Monday, November 17, 2008

Pepsi, The Choice of a Queer Generation

Pepsico the makers of Pepsi Cola, and many other beverages has given a half million dollar ($500,000) gift to anti-family hate group PFLAG to further their attacks on the American family!

Pepsico has not responded to the AFA's letters requesting that they remain neutral in the culture war, this is a sign that they have every intention to continue to support radical left-wing, anti-family groups.

The more that radical groups like PFLAG push their 'inclusion' agenda in the workplace, the more those that disagree with homosexuality will be persecuted in the workplace, and forced out of the workplace.

The AFA recently won this same type of fight with the McDonald's Corp. who after getting the message that "I'm NOT loving it!", decided to pull it's support of the radical gay agenda, and remain neutral in the culture war. If we can win with McDonald's, we can win with Pepsi also.

Click on the link and send your letter to Pepsico, urging them to 'remain neutral' in the culture war.

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