Monday, November 17, 2008

Worshiping Christian's Attacked by Satanic Mob of Sodomites

Obamanation is coming into full swing as an angry mob of homosexual's attack a group of worshiping Christians in San Francisco.

They shouted "Were going to KILL YOU! We know who you are", as the sodomite activists rushed the group of Christians, full of arrogant Satanic hate!

If the police had not showed up in riot gear and blockaded and protected these people, There are some reports of injuries sustained by some of the Christians, it is unknown whether they were taken to the hospital or not.

These people were not protesting, or counter-protesting. They were not shouting at the activists, nor threatening them in any way. All they did was stand on the sidewalk, and pray and sing hymns, and trying to "bless those who hate you" as Jesus commended them too in the "Sermon on the Mount"

I am afraid that this is just the start of this type of radical and hate filled behavior by minions of the far-left. They got their false messiah elected, now they think they can terrorize people into keeping quiet, why they ram rod their satanic agenda down America's throat.

I've got news for you who think you can get away with this type of behavior. First you are committing hate crimes and should be arrested and prosecuted as such. Secondly we are not going to tolerate this, and either will God! If you want a war, just remember that with Mr. Obama's nomination and election to high office, gun sales have gone through the roof, don't think that the rest of us are going to be doormats because we won't be.

We will protect our freedom, our families, and our churches! We will do so at ALL COSTS just like those who died to secure the rights you now violate with your hate filled actions.

I have yet to find a liberal, or a homosexual that is really willing to die for atheism, or for the "gay lifestyle". But I can find a million men and women who will die for their faith in Christ, and for the preservation of freedom and liberty!

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