize that I am lost and without hope of redeeming myself!
I Repent (agree with you) God that I have indeed broken your Laws!
I Confess by Faith That your Son the Lord Jesus Christ, took my Hell on the Cross!
I humbly request my Pardon that you purchased for me with the shed Blood and broken body of Jesus Christ!
I humbly thank you for hearing my Prayer of Faith, In Jesus Holy Name, and Amen.

Roman’s 10:9-10 - That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart the God had raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in Salvation.

That’s God’s Plan for RADICAL CHANGE!

This is where the former Law Breaker becomes an extinct breed, a new person has risen up from the ashes of foul humanity. What once was a lost soul wandering in sin and degradation, is now transformed by God to share equally in the life to come, and has become a joint heir with Christ in the treasure of Heaven, but also in the sufferings of Christ.


Politician’s promise a lot of things on which they can’t truly deliver.

Only Jesus can bring you REAL RADICAL CHANGE!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black Tuesday - The Rise of the Anti-Christ Power!

Before the parade had even started, Mr. Obama's new agenda was already posted on the White House Website. Obama's whole Agenda is laid out for all of America to see. This left sided agenda should concern every God Fearing, Patriotic American's because you and I are about to become the new persecuted class.

Obama lays out his agenda to pass in to law the Orwellian - Pro-Sodom Hate Crimes Legislation that will make the majority of Americans into hate criminals for holding Biblical beliefs pertaining to sexual deviancy.

The following information in quotations are taken straight off the White House Website!

"# Expand Hate Crimes Statutes: In 2004, crimes against LGBT Americans constituted the third-highest category of hate crime reported and made up more than 15 percent of such crimes. President Obama cosponsored legislation that would expand federal jurisdiction to include violent hate crimes perpetrated because of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical disability. As a state senator, President Obama passed tough legislation that made hate crimes and conspiracy to commit them against the law."

Passing such legislation into law gives those who practice sexual deviancy a license to attack, harass, and intimidate those that believe that homosexuality is unnatural affection, and teach the Biblical model of morality. We should start immediately writing hate crimes legislation that specifically protects the rights of Christians, those who believe the Bible. We should then push and push until this in made law also, using the same tactics and civil rights propaganda that the homosexual agendizers used. We deserve the same equality and equal protection that they will receive!

"# Fight Workplace Discrimination: President Obama supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and believes that our anti-discrimination employment laws should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity. While an increasing number of employers have extended benefits to their employees' domestic partners, discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace occurs with no federal legal remedy. The President also sponsored legislation in the Illinois State Senate that would ban employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

Another Orwellian nightmare piece of legislation should never be passed into law, but with socialist democrats in power, it probably will be made law, so fasten your seat belts, and prepare for Holy War! This legislation is all about silencing those who disagree with homosexuality in the workplace, and forcing them out of jobs so that they cannot provide for their families. We have already seen cases where people were fired for voicing their dissent against the homosexuality in the workplace.

"# Support Full Civil Unions and Federal Rights for LGBT Couples: President Obama supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples legal rights and privileges equal to those of married couples. Obama also believes we need to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions. These rights and benefits include the right to assist a loved one in times of emergency, the right to equal health insurance and other employment benefits, and property rights."

Here comes the one we've been busting our butts to prevent, and now Obama and his Marxist pals in Congress will push this sickening legislation through into law if they can get away with it that is. Obama wants to repeal DOMA, while giving sexual deviants the right to marry, that's what is meant here by "Full Civil Unions"!

"# Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage: President Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006 which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman and prevented judicial extension of marriage-like rights to same-sex or other unmarried couples."

Oh Sure! Obamanation won't protect the sanctity of marriage, but he will give it to those who have no right to it!

* Proverbs 14:34 KJV - Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is
a reproach(disgrace) to any people.

This is what those who practice sexual deviancy have been drooling after for a long time, the silencing of all opposition to their deviant lifestyles, and the attempted destruction of Christianity in America. Communist's in America have been working toward this moment for a long time, when they could get their impostor into the oval office to do their dirty work for them.

If you and I will stand and make ourselves heard, they will have a lot harder time shutting us up!! Never let them silence you! Be ready to fight for your freedom to speak freely, work for a living, and worship God according to the dictates of your conscious.

With the possibility of the demo-socialist's trying to replace or re-write our Constitution, we must be ever diligent in the fight to keep America free, so that the next generation will not live under the tyranny of a socialist state. Our system of capitalism works just fine, the government should stay out of the market, and let the market take care of itself. But I am afraid that we are entering a new age of government meddling in our business, and making a huge mess of things as they always do.

It appears as though Mr. Obama fits the bill for being the anti-christ of Revelation, but he may just be the one to clear the way for the real beast to make his entrance in the global scene. Obama's campaign shows just how ignorant people are, they will follow anyone who comes along and offers them hope, no matter how phony and fraudulent those promises might be. Those who align themselves with Obama have shown themselves to be violent against anyone that oppose him, so be careful, and be armed and ready to defend yourself.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Consitution to Create Police State

"In 1964, the writing of a new constitution for America began, at a tax-exempt foundation with the misleading name, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions."

Remember what Mr.Obama stated, that the Constitution was flawed because the founders in his mind forgot to include the redistribution of wealth?? What if I told you that what the socialist left really wants to do is replace our Constitution with a new one that will destroy all of your rights?

They have kept it silent for a long time, but it is sitting on the back burners just waiting to be rolled out.

Do you think this is a joke?? Well it's not, this is what Obama and Soro's, Clinton and others have been salivating for all this time. A total takeover and makeover of American society where liberal elitists have all the rights, and we all have none!

So all your black sheep and other sheep that voted for this communists ass clown Obama, better wake up because you also will be starving and broke. Mass misery for all, that is what socialism is all about.

American should arm themselves too the core, do not register your weapons with the corrupt government, and get ready for a showdown! The people united will never be divided!!

Do your own research if you don't believe me, this is NOT funny!

How about the cops making up their own rules as they feel like it, you will be at the mercy of a storm trooper from Hell who can do what he/she wants!!

How about you can only worship if they say so, it is now a privilege, not a right!

If you don't agree with what they are doing, you can be locked up, and even experimented on, sound familiar? This is what the Germans did during WWII!!
America citizens could literally be drugged, and butchered!! NO I'm NOT KIDDING!

Read it for yourself!! Wake Up America!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush Needs to Free Ramos and Compean

Talk about a total miscarriage of justice, two of America's brave protectors were charged with a crime simply for doing the job they were sworn of do, protecting our borders with Mexico.

The two border patrol agents shot an illegal alien drug smuggler while on patrol, and for doing there job correctly were railroaded into prison by an unscrupulous U.S. prosecutor looking to make as name for himself.

We are begging President Bush to pardon these men and set them free before he leaves office in a few day's, and we need all the help we can get. These man deserve to be decorated for what they did, not imprisoned!

The Ramos family had there home ransacked, and personal property destroyed by an intruder who also filled the house with gas, probably from a stove, which is being viewed as an attempted hit. It's bad enough that the two families had to spend Christmas without there fathers at home, talk about adding insult to injury.

How can we ever expect our law enforcement officers to do their jobs after seeing how these to men were railroaded like this?

We ask for your prayers, letters, and phone calls to Congress and the White House to request that President Bush act now! We cannot expect a usurper like Obama to free these men, that just won't happen with him? This is NOW an EMERGENCY as Bush only had a few days too go before he retires from his post.

Thursday, January 08, 2009



The media FAILED to do its job and report the MANY controversial things surrounding Mr. Obama, if you voted for Mr. Obama please take the time to look into the following. If you didn't then you already know...

~~ please go to:
The Obama File
Citizen Slim
Freedom March

These might not be 100% accurate ~~ what if it's ONLY 50 or even 10% true? Is that a risk our country can afford or is willing to take?


We MUST is to EXPOSE the corrupt media for what it is a corrupt bunch of socialist news pimps, and professional liars!

We MUST snap masses out of their media induced trances, America needs a wake up call!

We MUST FORCE Obama to answer the important questions our country that he needs to answer without giving the American people the run around or a line of BS!

What we want to see is America's VETERANS! CHRISTIAN LEADERS! and GOD FEARING PATRIOTS standing up on the MAIN STREETS across this great land,in every town and city demanding answers.

OBAMA you claim to represent what this great country is about, but you appear to be a scam!

We did not send our young men and women over sea's to bleed, fight, and die for the freedoms you wish to destroy by enacting socialist mandates.

YOU want to be OUR Leader? Show the Paperwork and PROVE WHO YOU ARE! PROVE US WRONG!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'll Give You A Sin Tax!

Just when you think you've heard it all, Environmental Nazi's want to charge a sin tax of Cow's and Pig's, all in the name of 'Global Warming'. OH Boy! I wonder what these people are smoking that they come up with such hair brained ideas like this.

I guess cows and pigs produce so-called 'green house' gas when they fart, and of course from their turd. These things are simply facts of life, and these liberal idiots need to take a chill pill.

Such legislation would raise the cost of meat and dairy products which would hurt the consumer, not to mention the farmers. I have a better idea!

Let's place a sin tax of liberal politicians. They produce way more hot air than a bunch of farm animals do, in fact I think politics is way dirtier than a herd of pigs are, and Congress is highly skilled at producing great amounts of pork, so let's tax them for a change. And liberal politicians seem to support every sinful agenda imaginable, so it only seems fare that those filthy rich limousine liberals in Congress pay their fair share, don't you agree?

Then we will take the money we collect from those taxes and redistribute it to every working American so that they can offset the higher costs of energy and food caused by the greedy politicians.

Maybe when they get a taste of their own medicine they will think twice before they make up stupid things to tax like farm animals!