Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Believe in Atheism?

Why believe in humanism, the religion of atheism??

Why believe that self is god? I mean, what does that accomplish except that it deprives that person of the value of human life, reducing him/her to nothing more than an organism that has no meaning,no moral standards,no purpose, and no future!

In sharp contrast Christianity offers us a meaning for our lives, it instructs us that God has a plan and a purpose for each and every one of us, that this life is a training ground for eternity, and that we have a future that lies beyond this earthly existence.

The Christian faith also gives us structure, and moral standard that shows us how morally bankrupt we really are, and that we need to depend upon God for our every need.

The Atheist goes through his/her life believing in man-made scientific evidence that they worship in a god-like fashion, whereas the Christian, believes that what he sees around him points to the creative genius of a creative God.

Fallible evidence manufactured in a fallible lab by fallible men,

How believable?? LOL!

But this article is not about science, it's meant to B-slap silly Atheists just in time for CHRISTmas! LOL!

The Atheist relies on himself for moral guidance through life, the Christian relies on God to guide him. The Atheist makes decisions based upon the direction the wind in blowing today, the Christian makes his/her decisions by consulting God, and obeying his Word.

A Atheist is nothing more than a person left to their own wicked selves to determine what is right and wrong, and what is wrong today might be right tomorrow depending on how they feel the next day.

A Christian is guided by the Holy Spirit of God, he/she has the law of God written on their hearts. It does not matter how they feel from day to day, or which way the wind is blowing at any given time, they live by the same Holy standard from day to day. They are not perfect, just forgiven!

So it stands! A Christian has much more of a purpose for being here on this earth, A Hope and a Future!!

The Atheist??????

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