Friday, December 05, 2008

Un-Holy Smoke

Again the warning siren is being sounded, most Americans seem to be deaf, and unaware of what is about to happen to them!

The Weatherman Terrorist has come forward in a left-wing blog stating that what Obama is doing now is "co-opt" moderates, "He called Obama's "centrist" appointments a "smokescreen" to "co-opt the moderate center," declaring, "even Lenin would be impressed!"

Obama is knows exactly what he is doing, and it is all designed to plunge America into a new age of communism. He is blowing unholy smoke to keep people thinking that he is working for positive change, when the change he is going to bring will be most disastrous, and is designed to cripple our nation, so that Obama, and the far-left Nazi-type's can take over the country.

What will come next will be a flurry of far-left socialism being adopted and instituted into the American culture in the form of nationalized health care, and other big government takeovers like the financial sector, the auto industry, and our nations energy industry. If you remember, Obama has promised to bankrupt the coal industry by charging exorbitant fines designed to bankrupt the entire industry. Never mind that most of us get our power from coal fired plants, and thousands of jobs will be lost, making people more dependent on the government for assistance.

Welcome to the United States of Amerika?

What comes next after the nationalization of our nations infrastructure?

Well the big thing that stands in the way of communism/socialism is Christianity!

Now do you get the picture??

The government will seek to take over the religious sector by shutting down churches that preach the truth of the bible, and stomping out those who try and stand in their way. This is where the genocide will begin, when true Christians stand against the Obamanation! Once radicals control the church, this nation will be done for!

Excuse me one second, but, isn't that why our founders left jolly old England to begin with? Did they not come here to escape the tyranny of corrupt government, and a corrupted church??

The end result of Socialism / Communism is ALWAYS MASS GENOCIDE!!

They have been only practicing on the unborn for the last 80 years!

Either by starvation due to shortage of money and food. Lack of adequate health care due to corrupt government control. Or by the mass murder!

I read an article where the weathermen were in a meeting discussing how to erect re-education centers across the America. Either you adopt their radical progressive views, or they will kill you! If you think this is a joke,. it's not my friend, these people are dead serious about turning America into the next "Iron Curtain Nation"! They want power and control! They want NO MORE GOD! No more Bible! No more Churches! No more freedom for you or I!!

My recommendation to you is to fall on your knees and repent America! Secondly, arm yourselves with guns and ammo, be ready to defend your freedom at all costs if it should become necessary. The Obamanation bent on Desolating America can be stopped if people will only wake up and stand and resist it!! Join the Resistance today!!

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