Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stealing from the People

In another disgusting move, the Congress of the United States led by radical leftists plan to give away billions of our tax dollars to bail out America's big three automakers from going bankrupt. It's bad enough that we have to help Fannie and Freddie cover there sorry rear-ends, now we are forced to foot the bill for the failing American auto industry?

Let's ask the question.

Why? Why is the American auto industry in such crappy condition?

Well the answer is a bit complex, but I'll give it a try, let's see. There are the corrupt big labor unions whose constant demands for higher wages, and more benefits for a community of already spoiled autoworkers.

Secondly there is the corrupt U.S. Government that continues to force new and bigger regulations on an already failing industry. Every time a new set of regulations is force upon the industry, the price of new cars and trucks goes up. Environmental whack job regulations that drive up the costs for consumers are the culprits.

Big labor and Big government are why the auto industry sucks, and why they now want to steal our tax dollars. I say screw big labor, big government, and the big three automakers!! Let them go bankrupt!

Obama and Congressional Democrats plan to drive up the cost of fuel and other energy sources in order to force American's to "Go Green!". Obama plans to force the coal industry out of business by bankrupting the industry, and putting thousands of good hard working American's out of work.

I guess the Democrats in Congress are getting a head start by bankrupting all of America before "black jimmy carter" even takes office?

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