Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Good Men Do Nothing

Sir Edmund Burke Stated ""All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".

It is all too clear that in the election cycle that we as Americans have just journeyed through, that is exactly what happened, Good men did Nothing!

Good Men believed a lie called 'Obama' that will forever leave gaping, seething wounds upon the nation. Mr. Obama plans on furthering the slaughter of the innocent children, and he plans on appointing many ungodly men, and women to important positions. He has also vowed to fill judicial vacancies with liberal socialist judges that will re-interpret the Constitution, instead of interpreting it properly.

Men wonder how these things could happen in a nation that is supposed to be free, where we are supposed to have liberty and justice for all? The answer is very clear, it's just that your eye's have been blinded by the false light of 'Obama'!

Obama is an evil man! And his appointees will be evil as well! They have evil intentions for this nation, who will stop them? Who will have the insight, and the courage to stand and deliver for America's sake? Who in this nation is willing to make the necessary sacrifices for freedom and liberty? I fear most men in America are weak minded, and lack the backbone to fight the good fight.

Characteristics of Evil Men

Americans are drunk on the pleasures of materialism, and prosperity. They vote their wallets, they do not vote God in the polls as Mark Twain admonished Americans to do. As a result of our proverbial downward slide into socialist Hell, we have forgotten the key components that have secured our liberties for decades. One being the Bible, the written Word of God, the Basis for personal freedom and liberty!

"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither" - Benjamin Franklin

Ben was right! And this is just what we Americans deserve, nothing! We have turned away from the Godly standards that we were founded upon, and turned towards the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah. We have allowed our nation to become a cess-pool of filth and corruption!

Good men stood by and allowed the younger generations to be indoctrinated in government run schools. We allowed millions of unborn babies to be slaughtered! We allowed the sons of Sodom to overrun this nation! And we allowed a slick talking socialist who hates America, to win the White House!

When will America see the light and come to repentance before a Holy and a Righteous God??

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